October 27th, 2006


I'm new here just wanted to introduce myself. I play a 60 alliance mage on Garona (Belatrix) in one of the more hardcore end game guilds, working on Naxx atm. I also have an alt 60 rogue and priest on Garona and a 60 hunter on Scarlet Crusade. I've been plying since May of 2005.

This seems like a really cool community, thanks for havin me!


Hey Everyone.

I just recently joined this community, and figured I would take a second to introduce myself. I play a lvl 60 gnome rogue on Moonrunner in an casual end-game guild (I know, Oxymoronic right?) named Rezia. Feel free to bother me.

I have alot of alts scattered throughout the realms, but my second highest lvl character is 28 and a Pally. I've been playing since around Christmas last year.

I've been reading through some of the posts and such on here and most of it seems interesting, some informative.

I don't really have much more to say except hello :D
More to trash

Fashionistas and other goodies...

I'm doing something despicably girly... x.x

I'm going to attempt to organize a WoW fashion and accessories site (I know, putting it that way makes me feel a bit... icky inside)...

But really, it's going to be a visual compendium of different outfits and where to find them (spawned from my search for a Venomshroud robe, when I didn't know what it was called and kept telling people I needed a spider dress), as well as particularly fun combos for roleplay (like the Bandit gear, or harnesses and so on). It's also going to include pet info (which isn't all that rare, but this'll specifically focus on where pets come from, which ones are available, etc. for non-combat pets).

And finally, a "rarewatcher" list... I'm going to try and track down rare mobs and a list of common drops from them, for people who like doing weird stuff like rare mob hunting for funsies.

Why? Because I'm crazy, mostly. :P

But if any of you have suggestions for outfits, favorite clothes, stuff like that, let me know! =D It'd be super helpful :)

Have any of you noticed that nelf girls get camel toe in certain pants? It's been really bothering me lately, since my nelf got her Stoneweaver Leggings :(
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i give up

Ok guys, I've been trying to work out the pattern here without any success at all, so I'm turning to you for help.

Sometimes, when I log out, it gives me a 20 second countdown. Sometimes it lets me choose to log out now (as opposed to waiting out the 20 sec countdown). And sometimes it just logs me out instantly.

I give. What's the variable here?
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Looking for new opportunities!

Greetings there folks!

I know not all of you are female.. <_<; I've seen your posts! Hehe..

So!  Perhaps I should start with some info.

Collapse )

Do any of you have suggestions / advice / openings for a raid-geared Warrior (& an up-and-coming Druid)?

What kind of group do you run with?
What instances do you currently hit up on what kind of schedule?
What're your group's plans for the New Year and the Expansion?
What server?

Basically.. if you could please provide more info about the situation you may end up reccomending, it would be helpful!&nbsp; Thanks in advance everyone. :)

Class & Type: Warrior - Experienced with various end-game raiding, both Tanking & DPSing. [Alliance]
Gear: Tank & DPS geared,  Thunderfury & Crol Blade. Mainly T2 with misc. non-class specific items and T3 boots. ^^; (That's what I get for passing to folks! lol)
Interests: Core End-Game Raiding (AQ40, Naxx, BWL), hanging with friends, light RP.&nbsp; I also have a Druid I've been working on gearing up for raiding.&nbsp; Thus far she's been to AQ20, ZG, etc.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Sherlock Holmes

Hello ^^

I am new to this community, and wanted to hello ^_^ I have a 60 troll warrior on blackhand and a 42 undead priest I am working on :) I didn't think I would like 40 man raids, but they've grown on me, heh. We killed Chrommagus last week and are workimg on Nef. I've been playing since May 2005, and this is my first mmo. And this community is very active O_o I'm impressed :)
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Hello everyone! I'm absolutely tickled to find this community, I think it's great.

Here's my story, in a nutshell:

For 3 years, I played FFXI, my first MMORPG. At the start of the third year I joined a linkshell (guild) called Kinzuru. After a year of doing end-game content in FFXI, we decided to make the jump to WoW. So now we're here, and we've decided to roll Horde on Detheroc. So far most of us are midway through our 50's.

The name I mostly would have used was Kytele, since I used it for almost every character I've played, but since I was going to be undead I wanted it to be different. So I thought and I decided it would be funny to name my undead rogue after a disease. And thus, Strep WAS BORNETH:


Anywhoo, if you all are interested in seeing the progress so far, you can go to my personal journal, and you don't have to be friended to see the WoW update! ZOMG COOL! Lol... I try to keep my updates as often as I can, and I'm still working on my latest one. As you can tell, we're a tight bunch and I swear a lot but meh.

Enjoy! :D And thanks for having me.



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I seem to always manage to barely squeak by...

when it comes to getting items my druid needs.

It is a running joke that I roll a 6 or a 7 when I roll off for anything in raids; and the last roll I won was a 77 even.

But even more amusing is luck having a way to pull through at the very last moment. Case in point: Our main raid will no longer be ging to Ony, with last weekend our last attempt. Two weeks prior, the SR helm dropped in our second Ony raid (the one I was not in) and was DEd. This past week, it dropped, and finally it was mine.

A similar thing happened with my T2 pants -- they dropped off Rags in our last main raid MC run, and I won them with the before mentioned 77 roll.

Last night though was perhaps the best squeaker ever. You see we have an oversusbscribed ZG run I can never get into. And as of this weekend, main raid folks can't attend it since we'll be doing simultaneous idol runs into ZG pre-BWL each week.

But last night, through some sort of magic, I was able to get a slot in the raid, and the panther dropped the top item on my loot list, which I have never seen drop in a raid I've been in despite being halway to exalted with Zandalar...that's right -- the Will of Arlokk, coveted by me since I was a level 10 n00b standing around gawking in IF, is finally mine.


Of course this means another huge farming round for the +55 healing enchant mats, which, yes, I am applying despite the nerfing of downranknig healing spells. The SoD will then get a +22 intell enchant and become my solo gear.

I am sure it wouldn't have meant as much had I not worked so hard for it, and not expected to have it in my grasp. Nice when these things fall together.

That's all. Wanted to share my happiness.

PvP Strategies?

Hello ladies!

So happy to have found this community...

I hope people with experience can give me a few pointers.
I recently made a NE rogue to join my guild in WSG,
but my first few sessions were chaotic and
overwhelming, even being shepherded along on Vent.
Do I chase the enemy flag-bearer? Gank the enemy healer?
Grab the flag myself? So much going on!
My overall first impressions were of a lack of cohesion
and teamwork, but I would sincerely like to be a good team
player and improve my skills (so at least the leader won't
tell me I suck again.. oh well, we all have to start
somewhere *grin*).
Can anyone suggest strategies that work for them, or
a good way for me to get a handle on what is going on
so I can contribute?

Thank you all!
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a little woho!

for my guild, who cleared bwl under 4 hours, and with no wipes at all tonight! so proud! ^^

only complaint I have is that stormrage boots and shoulders refuses to drop! seen it drop once, each... since we started bwl beginning of this summer... (and been there almost every week since) is it really bad luck? I swear there is a GM sitting somewhere, laughing and pointing at me :(

(no subject)

I remember one of you ladies posting about a 'dancing troll island' hidden somewhere, but can't recall if it was just a secret island or if it was referring to the island in STV where you hand in stuff for Zandalar. Directions?