December 12th, 2006

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Mount and Idiots

Tonight, I finally got together enough gold for my Blue Skeletal Horse, after endless grinding and selling. Although not my first mount (I've bought 2 Nelf kitties, 2 Dorf goats and quested for a pally and warlock mount), this is my first Horde character to have a mount. A very special moment as I rode away from Brill, Collapse )
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HOW could I have forgotten to make a post about this!?

Not only did the Elemental Mage Staff drop from a trash mob in Scholo [and I won it and it's amazing], but later that night, I dinged my first lvl 60 character! WOO!

Now to work on my alts? lol

I'm gonna get screenshots of Jeb with his new staff as soon as the servers are back up. ^^ He also has all but three of the Magister's set, and a Mageflame cloak, which I got virtually for free. [I traded 10 Large Brilliant Shards for that cloak].

All in all, I'm pretty proud of the gear he has for now, but I might start doing a little PvP for that HWL stuff. I just suck at PvP so I like to avoid it as much as possible, which is fairly easy, even on a PvP server. X)

And now...for a break from WoW. Kind of sad, but I've been neglecting my art commissions in favor of lvling to 60 so I don't get 3+ tells that say "lvl mor" every time I log on. haha
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Community Database

Since there seems to be a little more interest in keeping the database alive than I thought, I will issue the standard "servers are down, update your characters" reminder. Visit the community database. I have added the new realms that were listed in the previous thread, and have deleted all characters in the "Realm not listed" realm. If you need a realm added, please post here and I'll add it on.
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(no subject)

My little warlockette is now 20k from 60. I was out in EPL last night grinding the BE lodge quest from Blightcaller and got to see a lot of the new models. They look so wonderful with their slight, pixie-fine features and small figures (ok, the males less so now that they have pecs as big as their heads.) Anyway, the females look so awesome. I want my warlock to be one, but damned if I want to grind one up now just to have the look. They should have some kind of 60 upgrade program or something. Dammit.
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Hi all, just wanted to run something by ladies with experience doing MC. What are your thoughts on non-essential classes (specifically rogues) doing MC without hitting level 60 first? I have a guildie in Thorpact (a non-guild raiding alliance type deal) who is encouraging me to apply to go to MC. I'm level 55 (almost 56) assassination spec - and my gear is not top of the line. I've worked out what is feasible for me to get as far as fire resist gear, and I can get it up to 80 unbuffed without relying on drops, 98 if I level my engineering up to get the trinket. My weapons are nothing special, best is the Lifeforce Dirk. I have the three Teir 0 pieces I can purchase...and that's about it.

My husband thinks that I should just focus on leveling before the expansion, but the guildie insists that they will consider me at 55 and that they are short on rogues. I need some outside opinions before I put too much time/money into gearing up for this.

Edit: Thanks for the comments! :) I should have explained that with my school schedule and other responsibilities, it takes quite some time for me to level (the last 15 levels took me 3 whole months) - so this may be my only chance at seeing end-game content before the expansion comes out, I won't have time to get to the right level. :( BUT, thanks to teniblue's more careful reading of the site, I learned I can't go with them until 58 anyway...that will at least get the guildie off my back about it. :)

(no subject)

hey all,

I left this as a comment on someone else's post, but I figured I would throw it up as a post. Last night one guy in my guild was talking about how they are changing the honor system, or at least how much the rewards "cost" and stuff because they said it' s too easy for people to get stuff now, is this true at all?? Just curious if there is any truth to it or if it's just rambly rumors.
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Help Please!

A minor frustration...

I wrote here several weeks ago stating that I had taken over leadership of my guild and inquiring if it was possible to change tabard designs (thanks to everyone who answered that post, btw). I had decided to hold a contest among the guild members to design the new tabard and ran the submissions from Nov 20th to Dec 5th.

The problem is that everyone was using the tabard creator on curse-gaming, and now that the site has completely changed, you can now no longer access that creator, nor any tabards created by it (all links to that page direct you back to the main page).

I suppose what I'm going to have to do is ask those who did get a submission in to resubmit, but curse-gaming doesn't seem to have a tabard creator at all now (except for the link to the one for TBC which designs banners). Does anyone have a link for a WoW tabard designer site that my guild members could use? I thank you all in advance!!
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Looking for a /roll sorting addon

Hi ladies!

Since my guild has stopped official raiding, I've been running pugs of 20 mans and stuff. This weekend I'm going to run a pug MC, and I'd love to have an addon that helps me sort through the /rolls. I know I've seen one in use -- it did something like announce "Linadel is the high roller with a 95" .... but that was prepatch. I checked out Curse gaming and I'm not sure what's new, what's old, and what sucks.

Can anyone recommend a relatively simple /roll organizing addon?

Druid Guild Name Needed!

My friends and I are starting a three-some guild. It will be me (resto), my boyfriend (feral), and my best friend (oomkin). Any thoughts on good names? We're completely stumped and I refuse to give into my boyfriend calling it . -_-

So . . . help?

Holy (**&@ CRAP

I was a bit bored last night. Honestly, I haven't been logging into WoW much at all lately; I think I've been suffering from pre-TBC burnout.

Anyway, I thought what the heck, I'll log in and take my priest into BGs. Now, I've only ever done PVP on my druid (ran WSG a handful of times, really nothing spectacular), and to put it bluntly, she sucks. She's my raid-spec player, full resto, and you can imagine how well she does: awful. Just awful.

Now, if I was gonna do it, I was gonna do it whole hog so I took my pure shadowspec priest off to a trainer to respec. She's now specced as a "PVP face melter", and holy crap. Holy hot damn crap.

I can take out warriors. I can take out warlocks, and rogues (unless they get the jump on me), and mages. I can kill a hunter and his pet before he can barely touch me. And this is after one night of goofing around for a few hours. Once I really learn how to maximize my PVP skills, it's soooo gonna rock. The first AB match I did where I concentrated on actual kills, I came in fourth in killing blows and honour kills. FOURTH!

I've just figured out how I'm going to kit out my little non-raiding priest; and I think I might just have become a PvP addict.

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Dethecus Horde

I recently started an alt on Dethecus, horde side. Does anyone play on there? I started this toon with my boyfriend and he suddenly decided he hates the game and isn't playing anymore and I'm awfully lonely. :( I'm looking for a casual guild or just a guild that wouldn't mind having a seldom played alt around. Any suggestions?