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Dream come true, finally!
penguinsane wrote in wow_ladies
A nervewracking few hours and 250k poorer, I finally have my baby...

omg!!! :D

I've been farming this guy for a year and he finally showed his face on my server's BMAH... SO WORTH IT!!

(no subject)
storm_child wrote in wow_ladies
Found this out by accident yesterday. I'm highly amused and had to share.

1. Mount on someone who has the Obsidian Nightwing mount. (Edit to add this also works with Vial of the Sands. Thanks jayed)
2. Have them follow you.
3. ????
4. Profit.

Warning: May cause dizziness.

Hunter trinket question
dragons_f_wolf wrote in wow_ladies
Bottle of Infinite Stars just dropped for me in RaidFinder. Which trinket should I replace, Windswept Pages or Deadeye Badge of the Shieldwall?


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