November 28th, 2006

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Night Elf Make-up

Hey guys... rember me from the kitty stage make-up earlier this month? Well.. I got something a little more warcraft-y....

The assignment was Fantasy.

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Up next, a Forsaken!

And I'm sorry for all the images!
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Crossposted to my own journal, mostly just because I wanna show off some new toys. :)

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I got both the Claymore of Unholy Might and the Dreadnaught waist tonight, leading people to tease me for stealing an entire Gluth kill. >_> I've been unlucky as far as DN goes; our rogues have insane amounts of DKP and competing with them is nearly impossible, especially when the warrior/rogue pieces drop so infrequently for us.

A few of you may remember my post about me transferring servers, and the ex-guild-leader being bitchy and trying to ninja my website, and all that. Well, after working with one of the officers who I was good friends with, I got the domain name transferred to their hosting and everything's fine on that front. I couldn't be happier with my new guild - these guys are tons of fun and super nice, and just get things done. I've gotten to MT, OT, DPS, you name it, on every boss on farm in Naxx (up to Loatheb, with Abom/Spider clear), which is a great variety for me and I love it.

I just wish the expansion wasn't coming so soon. :( I love this instance, and I'm having such a blast right now. Stupid 25 mans. /growl.
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(crossposted in my journal)

Because I get overly excited about pixels in a game, I'm posting about my newest toy I grabbed from Naxxramas.

THAT BOW LOOKS SO COOL! Ever since I discovered there is a weapon like that in the game I've ween hoping I could get it one day... And now it's mine! *twirls* Server first too, teehee! I was so fed up with my old crossbow, besides bows are much cooler and trolls are better with bows than any other ranged weapons anyway. Yay! Now all I need is that wicked polearm and some evil Cryptstalker armor and I look like an über dangerous headhunter! Woohoo!
dr00d bush ftw

Ouro down!

I left my guild of over a year last week and joined a new raiding guild this week on my druid. I was given a personal recommendation from one of the mucky-mucks in the top raid guild on the server to the officers of my new guild. He said they would have recruited me had they needed a druid. That was really nice of him to do.

I've been doing encounters I haven't seen before, like Patchwerk and Grobbulus, and last night Ouro. I really like the Ouro fight. There is a lot going on, and everyone needs to be working for the good of the raid and not just themselves. Subsequently I healed pretty damn well when I was alive (having like only 50 NR) and managing to have Ouro spawn on me in a good spot for the raid. Killed me, but allowed the rest of the raid to live.

So, yay, nifty kill!
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recipe: major mana potion

I know I don't post here often, but I feel an urge to express my frustration. Last night, in Scholomance, my 57-58 nelfie priestess, who's a 300/300 alchemist/herbalist, helped down the end boss, the teacher guy who likes to port you into other areas as he's fighting. We go to loot: bind on pickup... RECIPE: MAJOR MANA POTION... now, I've been wanting this for about a week now since I learned that there was a recipe for this potion. I said 'I really REALLY need this!' The warlock, who has been doing the disenchants for the group, pipes in, 'can I need also?' It didn't click with me that that should have been seen as an 'odd combination' of professions. Enchanter/alchemist? Nope... So we both roll need for the recipe.

He wins.

We leave the instance, a few minutes later, he says 'oops sorry, I just tried to send it to my alt, it's bop'...

*facepalm* I've never seen this recipe drop before anywhere, I WANTED that damn recipe, my GUILD and I NEEDED that recipe... So far as I know of, it's a rare drop, of the dozens of times I've been through Scholomance with my other priest and my mage, it's never dropped and NONE of our alchemists in our guild HAS that recipe...

*wants to scream, shout, carry on, be bitter, be spiteful, be childish*

instead, I say to him, 'if you see a recipe for superior mana potion and it's not bop, consider me for it' and left it at that.


Guess I now spend a few weeks 24-7ing in Scholomance, praying that damned recipe drops for me again...
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I am new to the site and just wanted to introduce myself.
I hit level 60 about 2 weeks ago on my first character (woo hoo)as a Shaman Troll on Executus server with the Fulcrum guild. I was able to do MC the last few weekends, and also Oyxia. I have also done ZG and plan to do that again tonight. :) I was amazed to get some really good gear for the first few runs, of course I am in the hole for DKP.. but I will make that back fast hopefully. My first time in, I got the Earthshaker and a really nice FR cloak and some earthfury gauntlets. Just need the complete set. I was so nice last weekend because I got the shoulders, but I passed on them because I thought a newbie to the group should have something instead. I got a trinket and a nice weapon from ZG, too. I was not sure how much I would like raids, but I am starting to like them. My Shaman has points more in enchancement (which means I am a Shaman that KICKS BUTT instead of heals) so now that makes it hard for me. It made it nice while leveling, but now I really need healing power since that is all you do in raids. Hopefully today with the patch, we can redo all of the talent points so I can go resto.
My guild was kind of "freaked out" the first time I did a raid with them and got on vent. A lot of them did not know that I was really a girl.. Oh course I got a hard time, like posted HUGE on the screen .. "A girl in the raid group?" and I got a lot of cooking jokes..
I felt bad the first time, like they treated me different.. but now I am starting to fit in. Just have to prove that I can play as good as they can. :)
OH, and I just started an undead warlock (lvl 9 now!!) so any advice on leveling a lock let me know. Good part about having a lvl 60 character is that I can send a lot of nice stuff to my new char and her really twinked. :P
Not sure what else to say, except I collect pets in the game (my favorite is my whelp).
Sorry this was such a long introduction! :P
I look forward to meeting other girls that play. It is nice because usually I am surrounded by guys. If you ever visit Executus/Horde side say Hi! :)

Lvl 60 Troll Shaman (Fulcrum)

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Just a quick question, i am a lvl 51 priest, where would be a good place to do instances if any or quests? i know not many ppl do Sunken temple so i was wondering if there are any others? and any other places to grind other than Azertha (sorry on spelling). thanks again!


