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Relic of Yu'lon
masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
I'm just wondering if this is really currently BIS for some casters? I have a frost mage and a shadow priest and several sources are listing this as BIS for one of my trinkets. I am planning on getting on of these for my shadow priest because it is DEFINITELY an upgrade for her sad little heroic dungeon trinkets (ugh, gearing her has been slow) but if it's really BIS then I would consider getting one for my frost mage as well. My frost mage is pretty well-geared and currently is using the raid finder light of the cosmos and the shado-pan trinket (crit on use.) Would it be worth it getting it for her as well? As far as raid progression, on my frost mage we're planning on wrapping up Vaults by late January and moving onto HoF. Also might be doing another group for Terrace at the same time. Still waiting to see if I get in that one. Assuming I'm moving onto those both, is that trinket still going to last me long enough to make it a good investment? Thanks ladies! It's just a pretty big investment of time (i'm making at least on of them) and/or gold so I want to make sure I'm making the right choice for my mage.


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