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Priest Q
roguebait wrote in wow_ladies
One of my (three) priests is nearing 90. Another is 85

Main spec Holy for the first, disc for the second's OS. I have no plans of raiding (maybe, possibly, if the mood strikes, an LFR here or there). I DO do 5-mans on them, though. Possibly some PvP on the 85, if I ever actually get around to leveling her.

Looking at and the level 90 talent, they recommend Cascade for both. But that seems...less than ideal in a 5-man situation? I was thinking more Halo for fives...

What does wow_ladies say? What do you use? For both fives, and pvp healing.

Open Raid Night!
girl\\cat hair
morningapproach wrote in wow_ladies
My guild (Old Skool-H, Azuremyst) is having a super hard time getting our second raid team set up. We have 2-3 regular members who are willing to commit, but unfortunately we have been struggling to get a full team.  So I have taken the reins on getting this raid up and running, and am holding an Open Raiding Night on November 30 at 9pm EST (6pm PST/Server) open to friends and real-id friends.  

We are asking that you have decent gear (heroic level-blend), and be gemmed and enchanted, know the fights, and have a positive attitude.  If you are interested, just let me know and I will get you my real-id info to add me so that we can chat. 

The only roles we have filled so far are a healer (myself, disc priest), and a hunter for sure. Our GM has been saying he wants to raid, but he hasn't been showing up at all lately, so I have no idea what is going on there. If he decides he wants to come we will have a pally tank. Otherwise, we need all roles and specs :D 

domavere wrote in wow_ladies
Hi there!  We're three wacky homeless EU Hordies who are desperately seeking a guild that will be just the right fit for our eccentricities. 

Who we are:

- The Shameless Shaman
This shameless shaman loves to laugh, poke fun, and has a delightful humour that is somewhat riske yet always hilarious.  She's helpful, sweet and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

- The Shocking Shadow Priest
This Shocking Shadow Priest is never sheepish.  He's often brash but always means well, is very helpful, wants to one day possibly raid and plays for the sheer enjoyment of the game.

- The Dominating Discipline Priest
She's racy!  She's saucy!  She's half naked!  She also loves to heal and really gets a kick out of being able to pew pew and heal at the same time.  She tries to help when she can, and loves to be naughty. 

We are a trio of mad hatters, wacky wickedness, brilliant brashness, and so much MORE!

What we need from you:

- A realm with a fairly good horde economy and population
- Mature guild (one that is not offended by off colour humour and language)
- Active ESTABLISHED guild - we are NOT interested in helping build a beginning guild
- Raiding is not mandatory, but is an option should we wish to sign up down the road
- Active vent/TS
- FUN people to play with! :)

What we offer:

- Several toons between lv 90-85 (we will be leveling them) plus a number of lower level alts.  Three new players in all.


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