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Delicious Plague (Trollbane-H) is recruiting both core DPS and backup raiders!
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fm_gatekeeper wrote in wow_ladies
Raid Times: Thursday/Monday 8:30-11:30 pm EST

Delicious Plague is primarily a social/casual guild. Our current raid team was thrown together about halfway through 4.3, and this expansion we're more dedicated to progression--getting all current content down while it's current is our goal. To that end we've formed a core team, which recently brought down the Stone Guard. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we've lost some of our DPS, and while we've found temporary replacements, we're looking for some more permanent members to join our ranks. We're also interested in recruiting some backup raiders for all three roles (healers, tanks, and DPS).

what we want / what you getCollapse )

Even if you're not interested in us for raiding purposes, feel free to join us as a social member! Whisper Quetzalcoatl, Duibhín / Zenkú, Taernoth, Calibrator or Rekalai in-game for an invite. The first is myself, the second is the GM, and the latter three are all officers. Or you can /who Delicious Plague and whisper someone asking for an officer (just be sure to tell them Marvel sent you).

If you're not sure if you'd like to join us as a raider yet, rolling a low-level alt to check us out/ask questions is absolutely encouraged! We can also cross-realm with you for heroics/older raids if you'd like to see how we roll at level cap.

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snapexprincess wrote in wow_ladies
Hi I'm sorta new here and I wanted to know what and how you rp on wow... I mean like what do you recommend  I do?.. I'm sorry if you have no idea what I'm saying..

about healing
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ausmac wrote in wow_ladies
I have a Priest specced Shadow with a Holy offspec which I levelled from 85-90 in Shadow.  I'd rather like to try healing but all my gear is for my Shadow spec and I suspect I'll go oom pretty fast if I try to do it in my current gear.

What would be the quickest way to get a set of healing gear so I could give healing a whirl?  Or do you think I could heal in the gear I have, using pots or other methods of increasing mana regen?

My girl is here (yes, I know her gear isnt very good but I am mostly geared through questing):

Fury Warrior Reforgings
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enveri wrote in wow_ladies
Well.  I have finally decided on who I most want to play this expansion.  I got him to level 90, and tonight he'll be ready to run heroics (as I remembered he can make himself a couple of rings and a necklace with ilevel 450). 

So I ran him through Mr Robot, and noticed something new- a nice, red little disclaimer that said something about 'Yes yes, we know we're not close to hit/expertise cap, it's okay you guys, just trust us!'

So I did.

And I found myself struggling, at level 90, to outdps a level 86 hunter, where I was maintaining my coveted position at the top of the DPS charts effortlessly at 89.

Obviously, this will not stand.  Now, I am not the most brilliant theorycrafter- I don't really do math well in my head, and I don't instinctively know that forging hit off of this piece and onto this piece will give me the best bang for my buck, but I do understand basics.  I have looked at Noxxic, and that's what I used before, but to get to hit cap took pretty much -everything- and left my expertise crying in the dirt.

Is it just impossible to cap both when entering MOP heroics, or am I doing something wrong?

Also, my darling boy.

edited to fix html because LJ's a butt.

Am I the only one?
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rayce wrote in wow_ladies
I just want to see how others feel right now.

I have been playing WoW since BC and L.O.V.E this game. I never needed "a break" as others have and play almost daily. I am the GM of a great guild that I started just before Cata came out, raid often and love my guild friends/family.

But since this new expansion came out I've been fed up. I hated dailies before and I hate them even more now. Blizz said "Hey.. we are taking the shoulder enchants off of faction so you don't Have to do faction grinding." and then they put all the gear I need to raid on faction so I have to do dailies and take away the tabards. Wth was the point of that? I already have a full time job and simply don't have the free time to spend 4-6 hours a day doing dailies! Someone tried to point out to me that my boyfriend has a higher gear score than me and doesn't run dungeons. He also worked from home when the expansion came out and spent most of his days doing dailies Every Single Day while testing items offline for his job.

I've talked to rl friends who are fed up with the dailies and are starting to shut down their WoW accounts. I've already watched multiple people who were addicted to the game turn their back on it. I just can't bring myself to do that but I have very little interest in playing the game lately. I keep hoping that our guild starting to raid next month will fix my lack of interest.

