December 5th, 2006

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Happy Patch Day, Ladies!

I am on pins and needles about the upcoming patch and the talent trees and just everything. My druid is going to put all 51 points into Resto (I only have 38 there right now, so it's going to be a huge difference in and of itself) and go tree and healing healing healing.

With some of the other pretty trees out there, it wasn't the easiest choice but the truth is, I love healing more than I love anything else and I played with the build on the test server and it made me flip out with joy. Now the hard part will be deciding after 5 weeks if I should respec for leveling or try this out, because I imagine it'll be more than a little painful. What are other people's plans in that regard? I keep flipping back and forth.

(I'm really going to miss roots from nature's grasp and improved thorns)

Also, last night we did Nefarian and I got Lok'amir il Romathis!!! I am overjoyed, even if it means beginning the process of retiring my beloved Staff of Dominance! When I whispered for it, I reallllly didn't think I'd get it because I'm only about halfway on the DKP list but *dance dance dance*. Now to grind up essences for the heal enchant. I've mostly been trying to save my DKP to complete out Stormrage, because three of us are neck and neck, but this was so shiny and pretty I had to give in. NOW I have to figure out how to get an offhand to balance my way back up the stat-tree.

I bid on almost-impulse but I'm extra glad I did because I think that it's going to be a while before we manage to get Nef down again - I think the new talent trees and specs and changes + holidays are going to make BWL a real challenge again until everybody gets used to it and about that time is when BC will come out. So I am going to hug it tightly to myself. And also hope that I'm wrong about the upcoming raids!

Thoughts on specs? 2.0 changes?

Also, if anybody has *any* advice on talent builds now for a mid-50s hunter, I have absolutely *no* idea how I should spec her *facepalm*
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So I'm standing in front of Drak in UBRS, completely ready to thump on him.  Then I notice that everyone's being painfully still and silent.  It's only 12:31 AM PST, however.  The servers should have been up well long enough to hearth and recover from the run.  So I come to complain here, to find that not only can nothing in my browser load, but that my modem has given me the first disconnect in months -- while I'm standing in front of Drak.

Upon frantically beating my modem into submission and manage to log once again, everyone's gone and it turns out that my disconnect was a small, but twisted, blessing.  Turns out that our hunter hadn't a clue how to kite Drak and wiped the raid.  A small bit of irony.  I'm still irrate with my modem, though.


should be studying...but it's patch day!

Thought I'd put up my builds since it seems like the thing to do today. :) any glaring problems you ladies see, please point out to me! this is my first rogue and my highest lvl character (54! - I don't think I'll make 60 before the expac tho, sadly) advice will be appreciated!

Current Build:

Build after patch:

Build at 70:

yummy yummy speed boost!

Patch Notes

I haven't seen them posted yet, so here they are:

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I'm actually kind of enthusiastic about the patch now. It was a 492MB download for the Mac, by the by.

Exciting bits for me:
Enchanting rod change - highest rod now counts as all those below it too... I'm ditching the rest of my rods now!
Thrown weapons are durability based instead of consumables.
And the iTunes feature has been improved!!!
Okay, there are other awesome things - LFG interface, new bgs, cha cha cha. But sometimes, the little things are the ones that bring the most glee!
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Questions about talent trees

I have a few general questions about talent trees, and the Hunter tree in particular. I've played around with the BC calculator, and would like opinions on this spec. I play on a PvE server, and have never engaged in PvP (although I'm open to the possibility). This is for my first main character, currently at lvl 44. I know I want to spec Marks, but I wanted people's opinions on how I placed the points, since I haven't gotten to 60 or 70 before, of course (not that anyone except people in the beta are at 70 yet either).

I'm not in a heavy raiding guild, we're only just beginning to gather enough people for ZG, but I do eventually want to raid with them, so I want a build that will let me have heavy Marks, be useful in raids, but will also not hinder me from levelling. Basically I want to have my cake and eat it too :)

The other part of my question relates to how exactly I should spend the points, over the course of levelling. Obviously the spec up there is the end result, but what should I put points in first? I'm specc'ing Marks, but does that mean I put all of my points in Marks as I get them, until the Marks tree looks like what I want it to, or should I spread the points out kind of evenly among all three? Obviously it will take much less time to get the points in Survival or BM, since there are so few in there, but I don't want to sacrifice any one tree and be left at a disadvantage midway through getting to 70.

Any input/comments/suggestions is greatly appreciated.
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Little tree help for a new and humble player?

