October 13th, 2006


The Saga Begins

i don't know if anybody would remember, but i posted a few months back about maybe starting to play WoW with my boyfriend.
well, i did.
and i'm really glad i did. it's so much fun! (i'm preaching to the choir, i know)

this is how we ended up doing it (because, if you remember, i was afraid of how this would affect my relationship):
i started a character on his account--a gnome mage that i named Amoreena. i got a little (okay, a lot) frustrtated at first (my boyfriend said that was because i chose to be a mage), but i ended up getting up to level 15 or so before we got another account for me to use. he has 2 computers set up in his apartment, so we sit right next to each other and play. now i have a gnome rogue named Nonanone (nonanone is a molecule excreted by bees and wasps before they sting, so i hear) and he's playing a dwarf priest. i'm a lot more confident in my playing now, and he and i always play together.
so it all worked out really well.

this was just me checking in to say thanks for all the feedback from my original post. :-)
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Mel & Sean

Just a funny

I logged in and I thought I had come into a big fight with Onyxia, but apparently she was glitched out. It was rather funny and everyone was having a good time with it.

Just as I snapped this screenshot, a dwarf behind me typed a /say

Was really funny, may have been a you had to be there moment, but I just thought I would share.

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Amaleah - Human Priest - Earthen Ring
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Vael is finally dead

I'm so proud of my guild! We've been stuck on Vaelazstraz for the past two weeks, last time we got him down to 1%. This time we got every buff the game had to offer- Onyxia's buff, Hakkar's buff, Darkmoon Faire, plus the UBRS FR resist, potions, basically the works. And we one shotted Razor and then rolled over the Vael and one shotted him as well. 

Funniest part of the night was after the victory screenshot we had a 5 minute break. One of our priests said he was outside having a smoke and just bouncing around all excited. A cop aproached him and asked him if everything was alright and the priest goes "I'm so happy! My guild just downed vael!" and it turns  out the cop plays on a different server and his guild is stuck on Razorgoe and so the priest ends up giving him some tips on kiting. How's that for crazy?

And then we rolled thrrough the trash mobs (I got to be an emergency tank for one fight and then I got to chain sleep the dragonkin, lots of fun) and we actually had a decent time with the Supression room. We were even considering an attempt on the Broodlord but it was very late, we had a near wipe (10 people survived one bad pull) so we sort of agreed to call it a night. Still very exciting. It took us 47 attempts to kill razorgore, aproximatly 20 for Vael, and if the next guys are as easy as everyone keeps promising they are then our progression should really pick up soon.

Oh and for some reason we had nothing but warlock and mage drops. Go figure.

Nicky Broken Men // me

Nubsauce to WoW_Ladies!

This is my first post here and I want to say that I already love this communty. I've been looking for WoW communities to join ever since I hopped on to WoW back in 2005, but this seems to be the best place I've come across so far.

My name is Nico, but in World of Warcraft, I'm known as Aislinana, the spunky fire mage gnome. Adventurer extraordinaire, friend of dragons, and all around morale booster. I'm a recent level 60, after a year and a half of working at it and taking a lot of time off to explore Azeroth. I play on Cenarion Circle in the amazing guild known as Northrend Commonwealth, where I am a magistrate.

I can't say enough about how much I love World of Warcraft, but I wouldn't be here if I didn't love. So I will say a big hello to you ladies and if anyone plays on CC, send Ais a tell! I'm friendly and I am on a lot at night, doing this and that. I also do heavy world RP. We should meet up in game if any of you gals are on that server.

Other than that, I'm a 24 year old project manager who lives in NYC. >_>;

I also have a strictly WoW journal if anyone is interested: aislinana.

Thank you all! I will be sure posting here in the future.
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More Dots!
  • anyee

Of all the rotten timing...

I just received an alpha/beta key from a guild member, since I've been VERY vocal about the hunter changes and he has access to some extra keys.

I also just found a lovely young woman who seems to find me attractive and intelligent and who, thus far, has caused me to miss three raids.

I am very lucky and totally out of free time.
In Control
  • ayaluki

Blood elf hair

Could one of the lucky souls who got into the beta do a really quick favour for me, please?

