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Sketch Commissions!
halogin wrote in wow_ladies

In anticipation of the husband and I making a trip down south to visit my family in the spring, I thought it might be good to try to bring in a bit of extra money to help ease some expenses. (Such as the cost of boarding our three dear kitties for that time.) Since job hunting has produced nothing so far and I do have a little bit of drawing skill, I thought doing commissions would be a way to help!

These are sketches, as said, and will be fairly basic 'bust' style portraits. I prefer to keep to humanoid races as I am not experienced with more Furry-style art, but am still willing to draw your Tauren, Pandaren, etcetera. Just understand that I'm not as practiced with those. ;) There is no limit on the number of requests, but they will be done in the order of payment received.

More info here!Collapse )

ETA: This includes characters from other games as well, not just WoW! I play SWTOR, GW2, TSW, CoH (when it was around), etcetera. And single-player things like Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

can i get some signatures?
red chucks
thethinwhtduke wrote in wow_ladies
trying to get sigs for a vanity guild, but being in australia, i think most of the people from sign my charter are sleeping. thought i'd ask here. just need 4.

on Terenas server, alliance side. dwarf girl in the dwarven starting zone named Aeonda. thanks in advance!



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