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Dread Wastes
Lana commission
roguebait wrote in wow_ladies
I'm wanting to confirm something I read on the forums:

Is it true that to access Dread Wastes, you have to do all of Townlong Steppes first? I've been leveling my priest through dungeons, but the word on the street is that if I don't do some quests to get a higher item level, I'll have to drop gold on gear to do heroics (I've still got a 384 and 397 pulling me down). I was just going to hop into Dread Wastes if possible, because questing is horribly, horribly painful.

Hello fellow WOW ladies
aylarose111 wrote in wow_ladies
Good to see other ladies on tired of stupid men who ask the same question over and over " Do women play WOW?' and then when one speaks up and says "yes" they attack the crap out of her..


You would think that men would be completely pleased to see women playing who like the game and not be like other females and HATE it..snarling from the sidelines " you are always playing that stupid game"..but no...guys gonna act like jerks and hate on females and throw so many stones that women just stay quiet about their gender and keep to themselves.

Its an computer game...gender has no bearing on how well you play or if you one can see what you look like anyhow.

I got lucky and found a great guild early on and they have been good to me..and they dont put up with guys coming into the guild being disrespectful towards women ..and on top of that,since i am colonel of the guild,i have boot powers so if someone even gets started out they go.

I look forward to talking more with you ladies...and maybe meeting some of you in game


Toon name....Morrissadead  level 90 ret pally

many hugs to all you girlies

Guilds are like relationships.
impbynight wrote in wow_ladies
I just need to rant.

Cut for loooooooongCollapse )


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