October 11th, 2006


Horde fun in Goldshire!

This evening, on Moonglade EU, a large group of Alliance decided to have a raid on the Crossroads. This led to them all being driven back to Ratchet, and eventually back to the Eastern Kingdoms. However, some of us decided it'd be a good idea to go over to Goldshire to get our own back, as it were.

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The moral of the story is: going to Goldshire for the Darkmoon Faire is fun, especially when there are Alliance-y types around getting angry at you, and there's nothing they can do about it, as you're not PvP-enabled! And dancing with them is fun too. There was one guy, Ker his name was, who was just standing there scowling at me and a couple of others who were trying to get him to dance. He definitely needed a mug of Darkmoon Faire Special Brew.
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things that make mari go "squeak!"

So, the OoBL's been raiding BWL for quite a while now, and we'd seen nearly every weapon drop (including two Claws of Chromaggus!)... except one that I particularly coveted from Nefarian.

I would have screenshotted it, but long story short, it was between me and another lock for it, and we don't go by DKP. Our priest CL/officer had just killed me with corrupted heals for fun, and was going to have to pay my repairs. He sent me a tell "I'll try and do better than paying your repairs..." and although the real/technical reason I got it was based on attendance, I still gave him a big /hug when I saw "You receive loot: [Staff of the Shadow Flame]" :D
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More Dots!
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When kink and WoW collide...

A friend and I were chatting about service, as in, what we prefer to serve as and/or be served as. I realized that the best service a cute sub girl could offer me at this very moment would be grinding gold for my AQ and Naxx consumables. Well, that and grade my exams. Everything else in my life I don't mind doing myself...even laundry.

Anyone know a nice bi or lesbian girl who enjoys moderate kink and warcraft? *laugh*
mass effect (new shepard)
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Another milestone achieved.

Yesterday I looted the Striker's Leggings for my hunter, finishing my Striker's Garb. :D I'm so happy! Now I'm set for the expansion... Of course I would like as much Cryptstalker as possible, but it's not very likely that I will get it full, seeing we still have 4 bosses in Naxxramas undefeated and the expansion is coming (and all of our raid IDs seem to only drop cloth)... Plus now that I have the Striker's set, I'm passing most of the CS items to my fellow hunters who only have Dragonstalker so we all would get somewhat equal upgrades. The bad thing about me is that I'm obsessed with sets and nothing is more annoying than having unfinished sets! No matter much or little I actually used them. :P

By the way, to those girls who are into raiding, HOW do you manage your bank? I have all my bank slots bought and filled with 16 slotters and I'm constantly running out of space. Do you save all the epic items you get from instances? I still have all of mine because I don't have the heart to sell my Beaststalker, Giantstalker, Dragonstalker... All the weapons I've got... Even Typhoon from Azuregos that I got over a year ago, just because it's a shining blue katana (of course I also got a wedding dress to go with that ;). xD I know they're technically useless since I won't be using them anymore, but... It took me blood and sweat to get them and I wouldn't just want to throw them away like a grey item. T_T But I do have a problem with space... Swapping and mailing items between bank characters is so bothersome... And all the stuff I have in my bank are soulbound... Good grief, how am I ever going to survive when TBC comes? *falls over*
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I HAVE MY MOUNT!!!!111oneone!!!11eleventyone!!!

I've been crazy this whole week because of that :P

I and my boyfriend hit 40 last Sunday, but missed the changes to mount and basically we've to earn some 150g to get our mount (put together we probably only have 30g or less). He's the gold earning machine, whereas I'm perpentually broke, given that I levelled holy/disc (i.e. tough grinding), and I'm a tailor-enchanter. I haven't hit 300 enchanting yet, meaning my enchants don't sell, and I'm crazy because I like to give away free enchants.

My boyfriend never rebukes me for that, and lets me do whatever I want to do :) I do, however, give him all my enchants first, like +2 stats, impact, +agi enchants (he's a rogue).

He's a miner/engineer, so he went on to farm for mines and sell them out. He earned 100g that way within a week (^^) and he was ready to get me my mount first because I've never owned a mount in WoW yet and he had. I, on the other hand, was tied up at work, having to work until 10 or 11pm almost everyday.

We're still some 50g away from our goal of 180g by the end of Friday, and he was a little upset because he promised me a mount by the end of the week (I didn't expect him to keep it, but he seemed pretty adamant about it). I had time so both of us ran STV together... and behold, a purple item dropped.

[Fiery War Axe]

He sold it on Saturday for 45g, and I myself managed to earn some 5g from some nice tipping people for free enchants...


*goes crazy*
Can you believe this CRAP?
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I found this entertaining...

So I was trolling the customers_suck community... and found this little amber gem. Sucky customers exist in WoW? Never knew. :D By the way, not making fun of the OP of that post... I think it's awesome what she did. :D

Of course, there's the morons who try to haggle down the price of Arcanite Bar transmutes... -_-;;; I need to save up for more recipes for Amy for even more abuse. >:D
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my first 60!

