December 13th, 2006

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guild bank mods?

What are people using for guild bank mods nowadays? I need to be able to get the guild bank inventory and display it on a website. Curse-gaming won't let me download anything at the moment (giving me server errors), and on top of that most of the mods are 3-5 months old D: Anyone have any ideas?

At this point I don't care if it generates an HTML page for me all pretty or if I (or my boyfriend :P) have to write something that will read a generated lua file, but I can't find anything (that I can download) that works with the 2.0 patch and lets me manage a guild bank page for a website.

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(no subject)

Hallo, ladies,

I'm finally getting around to making that web site for my baby-guild (Order of Anami, Icecrown) and I'm brainstorming useful links. The obvious ones are the WoW forums, allakhazam, thottbot and wowwiki, but I was wondering if you all knew of any resources regarding mods and the updating thereof? Not to mention fun stuff like web comics.
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I'd been wanting to install this baby for a while but with the 2.0 always on the horizon I kept putting it off, remember how annoyed I get trying to configure mods. But now that I've installed it I really regret not doing it sooner!  As a druid I'm carrying around four sets of armor (some overlap between the regular feral and tanking gear) and now I can switch outfits with just a click of a mouse! Plus I can automatically get my carrot on a stick on when I mount, and autmoatically get my pvp trinkets on when I go into battlegrounds. Why oh why didn't I try this sooner?

next up: Auctioneer. I want to see what the big fuss is about. :-P I do alright at the Auction House without any mods to help me though.

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(no subject)

Are we still making Ding! posts? Here's my combined 40 ding and mount post.

Collapse )

I have to say I'm very proud. This is my second character to hit 40 and get a mount and this time it took much shorter time (think I hit 40 after 5-6 months with my druid), just about two months! Suppose mages are easier to level!

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Upon the threshold for nightly idiocy being crossed, a friend and I ended up making new characters on Stormrage. That's right. We ended up forsaking our PVP-blood. But, I know people. Hopefully people can help keep the playing interesting.

I just need a change from my current server. I'm far too familiar with most of the idiots there, and I can't even get anything done at night since my guild consists of myself and another 60 (and the occassional co-worker), I can't get into a raiding guild, and there's no one on at night when I can actually play.

Human rogue.
Name: Adaelio

And my friend? Venlo, a Human Pally.

Anyways, anyone else here on Ally-side Stormrage? Just curious. It'd be pimp to group (once I'm not LV 3, heh).

On other related note:
After walking my happy bum all the way from Northshire to Teldressil, I'm not only poor, but I'm broken. Woot. I hate not having bags or money. And why is my human hide all the way on another continent? Rep for the kitty mount, of course.
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Hunter Question

I started yet another alt,a night elf hunter lvl 13.And I have my first pet an owl.

Question is...Can I change pets.Would I have to retrain each new pet ie gain/spend training points over.

And can I have say an owl & a cat and switch between them depending on what I needed at the time?

just joined!

Greetings wow_ladies!

I just discovered this community today (I don't know how I missed it for so long!) and thought I'd introduce myself.

I play on the Gilneas server. My main is an L60 human paladin named Honora; my others alts are an L60 priest (full shadow!) named Eilinna and a baby mage (L23) named Tareynn.

(In real life, my name is Alyson. :) )

I am a member of the guild Alibi, and also the paladin class leader. Most of my time is taken up by raiding; Alibi is casual compared to some guilds as far as our schedule, but we are clearing BWL weekly and taking our first steps into AQ40.

I'm really glad to have found a "girl gamers" community. There aren't enough of us. :)


Happy WoW-iversary!

It's my two-year WoW-iversary today!

Yes, two years ago today, I logged onto World of Warcraft with my own account for the first time (I'd played once before on my husband's account) and my troll hunter Cayna (now Caynna, as I switched servers and had to change her name) was born. She's not at 60 yet, only 54, because I started a gnome warlock, Christabelle (see userpic), and started playing her a ton.  Christa's my only level 60 thus far, and with a toddler and a baby on the way, she'll probably be my only as I don't have much time for WoW these days (*sob*). At any rate, It's been a wild ride. I do plan to get and play the expansion as much as I can before the baby's born and my free time dwindles from little to zero.

I'm gonna have to log on tonight to commemorate the occasion, though. Maybe I'll throw an impromptu party at our guild tavern.


I am really hoping that they fix the stealthing animations...
my poor NE rogue stealths like she has something pointy
wedged up her backside. :(

Just curious if any of the other races were affected...
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Never, never again...

... will I agree to be healer for a gnomergan instance at 12 in the morning when the next day I have finals. I figured it would be an ok run.. maybe get done by 2. The group was actaully pretty good. We had 2 warriors, a hunter, and a lock. The main warrior/leader was awesome. He was trying to get us through asap becuase he knew it was late for me. He almost would die becuase he would keep going from mob to mob and we scrambled to catch up! But it was all good. The hunter was soo cool, he kept an eye out for me and whenever I would draw some aggro, he was right there.

But then.. the lock. Oh yes.. the lock. The lock who wanded most of the time instead of dotting and rarely contributed. The lock that got so confused about rezzing that he went in the wrong instance entrance.. came out.. died and came back to the correct entrance... without letting us know where he was.. so we were basically LOOKING for him for a good 30 minutes. He kept pulling aggro and just.. not playing his role. That was soo aggraveting (especially since i have a lock alt, and I know what he can do..). Then the fact that I really didn't need to be there... my lvl 58 warrior bf ran me through a while back.. so I have all the good gear and quests done.. but I knew.. they had no chance to find a healer at that lvl.. on a weekday night.. at 3 am. What time did we get done? 5:15 am.

Ok I have never ranted before.. so I apologize, but yeah.. I at least made good friends with the warrior (the best leader I have ever met, honestly) and hunter. And it was a very first for someone to assign a protecter to me. I don't know why, but that made me very very happy to have that hunter protect me (though by the last boss every single thing I owned was red...).

/end rant
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Hello, is this also for newbies? :)


I've played WoW now for about 6 weeks and I have a lvl 32 warlock, and a 16 rogue (on two different new can you be?)

Unfortunately, I got bored of my poor girl when she hit level 30, probably because I am too new at the game, and I really have NO clue on anything.

Also, I managed to join a guild which seemed so nice, and I got my son to join too, and it is still "nice" but absolutely not for me.

So, I told myself to go and make the game fun again, and I made a new char, another warlock (because I am finally getting the hang of them....and figuring I might do it right this time) and I haven't joined a guild yet, because I am only level 10 on this one, and I want to find a guild where other females are being treated not like porcelain dolls, but as equals.

Is there one of those out there? I would love it to be in a guild with grownups and lots of females...but it appears to be a very hard request!

I am in the US server (although I live in Sweden) Dragonblight...

I hope it's okay to post in here although I've noticed that you are all level 60's (with many alts also level 60) and very good at it all.

Video Game Awards

Did anyone catch the full quote made by Stewie when he said the BC preview was coming out... saying it was better than sex but the people who play are still virgins? I want to use it for my signature cause I thought it was funny. XD