In the original F&F alpha, this hairstyle was available for the male blood elves. Then they patched the alpha and apparently it got removed. I just want to know... is this hairstyle in the beta?

Thank you in advance. :)
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WoW: Rouges

Leveling Block

I currently have a level 38 undead rogue whom I love...

However I'm hitting a bit of a road-block with her: I have quests in different areas (most in Strangelthron Vale or SM) which is fine but when I look up where the STV quests are I still have trouble finding where I need to be. Also I've found the enemies I can find are either too low (level 33-34) and offer little challenge for me or too high (40-41) and leave me almost dead after each fight or in an elite orange quest. My guild is really no help since no more than 5 people including myself are on at a single time and they are either too low to help me with the area, too high and working on level 50 quests or in the 10-19 BG on alts.

Any suggestions of how I can get out of this slump (and if this is a common level to reach this road block)? Also maybe how to find a guild that would be helpful? I hate being in a guild for the sake of being in one. I'm a casual player but would love to still be in an active guild...
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Want to say hello, glad to have found you, and introduce myself:

I'm a 25 y/o female WoW-er from the Detroit area. Been playing nearly 2 years now; have a level 60 lock named Lisi (as well as various lowbie alts) on the Shattered Hand server, in the new and booming guild Fear and Loathing.

Happy to be here and look forward to snarking with y'all!
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Confused about the new mount system...

Okay, so my elf Coraline finally has enough gold for a mount. According to several people on my realm, a certain amount of rep and PVP rank gets you a substantial discount on the Journeyman Riding Skill - 620g. Great! I'm a Sergeant and I'm revered with Stormwind. I should be able to learn the skill there, right? Wrong. Despite the Journeyman Riding Skill being universal, I still have to be exalted with Stormwind in order to learn the skill there. Fine. I go to Darnassus - where I'm only honoured. So the skill is 720g instead - and I wouldn't have enough left afterward for an epic kitty-pony.

Does this make sense to you? A universal riding skill that is still dependant on rep before you can purchase it? I thought you merely had to be exalted in order to buy the mount. If the skill works with any mount my class can ride, what does it matter where I learn it?


Can someone PLEASE explain the whole riding skill mount cost business?
  • triese

Avatar Site

*waves*  Hello! I am that girl.. ((remember me?)) that used to make the avatars for free. I unfortunately was unable to get to everyone. *sigh* I have been busier and have been working on more commissions. Which is a GOOD thing. LOL. Not complaining. I have been playing with an idea though and wanted to see if anyone here in this community would be interested in what I am about to try...I posted this on another thread earlier and will repost it here...

"I have been toying with the idea of doing custom designs for avatars. In this same style but without the WoW look. I am coming up with samples. The elves and humans, etc.. are done in my own personal style and are great for roleplayers as they often use the same character across different games. I will be coming up with custom clothing and such... all of this would reflect your character... giving you a very original and custom avatar. I am still working on the presentation and will be putting up a site. I would charge a flat fee.. and you would receive a small med and large avatar.. AND a high resolution version to print out. My estimate would be around $25 dollars a peice.

Would anyone here be interested in something like this?"

I am working with cammyd on making the site and will post a link when it is done.

wow married

Leatherworking types

Hey guys.. I have a question.. I'm a 217 leather worker.. so I figured I'm going to have to choose tribal, elemental, or dragonscale. Can anyone tell me the difference between these types? I haven't the slightest idea as this is my first leather worker. Anything you can tell me about them would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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maybe its just me but....

have you ever felt as a gamer, whether its wow or whatever game you like to play that people sometimes question your hobby and why you play? being female aside and just focusing on playing games yourself have you ever encountered someone who made you feel like you had to be on the defensive? for example you talk to coworkers friends and family about it and they either question you as to why you want to play "that" game so much or maybe you get a little frustrated when they have no idea what you are talking about or don't want to know? i get that sometimes and it bugs me... just because i choose to use my time gaming its no different than sitting in front of the boob tube for hours only because that medium seems to be more acceptable... *sigh* i don't know maybe its just me....