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log in not happening
ausmac wrote in wow_ladies
Anyone else not able to log on?

Was able to earlier this morning, but now when I try I put in my password, it sits there for a bit and then I get the old "you have been disconnected from the server" message.

Just wondered if this is happening broadly or if its a local thing.

EDIT:  Scanned through the forums and found a note suggesting going into the Launcher screen, to game options and changing it to the 32 bit.  I did that and was able to log on, so obviously there is a problem with the 64 bit.

Signature request (Proudmoore (US) Alliance)
soozquu wrote in wow_ladies
Hi ladies,

I find myself needing more space to support my pack rat ways, so I have decided to make myself a guild to put my stuff in. I would be grateful if I could get a few signatures.

Realm: Proudmoore (US)
Faction: Alliance
Starting Zone: Human
When: now

Please look for Susie, the lowbie priest dancing with her fel flame, Clyde.

Thanks so much!


Edit: Didn't quite get all the siggy's I needed tonight, but don't have time to wait. Thanks to those who helped. I will try to get the remaining I need later. :-)

Sigs needed on Steemwheedle Cartel
spessartine wrote in wow_ladies
EDIT: All done, thank you very much!

Just need one more! I'm in the orc starting area and I've been trying all day. *flails*

Look for the belf on the dragon. Thank you in advance!


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