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UI Mod Monday!
Zelda sword
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
Kitten leap through snow

Morning ladies and lurklemen. It's 21 degrees in Oklahoma this morning. You all staying warm, wherever you are?

UI stuff. How's it gone this week? Anything new broken? Anything new fixed? Any finds that just rocked your world?

I'm pleased that they put the mouseover "you have this many of this type of pet" in the pet battle system. I wish that existed "in the wild" so I'd know before entering the battle system whether I needed to check if I had a low quality to release.

Anyway - UI stuff. new finds? aggravations? wish lists? new builds? what's up this week?

heart coffee
enveri wrote in wow_ladies
I have a quick RAF question- I peeked through the tags and didn't see a definitive answer.

The veteran account has two accounts under the same account.  Can the veteran person play characters on EITHER of those two accounts with the new RAF'd account and get the exp bonuses?  Or must it be the referring account?

(The last time I did RAF was before account-wide bonuses, so I'm not sure if the exp bonus is account or specific to the referring account.)

free toon sketches
forceiswithyou wrote in wow_ladies
Hey W_L. Finals week is about to hit here (tidal wave style) and drawing kind of centers me, so I was wondering if anyone would like a (free) sketch of their character?

examplesCollapse )


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