November 26th, 2006


Yesterday I ran out to Azshara to follow around the Spirit of Azuregos, hoping that maybe if I do it long enough the real Azuregos would pop and demand I stop looking at his butt, and give me a hat to make me go away. When I logged on today I was still in Azshara, but just as I was about to hearth out, a big blue dragon appeared and started walking around. OMG AZUREGOS IS UP. I told gchat and a friend about it. Unsurprisingly, gchat was very neutral on going out to kill a world dragon, but my friend said he'd try to get his Ony group to do it afterwards. I figured that would be fine; it sounded like he was tanking her right that moment anyway, and Onyxia shouldn't take them long. But they wiped, and I was invited (and summoned) to help heal for another attempt.

And what drops? Halo of Transcendence. Which I have only seen ONCE, ever, and that was also in a PUG. Unfortunately, the leader had forgotten to put it on ML, so all the roll windows popped up. Immediately he announced on Vent and spammed in chat to PASS ON EVERYTHING.

One of the priests (who was not on Vent) clicked Need.

At first the leader wasn't TOO upset by it. He thought the other priests already had it, but my friend said I still needed my Halo, which is true. That's when Vent blew up. The leader asked if I'd already passed on the Halo; if not I was free to also click Need (if I so wished) to make it fair. But I'd already passed on everything. The priest who hit Need would not explain him/herself, not even when the leader whispered him to ask if it was just a mistake (did he somehow NOT see the warnings and the other people passing? he had clicked Need when 2/3 of the raid had already passed...); if so, that's fine. No response! Annoyed by the priest, one of the druids clicked Need on the Halo as well. Again, Vent blew up because at least the priest could USE the halo, and gearing up those priests means less competition later, ect.

The druid won the Halo. He sharded it then passed the crystals to the leader, who later put them up for Greed.

The priest won the Onyxia bag, and then rolled Need on anything possible after that.

By the time the leader ran out to Azshara to see if Azuregos was still up, a guild had just finished summoning members and engaged him. Yay.

I wish there was some way to check if these world bosses are down. As awesome as it was to log on just as he spawned/walked by me, I'd rather not consider camping an alt there on the off-chance that I'll pick the moment he's there, especially since it looks like I wouldn't be able to pull together a raid to kill him anyway.

One day, when the dragons don't hate me so much, I'll get a new hat piece. ONE DAY.
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I had an exciting day today. Started out at 59. Did some quests, killed some mobs. With about 6 bars to level, I went to UBRS with my guild. It was my first raid. I cat form'ed and healed. Book of Ferocious Bite V dropped. I rolled for it against another druid, but he won. He then told me to take it since he was balance specced and would never use it.

Wildheart Vest dropped. I rolled like a 16 for it. :/

Then I went to turn in a couple of the UBRS quests. Then with about 7000 xp to level, I went down to Silithus to turn in a quest. That gave me 6000xp and a quest to go talk to a guy in Moonglade. So I TP'ed there to turn it in and dinged.

My first 60. My little druid's all grown up.
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Some screenies and whatnot

So I was looking through my screenshots today, when I found a few worth sharing (mainly chat stuff, since we've all seen everything in the game anyway, more or less):
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I'm still looking for a Horde-side PvE guild (male troll rogue, experience up to C'thun trash) ^^ I don't even have to join a guild that's farming BWL/MC - as long as it's a nice guild and it's doing some end-game content (ZG/AQ20) it's fine, really. Oh, and it has to be on an EU server, obviously.


I have a big problem. It's...lag. I know we all have it, but my latency/ping is consistently over 1000ms and sometimes over 4000ms. I'm assuming that's bad because it takes about 3 seconds to even start casting a Shadowbolt.

I'm on a college server. I'm thinking that might be the problem. And one of my smarter friends recently pointed out that with a bunch of people leaving iTunes up, it eats bandwidth (or something like that...not good with computers). Does this create the ridiculous amount of lag, or is it something else? What can I do?!

I'm expecting that I really don't have control over it, but if you have any magic tricks, please let me know. thank you :)

ps: also sorry if this gets posted twice. LJ is trying to confuse me...
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Blue Lantern Ring
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Hi, everyone, just joined and wanted to introduce myself :)

My mains are a 60 dwarf hunter named Ekaterin (with tallstrider Boq) and a 60 gnome rogue named Tonko on Kirin Tor. I'm in a guild called Brewnall Curling Club, and we hit ZG about once a week by joining up with a couple of other guilds. We're not big enough for MC, and so we're all looking forward to the 25-man stuff in the xpac.

My latest achievement was hitting exalted with Tonko in AV--hurrah! I had entered it just to get enough honor for the sergeant discount for my epic ride, but ended up enjoying it immensely, and I think I'll get Ekaterin up there next.

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Warlock Woes

Okay maybe I just have bad luck but earlier on my little level 33 warlock I was wandering around Goldshire skinning bunnies and sheep to level up my skinning (which I just picked up). Anyways in the space of 5 minutes or so I got two totally seperate whispers from people wanting me to summon them because they got stuck in something. They weren't far away, they were all in Elwynn forest. The first one was stuck behind a barrel, and another believe it or not got themselves stuck in a fireplace/chimney.

The first person managed to get themselves out but the second insisted on having my help. I was in the middle of cooking dinner so I told them they'd have to find the other two party members. (At first they wouldn't have it and figured that was the warlock's job.. I almost told them to wait for santa claus to get them out at that point but I'm too darn patient with people sometimes) Anyways I told them, "No, you want the help, I'm busy right now the least you can do is find two people willing to help and invite us all." So anyways 10 or so minutes later I get the person out (amidst some embarassing tells over general from that person that was stuck trying to get out attempting to get 2 people to help summon them. Embarassing as in, caps and words like 'PLZ!!' Oh by the way this was an RP server.)
Then they didn't even say thank you to the three of us who ran all the way to Goldshire to save them.

So yeah, next time someone asks me rudely I guess I'll just have to say I'm out of shards or something. I like helping people but that was a waste of time and made me burn my lasagna. :(

I wanna be a pirate!

Fuck yeah, you do son. :)

Apparently a small but determined band of folks Alliance-side on Moonrunner have gone the way of Shotie and are aligned with the Bloodsails. Booty Bay has been goblin carnage central all weekend. It was actually kind of neat to see two of the folks who'd been killing bruisers throughout the holiday with shiny red Admiral Hats on this evening, still in there killing NPCs for friends. They had a raiding party of about seven or eight people.

One of them was a 60 rogue wearing the Primal Blessing set out of ZG. It proc'd and I nearly peed my pants. If I ever needed motivation to level my little gnome rogue to 60 and get her raiding, that was it. As I said in gchat, "I believe I am physically aroused." LOL.