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Gara'jal Help
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masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
I'm back, hehe. And I would love some advice about Gara'jal the Spiritbinder.

We found this to be a rather frustrating fight.

We are not beating the enrage timer. We're not even close. We're not even getting him to his berserk phase before the regular enrage timer goes off.

I know that an important mechanic of this fight is the buff you get from going into the totem world. The way we have been doing it is having two groups of two. Each person has a back-up in case they can't go in and we alternate. Fifth DPS does fill in if even both people in a group have voodoo dolls. It seems to be getting everyone plenty of turns in the spirit world. How do you manage alternating people in? We switch healers in so each of them is getting a turn with the mana benefit. Is there a way we can optimize this?

We're set up with three healers, five dps, and two tanks. I've heard people say you need to two heal this but when we experimented with pulling a healer it was hard with voodoo healing and such.

Our DPS is sitting in the forties to low fifties for everyone even WITH the buffs from the spirit world. This is lower than it has been for the two previous fights in Vaults. We're all decently pre-raid geared.

THANK YOU to everyone who responded. Everyone was extremely helpful and had good attitudes. I really appreciate it and it's what I love about this community. I'll let you know if we down him this week!

Any advice on how we can beat this enrage timer? It's wiping us every time.

Thanks soo much for any advice.

Any Dalaran Server Ladies Out There?
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nephaline wrote in wow_ladies
Hello everyone! :)  

I'm on the council of the guild Infinite Shadows.  We're SO close to have a full 10 man core group.  We are without a 3rd healer currently.  It's driving me crazy.. because a bad healer PuG means wipe after wipe in MV.  That's what happened to us this week.  Is there any healer out there that's look for a pretty casual raiding guild?  We only raid a couple nights a week, usually Thursday, and then whatever day over the weekend works for everyone as a pick up.  Usually from 6:30-8:30 server time.  It's EST time zone. 

Also, what have you all found is the best way to recruit?  The WoW Dalaran Server Forums were a bust for me. No one replied.  

Thank you, 

EDIT:  We're alliance :)

Guild signatures please?
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jestana wrote in wow_ladies
I'm starting up a guild on Nesingwary (US), Alliance-side, and need some signatures. I have one already (thanks, umbralillium!), but I need more. Look for the worgen druid sitting in front of SW Northshire named Intos. Thank you!

1) Nyera
2) Suedesig
3) Nephaline
4) Cerement

All done! Thanks everyone for your help!


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