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New Mount
flaming hot deathwings
thethinwhtduke wrote in wow_ladies
looks like there is a new mount at the blizzard store today.

Swift Windsteed

the usual $25 for it.

SFF (Single Forsaken Female) Seeks Guild
doodlebug, story stone
dejadrew wrote in wow_ladies

Hi, Ladies and Lurklemen! My Forsaken rogue Tritchby on Wyrmrest Accord US is looking for a new home. Help a dead girl out?  

Details under the cut!Collapse )

Scroll of resurrection
Yavial purple
faithful_summer wrote in wow_ladies
Totally random, but anyone happen to be wanting to reactivate an old account or know of anyone who does? I've been wanting to find someone who could use a scroll of resurrection so we could both reap the rewards, but in all this time since they redid it last year, I've still never found anyone and it makes me sad. :/ Figured it was worth checking in here since it's been a while since the initial craze about the new scroll rewards.

Quick Power Auras Question
heart coffee
enveri wrote in wow_ladies
I am going to have some spare time to putter this weekend, so I didn't want to wait til Monday.

(I know, I always have UI issues, sorry folks)

Does anyone know if there's a way to get all your auras to display with the new power auras?  I used to be able to have them all display, so I could line them up neatly where I wanted them, and I cannot for the life of me figure out if that's still possible.  I'd rather not sit through another 40 minute tutorial video. :(



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