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Delicious Plague (Trollbane-H) is recruiting 2 core DPS!
edward // i am me
fm_gatekeeper wrote in wow_ladies
Raid Times: Thursday/Monday 8:30-11:30 pm EST

Delicious Plague is primarily a social/casual guild, and has been without an official raid team for a long time. Our current raid team was casually thrown together about halfway through 4.3, where we went 8/8 in normal DS and 1/8 in heroic (we lost a lot of people to late-expansion blues and were therefore unable to progress any further). This expansion, however, we're more dedicated to progression--while none of us are hardcore raiders by any means, getting all current content down while it's current is our goal. To that end, we've formed a new core 10-man raiding team. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we've lost some of our DPS, and while we've found temporary replacements, we're looking for some more permanent members to join our ranks.

what we want / what you getCollapse )

We don't have a guild site, since we've found that most of our members tend not to use it, but we do have a raid blog you can feel free to browse at your leisure. The code of conduct and loot rules are available there if you'd like to check them out.

Even if you're not interested in us for raiding purposes, feel free to join us as a social member! Whisper Quetzalcoatl, Duibhín / Zenkú, Taernoth, Calibrator or Rekalai in-game for an invite. The first is myself, the second is the GM, and the latter three are all officers. Or you can /who Delicious Plague and whisper someone asking for an officer (just be sure to tell them Marvel sent you).

If you're not sure if you'd like to join us as a raider yet, rolling a low-level alt to check us out/ask questions is absolutely encouraged! We can also cross-realm with you in older raids if you'd like to see how we roll on a more personal level. If you do elect to join us, we'll take you on as a "trial raider" right away (so we can see how well you mesh with the group and answer basic questions like, can you pull a baseline amount of DPS? do you have decent raid awareness? do you come prepared/follow the code of conduct?) and you'll be promoted to a full raider after a couple of weeks. Hope to see you there!

disconnection issues
ausmac wrote in wow_ladies
I'm not terribly computer savvy so I thought I would ask if anyone else has experienced this problem with WoW.

Over the last day or so I have been having a number of disconnections from the game.  It is generally when I do something - log off a character or take a character through a portal.  When it happens I get a message saying:

"A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available."

Anyone have any suggestions what might be causing this.  (I note Windwos never actually notified me about anything.)


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