December 11th, 2006

purely hypothetical, of course

You're a high ranking officer in a medium sized, very close knit guild that has stopped raiding and turned to pvping for shits and giggles in the pre-expansion funk.

You are the girlfriend (3yrs, lived together for two, in a temporary long distance situation) of the guild master. He was passed that position by a mutual RL friend of yours.

You break up.

Do you gquit? What do you tell the guild?

Just curious how you all would handle this.


Honor ticked over at 2:05am PST, and I immediately /afk'd out of the AV I was in to relog. Before the models even fully finished loading on my screen, I checked my honor tab -- oh hell yeah, I reached my goal. I started the day with 14.7k honor and pulled 9.9k honor, putting my total at 24.6k honor for 3 days worth of relatively lazy PVP, pugging my way to victory! By 2:08am, I was in Stormwind having a serious religious debate with myself over which weapon to get (dagger or fist? dagger or fist?) -- 10 minutes later, I walked out with my shiny new [Grand Marshal's Dirk]! I respecced from my PVP spec of Awesome Death By Massive Lack Of Blood (ADBMLOD for short) and into combat daggers, which I've never played before -- we'll see how that goes. Any dagger rogues have spec suggestions? My current spec is on my CTProfile.

December 22-25 is AV holiday, and I'm going to use that time to grind out the GM fist set (<3 fisties)... but I can safely say I'm burnt out on PVP for now, heh. Grats to all those who scored new PVP armor/weapons this weekend!

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I just posted a longish post about concentrating on BG, but... I should mention that one of the reasons we decided last night to really focus on BG rewards is...

My guildmates and I experienced the worst case of ninja looting I've ever encountered in the game, EVAR. To make matters worse it was one of our own guild members, and it was "an accident" so there will be NO penalty at all imposed on the person.

Four guild officers (two of them guild founders, the third is a wife of one of them, and the fourth is me) went on a DM Tribute run with a fifth guildie, whose main is a 59 warlock. Typical of first characters who aren't yet 60, he's soloed most of his way and he's still getting used to dungeon encounters. It's our way of coaching, but we knew this wasn't his FIRST dungeon (the last time, he brought 2 shards with him for example). Still needs reminding about soulstoning and healthstones and whatnot, but with some directional guidance he was doing pretty good. He's specced demonology so he could have a felguard, so his succubus seductions worked relatively well on the ogres and whatnot.

End of the run. We all get our king buffs, and because they were worried about him accidentally clicking Greed on anything, they put the encounter on master looter.

I don't know what happened. I don't know how it's possible. But after the party leader linked the loot to us and we were all sitting there discussing who should have what (the Rod of the Ogre Magi dropped and my shadow priest was just drooooooling!!), we see that the 59 warlock is picking up EVERY SINGLE F*CKIN' ITEM, both off the King and out of the chest!!!!!!

We're like, "Hey, stop that!"

Well, he wasn't reading party chat. HELLO.

The party leader got so pissed off he hearthed on the spot.

The wife and I start explaining to him what a bad thing he did, and how that is one of the worst acts a character can ever commit in the game. I get a tell from the remaining guild officer, who tells me that the guy knows he screwed up and he feels really bad. I replied that the guy getting to 59 and then auto-looting everything in a tribute run is horrendously bad and that the guy really needed to know that.

Anyway, that pissed me off so much... I could have really used the staff. But oh well, here's to hoping he can make use of it. Just about every item that dropped was usable in some way, but not by the lock.

So far as I'm concerned I'm not planning on grouping with him again. Not for a long time.

In the meantime, I'm going to go play in BG where nobody can ninja any loot, just my insignia when I die. Haaaaahahahaha.

Grrrrr. Still pissed.
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Stupid Mod Question

I've been very anti-mod up until yesterday. :) I downloaded Titan Panel...and now I have no idea how to make it work. How does one install mods on a Mac?