I've been watching the community for a bit but haven't had much to say...but you seem like nice people so I thought I might ask some questions. I haven't been playing for very long so I don't have all powerful characters yet, hehe. My main character is a 32 nelf druid and my alt is a 20 gnome warlock, both on anvilmar and I need a little advice for my girls. With the talent trees being reset I figure this is my opportunity to start fresh in a way. I really don't have much of a clue when it comes to working with them. Hell, I don't know if I'm even playing my druid correctly, I tend to rely more on balance spells in a fight rather than my forms. I'm lost as to which direction I should be taking my druid and warlock. Neither is in a guild and I've been keeping them that way on purpose for now. Want to enjoy the game with very little drama but I realize that eventually I would like to have my druid in one...what kind of druid works best in a guild situation? I've been looking around in talent guides but haven't found much in the way of pro's or con's either way. Opinions? Help? mostly I'm worried about my druid but I'd love help for my warlock too.
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I know that add ons will be broken after I install the new patch, so instead of finding new versions of my current mods, I think I'll just start over and only get stuff that I need.

So, can I delete my whole Add ons folder and restart from scratch? Or do I need stuff from there?
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Little pig little pig LET ME IN!

'The normally scheduled weekly maintenance will be extended an additional 4 hours from the previously announced time, and will now end at approximately 5:00PM PST. This delay was caused by issues with the Before the Storm content patch. We are currently gathering more information on the delay and will post an update in approximately 60 minutes.'
-From the in-game Breaking News message, posted at 12:09PM PST

...@&$(*&@$(* GET OUT OF THE WAY OF ME AND MY FELGUARD!!!11 (and my horrible grammar too >_>)

I'm about to chew my arm off and may be forced to do some housework. What are you doing to pass the time? o_O;;
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warlock talent question: empowered corruption ++ ANSWERED! ++ thanks!

But this one is very specific. I am going to take Empowered Corruption, but was wondering if someone could clarify the spell damage for me. I never really paid much attention to this stuff before, so I'm a little lost now. Say I have +9 spell damage/healing and +67 (I think that's close) shadow damage. Empowered Corruption rank 3/3 is "Your corruption spell gains an additional 36% of your bonus spell damage effects." How does this work with the different types of +damage I have?

EDIT: forums are down, so I can't check there. In any case, you guys are all really helpful so I prefer getting my information here =)

Here's to hoping for the best

My days of being the guild's only feral druid are coming to an end. (actually I'm not the only druid who is feral but mostly everyone else has feral druid alts, including the raid leader and guild leader which is one reason why I get almost no flack for being a feral druid in BWL)  One of the raid leader's real life pals is working on leveling up her own feral. She used to play horde on annother server and decided to switch to alliance so she could be in our guild and get away from some guild drama.  I was a bit nervous about this since based on the guild forums she seemed to be someone who was incredibly knowledgable about druid gear and her tauren druid had gear that I could only dream about getting (mostly becuase I have rotten luck getting things to drop in AQ20 and I'm only honored with CC, sigh)  Well anyway we sat down and had a really great chat over ventrilo last night about some gear (she was going to make me some timbermaw brawlers but then we figured out that my aged core leather gloves were actually better) and she gave me some great advice about gear and playstyle etc. 

This person seems really nice and mature and we agreed to try and work on colluding on items we both wanted instead of fighting over them.  Becuase the druids in my guild are few and far between this happens a lot already, i.e. I'd never go after any cenarion or stormrage unless all the other druids who are restoration have that item already. I'm glad that she sees the same wisdom in doing that in the future. I'm glad that I can probably make a friend out of this player rather then a potential rival. I just hope that 25 man raids will have room for two feral guild hasn't figured out the plan for BC, I think we're all going to take a break from raiding in early 2007 just to figure this all out and decide what we want to do next. 

In other news after much careful deliberation I think I am going to drop omen of clarity so I can get mangle and see how I like that. Cool thing about the new feral tree is that I can be specced for bear and kitty, which is kickass since I spend a lof of time doing both. (lately I've been doing a bunch of support anking in BWL, it's nuts, especially tanking the dragons in the Nefarian encounter. My guild is still stuck on that part, we've only gotten past that part maybe twice and of course half of us had wiped at that point and Neff then one shots the rest of us. I have this funny picture of Nefarian pwning me and half my gear breaks in the process)

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i didnt mean for this to turn out this long i swear!

Okay, I've been a serious lurker in here for the longest time but I figure since it's a major patch day I'd give a little post. =)

I play over on Steemwheedle Cartle ( RP ftw! ), Namie level 53 resto dr0od, so if you're there give me a shout out! ;) I also have two Hordie alts ( undead priest, troll mage ) because I've always prefered the Horde but because I play with my boyfriend ( who for some reason loathes the greatness that is the Horde ) my main is an Ally. Although oddly enough, come BC, he wants to make a Blood Elf, so we'll probably do that while I give him shit for changing sides so quickly. Ha.