Hello everyone!

Hey, ladies!
I'm new here, and I figured I'd introduce myself while I was still new. >.> Sorry if I get a bit rambly, feel free to skip the parts you aren't interested in. XD

I've been playing WoW for only a couple months. I think I started in June, but I took a month+ off from September to late October/early November due to moving 400 miles with my husband.
If you ladies can keep a husband and I aren't married legally yet. D: We say we're married on WoW to keep guys from hitting on me (like you know they will! Some still do, though I say I'm married...) because it gets kind of uncomfortable, you know? People seem to take me more seriously when I have a husband on WoW.

At any rate, we're getting married on March 24th, 2007, which is the day we started dating. We live together already, and our family members all think of us as married, anyway. X) We have 3 "babies". 2 puppies and a cat. They're precious (when they're sleeping). :D

More about my WoW life...
I play PvP realm Dalvengyr, Horde side<3 I've started a couple Alliance characters when my server was down, but it's just not for me. I can't get into it, and I dislike the races. Farthest I got Ally side was lvl 10 NE hunter.
I used to have a million alts because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to play. My first character was a female Tauren Druid that made it to about lvl 13 [she's lvl 23 now] before I decided to make something else to see what it was like. Thus, Jebediah the undead mage was born. Mage is my class, I love it. <3 My husband/fiance always makes fun of him, saying "Ol' Jawless Jeb'Diar". ._. I think his lack of jaw is cute.
Jebediah is lvl 57, and will ding 58 if I go do Strat/Scholo/LB/UBRS with my guild.
My other alts are lvl 13 orc hunter, lvl 6 tauren shammy...
I've been teaching my mom to play! lol

Jeb's been in a few guilds in his time. The first one was made by my husband and I. The latest one was called Prophecy Unfolded, and I had all kinds of problems in that guild. Mainly harrassment by a few of the members and, of course, that no one would do anything. They raided ZG, AQ, or MC almost every night, but I couldn't go...and none of the members who weren't raiding would group to do anything! I PuGged all the time. husband, a few friends and I left PU and formed our own guild. It's called Epitaph, and we already have quite a few members. A lot are from our first guild, and we're really good friends. We'll be raiding soon, with any luck. (:

I do draw, but I've only ever drawn something from WoW twice. I drew an undead priest named Hitpoint, and that was kind of hard, and I drew my husband's lvl 60 orc rogue, which was a lot easier.
I'm not so good at humanoids, which is the reason I mostly draw/market to the furry community. I'm not really a furry myself, I just like to draw them, you know? (: If anyone is interested in seeing some of my work, I have a deviantart site here:
If you'd like some artwork of your WoW character, I'd be willing to do something up for you, but I wouldn't be able to work for free. I'm cheap, but not that cheap. (: I'm just trying really hard to make a little money before Christmas so I can get my boy something.

Anyway, that was a lot more long-winded than I intended it to be. I hope I didn't bore you! Thanks for reading if you made it through, and I hope at least one of you says hi. ^^

All the best~
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Ex-guild members on raids?

My guild has recently started doing a Molten Core run every 2 weeks where guests, invited by a member of the guild, may attend. We post a signup in our forums, and people sign up if they want to come, though they may also just log in at the raid invite time and get an invite. Members inviting guests include them in their signup. We tend to be a fairly close-knit casual raiding guild.

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So what would you do in this situation? Almost all the officers are very uncomfortable about the whole situation and would much rather just ban all ex-guild members, for whatever reason, from attending raids as guests.

Edit: We decided that all ex-raiders who left the guild will not be allowed to come on these runs. Upon the guild master telling the guild member this information, his girlfriend logged into her alt, and /spit on me. All the officers then agreed that we had made the right decision about ex-guild members.

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Two weeks ago my little brother passed away.
Which... is something that I can't even describe in terms of pain.

My guildies and friends have been... amazing.

Three of them drove down from Northern California to see me, and they brought with them...

The hippogryph pet card, just for me.

And yesterday I opened my in-game mail to find hundreds and hundreds of Encrypted Twilight Texts. Enough to bring me from less than halfway through Honored into Exalted. Then this morning I found the scarabs and idol that I needed in my inbox.

So now, I went from the impossible task of rep gain to owning the Kris of Unspoken Names in one night. With my hippogryph by my side.

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These things just... brightened me up. I can't imagine the time and effort spent to get those texts, or the fact that the others spent their real life money to get me this in-game gift of the little pet.

I love my guild and friends. :)