My dwarven priest Nimren finally hit 60 the other day! No ding screenshot because I was feared at the time.  Nimren started out as an Everquest character, who made it only to 63 when the level cap was 70, so in a sense I have been waiting for this particular ding for more than four years =)

When rolling Nim, I made the mistake of creating her on an pvp server - to play with friends.  Well it turns out only one of those friends actually liked living in a pvp realm, so as a group we have decided to leave Emerald Dream en masse.  Our only requirement is that our new home be a RP-PVE realm. We are thinking Steamwheedle Cartel, since its eastern time and relatively new-ish.  So, if anyone has an impression of that realm, good bad or otherwise, I'd love to hear it.

And an issue that has been weighing on my mind - getting a graduate degree while playing WoW.  There was a post a while back about someone who said they had to cancel their account to finish their degree!  I have been playing MMORPGs since I was partway through my bachelor's, but now I am at crunch time: I have almost no timed obligations, I just need to finish my thesis.....here.....on this very computer I could play warcraft on.  I admit it is a very tough choice sometimes, and I don't always make the right one.   But, I can do this! It can be done!  So ladies - tell me some tales of graduate accomplishments you made without canceling your account.  Or heck, just someone you knew who finished a thesis/dissertation while still playing WoW.  Don't get me wrong, I know I can do this - I just worry is all.
Adrasteius: Really?  Really.

(no subject)

The discussion about the poor girl who finds herself targeted in BG owing to her status as a night elf hunter inspired a rage in me, particularly when I read a comment about the assumption that most people who play female night elves are twelve year old boys who are presumably sexuallly aroused by the sight of their characters. I posted something similar in my LJ, and thought I would recount my experiences here also.

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Low-level money making

Hi guys-

I've seen a couple of questions lately about how to make money at low-levels for your mount, and wanted to share the method my fiance and I have used. I'm on my second character, and at 25th level, I've already earned 60g toward my mount ... and it's completely within the confines of WoW (i.e. no illegal gold purchasing or botting, etc.)

It's a lengthy article that I wrote for my guild's website, so I'll put it behind a cut. Enjoy! And please feel free to contact me in/out of game, if you have comments, updates, or questions...

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Dueling mistake.

Honestly, I really don't care much for dueling. Most of the dueling I do is with RL friends just for fun...rarely will I accept a challenge from a random person. Because of my lack of experience, I'm honestly just not very good at it.

The other day I get challenged by a nelf warrior. I accept just for the fun of it. The duel starts...I immediately stealth and think I'm going to be all clever and sneaky. Somehow I lose sight of the warrior, but she knew EXACTLY where I was. I panic, wonder how she did that, and lose the duel miserably.

How did she know where I was?

I forgot to put my bunny back in its box. Oops. *blushes*

Looking back, it's actually kind of funny. :P
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Happiness is big fat PVP seks!

So I was waiting for my roommate to get ready to go for a walk and popped on for some (hopefully) quick PVP with my happy little 36 warlock. Was queued until he was almost ready when Warsong popped. Ok, I jump in....and we 3-0'd them. I had a mage with fireballs inscribed for me that I killed over and over and over again. I was running around giddily DOTing everything in sight. It was hot!

...and just when the scoreboard popped and I got my tokens AB popped! O_O My roommate was sucked into TV, so I snuck into the AB just to see what was up. The game had already started, although each side had 2 flags and 200 resources. So I stick around...to see that the group had already been in the process of rolling allliance. Retook BS, quickly got to stables (I had to haul ass to get there!) and we beat them down off the flag and back into their graveyard...5-capped and rolled before we could even get to the graveyard.

Won both, full set of each honor tokens to turn in, 44 kills...20 minutes. It was like the best morning sex ever. HAWT!
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Horde fun in Goldshire! Part 2 (the pictoral episode)

I've not made these smaller, so I'll post links only!

Giant Quia! (didn't come out too well, as the Defenders' tabard is just about the same colour as the Darkmoon banner behind)
Lots of skellies!
*Unrelated stuff*
Epifyta and Hador's Wedding (Earthern Ring EU) last night (Eisla is on the very right hand side with the cat, Shansi (my finace's main) is the furthest gnome on the left in the black hat.
The top of a bluff in Thousand Needles where Quia was teleported by a quest-giver in order to do A Test of Faith (had to jump off it!).
Isha Awak! Dead!
Bolly discovers a glitch
Well done beasties! You died in a pretty pattern!

I like making postcards, so, here are some...
Shrine to the Fallen Warrior
The Crossroads

I expect I'll be making some new icons tomorrow! :-D
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wow married

A little OT in terms of game but..

I think this story will amuse much of you, especially with the 'on noes! females playing wow!' but..

I was playing Halo (first person shooter) with a bunch of new people in a two story house. My team in the basement and the other upstairs. They didn't really know me, and my Halo character name is 'Link'. And I was whooping their asses. From the basements I could hear various 'Man, Link killed me again.' 'Dickhead, he killed me!' ect ect.. basically a lot of male insults. Then when we were done my friend got up and went upstairs and told them who the mysterious 'Link' was.. and I remember loud and clearly..

"We got beat by a GIRL!?!"

and I just remebered how very very proud I was to be a girl then.

I know the game is off topic and maybe a story to.. but I just wanted to share.. anyone here that is proud to be found out that they were a girl irl?
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