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Computer buying advice
kodo butt
celticlullaby wrote in wow_ladies
My laptop completely died the other day, so I'm looking for help picking out a new computer to play wow on. I know that desktops are generally better/cheaper for gaming, but besides that, I'm kind of clueless what I'm doing. The husband is the one who usually handles the technical side of things for the household, but he doesn't game and doesn't really have any idea what would make a computer good for WoW.

A guildie recommended this computer, and the reviews look good, but I figured I'd ask you lovely ladies for some input before I pull the trigger. What do y'all think? Any recommendations that would be in the same price range, or less? This was a kind of unexpected expense, so I don't want to drop too much money! But at the same time, I want something that will led me raid 10s and 25s and get back to my wow habit. :D

Any advice is much appreciated!! <3

Blingtron change
ausmac wrote in wow_ladies
Can anyone confirm the change to Blingtron only giving his gift once per day across a whole account is an official change (ie change or bug)?

PS: I think its bugged.  I just launched mine, two days since I got the last one, and again there is no option to collect anything.


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