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Desperate for a Healer - Silver Hand (A)
kraylessa wrote in wow_ladies
My raid group is currently desperate for a healer on Silver Hand, Alliance side. We raid Fridays from 7:00-10:00 pacific and on Sundays from 4:00 to 7:00 pacific. We're currently only 4/6 in normal MSV and 1/6 in normal HoF, but that's mostly due to lacking a consistent group from week to week. We are part of a raid organization on Silver Hand that runs upwards of 50 raids per week, so there are plenty of opportunities to run alts or run with other groups on weeks you can't make our raids. It's a fantastic community with a chat channel full of active players who are always willing to help out with crafting, questing, pugging world bosses, etc. My specific raid group consists of mostly guild members, but being in the guild is not a requirement at all. You would certainly be free to join our guild, if you like.

We're always looking for DPS and tanks as well, so even if you aren't a healer, feel free to read the additional details and post with any questions/comments.

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Transmogrification Tuesday!
Star Wars & Harry Potter
netzgeek wrote in wow_ladies
It's Transmogrification Tuesday here at wow_ladies and I'd like to see what outfits everyone has been putting together!

Post pictures/links of your outfits below. Please list the names of the items used and where they were procured to aid the other wow_ladies' members on their own searches!

Shoulders: Angkhal Amice
Chest: Anaconda's Robe
Hands: Arcane Gloves
Waist: Angkhal Cord
Feet: Blue Suede Shoes

Transmog Posting HTML:

Warrior woes...
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fading_stardust wrote in wow_ladies
So, due to the slight difficulty of my raiding group finding reliable tanks, it's starting to look like I'll have to put my priest on the shelf for my warrior. Think is I haven't done any serious tanking with her since Wrath and have just been using quests to get her to where she is now.

So... Questions involve:
What are you using add-on wise? I have Omen, QuickMark and that's about it.
Macros! Are you using any? Can you share? I primarily play with a Naga, so the less I have to go find things on my screen and left-click them, the better.
Anything else you think is applicable.

And is there some bug with hunter pet's atm? Because I am constantly yelling at hunter's about growl and they swear up and down they have it off. I know my threat is not that bad... :/

Fanfiction/Fanart, RP communities?
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nightfallpriest wrote in wow_ladies
Hi wow_ladies! As we're coming up on the holidays and time off from school, I've been thinking of getting back into writing by doing some WoW fanfiction. I'd like to share it with others for their enjoyment, but I'm not sure where people are actually posting their fanfiction and fanart these days, particularly the NSFW stuff. wowrotica has been pretty quiet lately, which brings me to my next question...

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Also, this kind of ties in with the above, but would anyone be interested in a rp community where people can recruit for their rp guilds and seek out one-on-one partners? I love to rp but I don't have as much time to contribute to a guild storyline, but I would love an e-mail rp buddy or two. I'm sure there are others like me out there. I'm interested in hearing what you think!

Valor of the Ancients Buff - have I found a bug or a stealth change by Blizzard?
ConcordantNexus Fortune X Mage I Prieste
concordantnexus wrote in wow_ladies
I've been laid back about levelling and grinding, so I only first got the Valor of the Ancients Buff last week.

It survived the Tuesday reset.

My guilides insist that this was supposed to happen - have I found a bug or a stealth (undocumented in the Patch/hotfiex) notes change by Blizzard?


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