I was wondering if anyone had heard of a engi being able to make mechanical yetis? o.O I know there is the quest in Winterspring ( I'm currently on the second part ), but I have a friend who insists a engi in his guild made his but when I asked the 300 engi in ours if he could he said no. I want one so bad! I have a thing for collecting in game pets and I'd love a yeti that doesn't have a certain number of charges to it, it's bad enough I keep going back to SM to get me a hound ( Heh, what can I say I love the thing. )

Anyway, yay patch day! I think I'm just excited for the new LFG system. Can't you tell I'm bored? I need something to entertain me while teh menz are at work.

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Also feel free to add me, I have zero people ( okay one ) on my friends that plays WoW. I think when I start yapping off about it in entries I just confuse everyone and prove what a bigger dork I am. xD
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funny bug report

Has this happened to anyone else?

Last week I hopped on the Tram (IF-->SW), and at some point during the ride I opened my map to check something. As soon as I did I heard a splash, so I closed my map... to find that I'd somehow been ported up thirty feet and over sixty, and I was drowning AND being eaten by a shark. Somehow I don't think that's supposed to happen.

Anyway, my spirit ressed at the SW graveyard, so I had to run from SW to the tram, and as I approched the tram it told me I had to enter the instance to reclaim my corpse. Ok, fine: I go in... no, I still had to run all the way back. Luckily I could get close enough to my body to res, though. :)

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(no subject)

A little while back I ordered TBC:Collectors Edition on EB games' website. Now the link doesn't work, they don't have it listed on their site, but they haven't sent me anything saying I wouldn't get it. Sooo does anyone know, for those of us who ordered from them... are we still getting our copies? (o_O) I hope so...
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Pet Normalization

So... how do all the hunters here feel about all pet attack speeds being normalized to 2.0.

Personally I think it's a ninja nerf... seriously, what's the point of going out to tame a beast when they are all practically the same as far as stats?

Death and Taxes

This might have been posted already and if so, I apologize, but I went back quite a bit and didn't see anything, so...

What I'm not sure is, are they talking about those who pay actual currency for in-game items, or the virtual items themselves? Because if it's the latter... buh, I don't even know how to respond to such a thing.
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Downloaded patch. Installed patch. started Wow. Noticed that the opening gates were blanked out, as were the battle graphic in the background before you get your list of your characters. Ok whatever. Ooooh, pretty new Eastern Kingdom loading graphic!

Uh oh.

Restart computer. Repeat above.


My bars, buttons and items come up fine. But the screen is a white wash, occasionally punctuated by NPC names and a passing shadow. Adjusting my window results in a very pretty magenta and green technicolor light show, but no warm fuzzy azeroth.

Well. Apparently I can't play WoW until I get a better computer. :(
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Kefka WTF


Dammit, I finally get on, and the realms are going to restart in 15 minutes. ;-;

Anyways, it was being weird with me. Instead of just letting me go to the realm I was logged onto, it made me choose a new one. Well, it gave me a list and I chose a new one because I didn't know what the hell was going on. =/

Anyways, I logged on with my Rogue - and I'm quite miffed that I can't use my throwing knives anymore. What gives? Any reason for that? I'm a bit pissed that I now have 200 "Broken Throwing Knives" in my backpack. Is there a reason that they did this? Can I throw anything at all anymore? If I can't that character might as well be dead to me now. I really liked the throwing knives...

FYI: I'm relativly new to the game, I have 4 characters and the Rogue above is the highest - lvl 9. So it's not exactly devastating to lose her.
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lawl Warriors...rerolling?

Howdy doody ladies!First time posting here but long time lurker...blah blah balh you all know the song and dance ;)

So I play a 60 arms/fury (31/20/0) warrior on Feathermoon. I'm a dpser/off tank for my guilds raids and I like to think I do a damn good job at both roles. So heres my dilema. With rage normalization +  the new talent trees from todays patch I find myself in a situation where I'm not sure how to make my warrior both useful and fun to play anymore.

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(no subject)

So.....loving the free re-spec, liking most of the changes but one.....can you guess which?


Poll #882939 LFG- love it or hate it?

I think the new LFG interface is.....

Amazing! How did we ever live without it??
Just ok, I'm not excited either way.
I do NOT like it- it's a pain!
I hate it with all the rage of a thousand suns!!
I don't join groups- I'm waaaay too cool for that.