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UI Mod Monday!
Quizzical kitten
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
and Monday kitten!

I should be packing and baking all day and getting all but refrigerator stuff and the stuff we'll need Tuesday morning stuffed into the car today. Tomorrow will be grabbing the refrigerator and last minute stuff and getting in the car, going "oh crap, I forgot my authenticator" and running back in to get it, then taking off to drive cross state.

So I'm doing this a little differently today: You get what may be the cutest video in the history of kitten videos (may be, may be, it's definitely in the running) with the caveat that it may entirely distract you from all things UI...

should you be too wary, too busy, or simply allergic to videos, the gist of how it applies lies here:

laser pursuit

And now, I am tracking down my ToDo list and checking things off, do your ToDo lists include matters UI/mod/screenshot/"I did it!" or "WTF is it doing to me?!" Bring it on in. I won't be right around but someone should be checking in, and I WILL check in later.

So, are we all running madly today? How are things in the world of UIs?

Guild Sigs needed on Shu'halo-Alliance-US
lovepens wrote in wow_ladies
Hi all,

I am starting over on a new server and need a guild for my bank alt. 

Server/Realm (US/EU):  Shu'halo-US Alliance
Racial starting area: Human
Your character: Capricå
How long will you be on: Till 11:30 pm PST tonight and off and on for the next couple of days.
Guild name: Camellia 

I'll be in the human beginning area, next to the mailbox.

Thank you in advance!

Update: I got all 4 signatures.

Thank you again Chrinesara, Siggypoo, Sligne, and Domiera!



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