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There appears to be a war.
Iris #1
selliebean wrote in wow_ladies
My guild is having a mailbox war, it seems.

The other day I logged in to find 20 Mining Picks in my mail, all in their own little package. Today, it was fishing poles. There was some discussion in vent last night about sending gift wrapped pickaxes to people.

I need revenge, but I don't want to just send the same old things. So I have come to ask you ladies for inspiration.

What is something really odd, annoying and inexpensive that I can get in bulk and mail to my dear guildies?

I'm Guild Master. I must win this war.

A-cheese-ment worries...
Quote end world
kuro_kaitou wrote in wow_ladies
I'm going to throw something very hard at a brick wall here soon. (May or may not be literate description of my feelings.)

So, I'm on the verge of saving up money to buy MoP + 1 month fee + 3 server transfers (don't feel like playing on pvp realm anymore).
I went to my account to have a looksie of my characters. They're there all pretty, sparkly and bad ass even with the 7 months of hiatus now. They don't show up on the guild roster, but you can view them from your own account.
Out of nostalgia I started going through my achievements on my #1 main (yes, I have three). And proceed to flip a desk... or at least my keyboard when I got to the World Events. 

Can someone please tell me that I don't lose my "the Hallowed" title if go about to Pandaria?
I know I've done it on Wrath already (screenshots), have no memory of Cataclysm, because I was having a mental crisis with the Legendary Staff, being Officer, a Raid Leader and loot master for a 10man raid with 13 players (all at the same time). There's the two new 10 points of achievements for the expansion areas. I'm just going to hit a brick wall of zero motivation if I'll be missing it. 
I'm probably thinking too much into all this, but I just makes me cringe to see the [Hallowed Be Thy Name] and the [What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been] achievements not lit up. Even though I have the Violet proto and super flying speed thingy from back then (no idea if it's still the fastest).

Can anyone make me feel at ease about this?
Otherwise I'll just omni-flip and cease even the slightest ideas of returning to the game (which would be around year 2014 at this rate - 100€ is not something to toss around).
I really wish that they'd stop updating/upgrading the achievements, if I'm just worrying way too much because of something as random as this.

*leaves muffin basket*


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