I'm just wondering if others are feeling as let down by this expansion as I am? What do you do to keep the game fun when all you can find to do is dailies and pokeman fights with kung fu panda? What is there in this expansion beyond the dailies that I'm missing?

Edited to clarify because I simply can't respond to all posts:
I am aware I can raid without doing dailies but I can't get the upgrades I want without doing dailies. There is a difference. The primary issue is that Blizz talked about this expansion not requiring people to do faction to get things and then they require you do dailies to get faction to buy things. It is not what I expected or what they said they were doing and I am disappointed with that.

ArkInventory and 5.1
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orange_gamer wrote in wow_ladies
Hurray for new patch-ness! That's a good thing.

However, my ArkInventory(I nabbed the latest release from Curse, updated 11/16 it says) uh... well. The spaces in my bags are all an opaque neon green. I tried deleting my saved variables and whatnot, even re-downloaded the add-on and that didn't work.

Anyone else having this issue? I miss my categories and unified bag space too much!

EDIT: D'oh! I checked the comments on a couple of addon sites, and it seems to be a common problem. Hope it is fixed soon!

Holy Priest Question
Persona 3, Aegis
pufferfish123 wrote in wow_ladies
I've been leveling up a holy priest alt (just hit 85 today XD) and I've got a question about her rotation. I've been using gylphed Power Word: Shield as part of my tank healing rotation, but looking at sites like Noxxic, they seem to not recommend using PW:S at all.

Would I be better off just using my mana on straightforward heals instead? Or is it still worth using PW:S in five mans?

5.1 Mods
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maijay wrote in wow_ladies
Curse doesn't have updated mods. Do the old versions (5.0.5) still work, or do I just need to be patient?

Also, sorry if this is a double post. I checked to see if anyone had said anything about it, and couldn't find anything.

Rading Group LF DPS
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masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
Horde - Echo Isles (US)

Hey ladies,

We are currently seeking DPS (one or possibly two) for a permanent spot in our raid group.

We are part of a social guild and currently looking to round out our group with people who are committed to making good progression every week. We are currently 2/6 in Vaults and hope to continue to make good progress. We are a fairly casual group and very friendly and willing to work with people. We have players ranging from people who have raided extensively in the past to people who are completely new to playing end game content.

Despite our attempts to make a friendly atmosphere that is about helping people improve - and in turn help the group improve - we do ask that our new members take their role seriously and are willing to come in prepared. We ask that all gear be fully enchanted, gemmed, and reforged. (We have people who have the professions to help with this if you need it.) We ask that you watch the videos and come in with a reasonable knowledge of the fight. We ask that you show up for each raid night and let the raid leader know as far in advance as possible if you can't make it. Vent is a requirement.

We currently raid two nights a week. We raid on Friday and Saturday at 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM PST.

Let me know here if you have any questions. Please leave your in game information (here or you can send me a LJ message) or how you would otherwise like to be contacted. I'll have my raid leader get in touch with you. It's okay if you can't start immediately (in case anyone looking for a home to raid wants to transfer or you aren't available this week or something) but we are pretty much ready to take someone right away. 

Mounts are truly cross-faction now!
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heinous_bitca wrote in wow_ladies
No one has posted this yet!

Today I logged into my alliance druid to go do her farming, and my random mount mod pulled up the Spectral Steed. It took me a minute, and then I realized this was a mount I didn't HAVE on any alliance toons. I hit 85 way too late to bother with TBad. I had the Spectral Wolf on the Horde side, courtesy of my druid main.

I mentioned this in guild chat, and was asked if the Chopper/Hog was cross-faction. And sure enough, though I've only ever made the Mechano-Hog, my Night Elf Druid had the Mekgineer's Chopper in her mount list!

I realized I couldn't check the final one, as less than a month ago, I had traded gold with a friend to buy the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth for my Alliance characters (I gave her money horde-side, she gave me money ally-side, and we both bought them), but a RealID friend confirmed that her Alliance characters now had access to the Tundra Mammoth she'd only bought for Horde characters before.

My ally toons also have the lion mount, when no one is exalted with any ally guild, so the Scorpion/Lion also works.



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