Also, what mods would you recommend? And is there any certain mod a Warlock just has to have?
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Pvp n00bsauce, here.
I started playing in August and have soloed 99% of the game since I started playing, having been terribly scared of PVP (and not really seeing the merits of it) but I created and alt that I have just started to take to WSG on a regular basis (I'm talking days before the new honor system change, which I really, really like!). And I actually enjoy it! I have a 48 priest who I cannot stomach battlegrounds with, but the shaman can get along just fine.
I know that the honor and stuff is calculated pretty much the next day or whatever, but I am having an awful hard time trying to figure out how it's calculated. Is there a table or a site or something that tells you how much honor you get for doing certain things? Cause I have noticed that the number of people you kill almost has no discernable bearing on the amount of honor gained, aside from the fact that it goes up. I mean, do you get more or less honor for killing people above or below you and that have higher or lower ranks than you, or by how much damage you do or what?
I know this is probably a really stupid question to seasoned players but I really cannot for the life of me figure it out.
Thanks in advance.
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Conviction, New Equipment, and PvP

Some people said I was crazy... okay alot of people said I was mad but Mariel doesn't like horses as mounts and absolutely refuses to ride one. Sooo for RP reasons I made decided that her first mount would be a kitty.

Well... 60 now. Have been for a few weeks, and I just hit Exalted with Darnassus thanks to the new PvP system giving Darnassus rep in AV!

Similiarly, this has been an all around good weekend for new equipment. I recieved my first GM weapon, as well as an epic PvP mount with my sights set on a Black War Ram to add to the Black War Pus.

As nice as it is to have decent equipment from the new PvP system, I kinda feel like it makes it TOO EASY to get these items. It hasn't even been out a week and I've got a GM weapon, an epic mount, 8000 more honor to spend, and 9 marks away from a 2nd epic mount. I suspect they will begin to lose their exclusivity.

Siiiigh, oh well.

Now I need cash to learn to RIDE said epic mounts. Blast!
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Dumb PVP question

If you rack up enough honor to get something from the PVP grind, and you decide that you want another item, do you have to start honor from zero? Do you spend the honor on the item, or is it cumulative? I know the PVP marks of honor are consumed...
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Death Room

Hey girls.. just thought I would share a slightly humorous picture. Short story... the players you see here are my RL friends Spindlecrest= Boyfriend (priest), Josata=Best friend (mage), Kuulei=Best freind (warrior), and some rogue we picked up. Josata and Kuulei have never played WOW before and just got thier accounts not to long ago.. so boyfriend and I thought we should all make new characters and play together. Well in this area (the castle place in silverpine.. don't know the name....) we get mobbed pretty badly. Twice we die right there.. and then Josata panics and pulls more and more aggro.. and of course.. forgets he can sheep. As we come back up to the room to rez he says to us all 'But I don't want to go back to the Death room'. And thus this room is now and forever will be the 'Death room' as we have died so much, this whole time I am laughing sooo freakin hard as we die becuase Josata makes it fun. We even feel sorry for the rogue we picked up cause we were doing so bad and he couldn't hear the fun (we were all at my BF's house). Right after this screen shot.. yes.. we get aggroed again and die. When playing with Josata (Joey in RL) there always seems to be a death room no matter what.. be it Golden Eye, Halo (lots of death rooms), or even Super Smash Bros.

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Anyone else have a 'Death Room' or experiance similiar?
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I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies could give me some advice before I start tearing out my hair. I can get to the character lists for every realm that I have a character on, except the one on which I have my main and my main alt!

The realm isn't 'full', in fact it is 'low' and I'm not being put into any sort of queue for access. All that happens is the 'retrieving character list' box appears and is just stuck on the screen...hence ARGH!

I'm starting to get jittery as blood, sweat and tears have gone into those two characters and not being able to access them is...unpleasant.

So...if anyone has been in this situation before, did it get sorted? Or if anyone knows of a problem with EU Moonglade at the moment please tell me...

*chews fingernails*
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(no subject)

I'm not trying to be a whiny-ass here....

...but, (WAHHHH!) I'm awfully sick of getting owned in the PVP battlegrounds since the new patch. I don't think I'm a terribly bad player. Granted, I'm not level 29 like all the peeps in WSG seem to be, but I never really had much of a problem with PVP before. It felt more fair. And fair meaning that I actually got a hit or two in before my character was running away in fear from yet ANOTHER spell.

Am I being a complete asshole here? Is this just me? I'm not a priest/shaman/warlock kind of girl. Never have been. Maybe my problem is that I'm playing a warrior. Maybe I should make a new character.


Anyone else on Eitrigg really really tired of not being able to do..well..anything at night? Between server crashes and restarts, what's the point?

On an up note, me and a friend two manned the bottom level of Sunken Temple :D I got my quests done, yay!
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