November 2nd, 2006

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intro post

Good morning! Just thought I'd introduce myself before diving into work today.

I've been playing Warcraft for just under two months. My boyfriend actually bought me the game last Christmas (seven months before we started dating *laughs*), but I work full time and am currently doing the grad school thing, so didn't feel comfortable acquiring another time-sink until recently.

I absolutely adore this game!

Right now I'm in a guild called Serenity on Kargath, playing around with three chars and still figuring out which I want to be my main:

Steelvictory, 24 human warrior
Limanisteel, 19 NE rogue
Torialanthas, 12 NE hunter

The hunter is my serious project right now. Need to get her up to 18 or 19 by Sunday, because I have a date with the boy to hook up with his 60 warlock and start farming for my Ghost Saber pet! (Yes, I've read Thottbot's views on the matter. We will totally manage to do this *grin*).

This seems like a pretty cool comm, and I've been enjoying reading the posts the past few days. Thanks for having me, and my fellow Kargathans (Kargathians?) are welcome to drop me a line and say hi!
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Poking those ladies that are or were officers

So, elections are being held for officer candidates this month in the guild I'm a part of. Prospective candidates are asked to answer a few questions by the guild leader and then whatever ones members ask. Afterwards everyone gets to vote and then we have new officers. (no class leads, just a GL and Officers)

I've been approached by a couple people - one current officer who is running again, a member that is running and a couple other members who are not - to run. It's a casual guild that raids, and I'm one of the more 'hardcore' raiders, but raids are not required. I love the guild, and did consider it briefly prior to being approached but was worried I wouldn't be able to contribute as much as needed - which the current officer disagreed with and thought I'd have plenty of time.

Question for those that are officers/were officers and may be in school (or similar). I'm really good at managing my time between schoolwork, work and WoW - only playing it in the evenings when my brain can no longer comprehend ecology. I'll be starting and finishing my master's thesis in the spring (not taking any classes so that's my total focus). So my question is - do you find enough time to do your officer-type things? Is it something you'd recommend?

One of the other members is my best friend/ex and we were discussing something else when I brought it up. "so and so was talking to me earlier" him-"yeah, you should run for officer". A sign perhaps? I would be the only female throwing my candicy in so far...

Guild question

I recently left my old guild and joined a new guild with a few friends of mine from a guild awhile back. Now im a lvl 46 shadow priest. this guild is need of priests for raiding. My husband is a lvl 60 warlock and raids with them and says their great knows what their doing and its better then the old guild. they leveled one of my friends, a druid, from 42 to just about 60 in about amonth and half. I just joined, and im itching for 60 and i do need help. the one friend who did get help got help from everyone with quests and instances. How would i go about asking for help and not coming off as being completely rude or this is all i want is to be 60, when in reality i want to raid and help with the guild?
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(no subject)

Posted on behalf of a WoW lady I know, and something some of you may be interested in:

"Just letting you guys know that I'll be a guest co-host on this coming weekend's show, User Interface. What is WoW Radio you ask? It's a live stream radio channel that hosts several shows based on and around the game, World of Warcraft.

I'll be talking about WoW in general, do some rants, talk about some Burning Crusade action, guild shoutouts, etc. as well as playing some of my music as well as that of the machinima company I work for, Myndflame Inc. (Zinwrath/Illegal Danish).

So if you guys would like to tune in, just go to and look for the "tune in" selection for User Interface which will be broadcasted on Saturday @ 11AM EST. There is an hour of pre-show" just FYI at the start time for the show to begin. You can even participate in the IRC chat and send in your emails for "topic of the week" which will be read on air as well as your own shoutouts to people on the server or other servers.

The topic of the week for this week is about: ALTS!
Due to a recent topic posted on our forums about looting rules for alts, we're delving into public opinion WoW-wide to see what people think about alts. Is it really fair for alts to go on an entire raid and never gear up? etc. etc. To voice your opinions on alts and to have your mail read on the air, please send all emails to:"
-Eriyanna, Kael'thas

Btw, her company is the one that did Zinwrath, Escape from Orgrimmar, MC Raiders(I think) and some other stuff too. Funny stuff.

Enchanting AND disenchanting tied to level in Burning Crusade

... say goodbye to low level bank alts who can disenchant! 

From Blizz Poster Tseric in this thread on the official forums:

"Items will have a level requirement for disenchantment in the expansion. The level of Enchanting required is based off the quality of the item. Basically, I have seen blues which require Enchanting of 225 to be able to disenchant it. This places necessity of the profession into the aspect of disenchanting. We would prefer players to actually fully invest into a profession, rather than just taking an apprentice level for a single ability."
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Fraps on a mac?

Hello all. I'm planning on doing a class project on WoW. To do that, I have to video record the game and more importantly, audio record Vent along with it. So I have a couple questions regarding that. First is I'm using an ibook and don't exactly know what programs I can use to record (preferably something free or cheap). I don't have to record a great amount (about 10-15mins), but I don't know how much my computer can take all at once. Has anyone on a similar computer been able to video and audiorecord ok? I guess if I can't do it myself, I can ask a friend to record for me. But I'd really rather do it so I don't have to depend on someone else and worry. Anyways, I figured someone here might be of help. And thanks in advance!
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Holy Crap...turtle mount

I got my box of boosters in the mail today and, after carefully opening many packs, discovered the turtle mount card!

Now, I am left with a really tough choice: use the mount, thus having an awesome turtle mount to go with my awesome turtle pet and non-combat pet


sell the card on ebay for 200.

Hard choice. :/

Edit: I've tossed it up on ebay with a $200 reserve. I won't really be happy if I sell it for less and, if I don't...mount!

So, err, how do I go about doing this?

This isn't really about WoW. It's about Blizzard (EU). They've got jobs going.

Although I'm at university still (my final year, eeek!), I've decided that, as a long term goal, I'd like to work for Blizzard. This position in particular caught my eye because, well, I'm almost already qualified for it (aged 20!). They say that fluency in Italian would be a plus, but unfortunately, I only know a few words of that one. I do, however, have an A2 in Spanish and an AS in French, so that's the 'other languages' covered. I guess I may have to work at a call centre for a year or so for the experience in handling tele-sales. Would any of you absolutely lovely, amazing ladies suggest doing something else for experience in the areas they ask for experience in?

The one thing I don't understand is: "MAC experience." Do they mean Apple Mac experience? Or something else?

So, umm... thank you in advance!
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(no subject)

I'm tired of getting pwned in PvP all the damned time. Can any of you point to good sites with guides or videos for fire mages? I got so excited when I beat a priest and a rogue today, and I don't know if they just "felt bad" for me or what (they're friends of mine). ;)
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