October 2nd, 2006

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A few of you were actually interested enough in the antics to send me message, so i thought i'd follow it up.
First of all let me deeply thank everyone who sent condolences for the situation. Being primarily the only WoW player on my journal tends to have people going "lol wut?" to any WoW post I make. Nice to be around people who play as well. :)

Secondly, let me apologize to those of you who got offended by my epic wearers remark. Granted I mainly meant it as a joke (See? Jokes just cause trouble all around! :P) there was still alot negative emotion to it. It may just be that in my two years of WoWing i've not run into many epic wearers who're nice/normal/sane, or may simply be that Argent Dawn (US Server by the way) tends to have some really 'special' people out there who've at least taken the time to get themselves pimped out so they can walk the walk. Either way, I apologize to those of you who are actually upset by that remark. Um, you can take it as an e-peen jealously if you want. :P

Anyway! After a suggestion made by a friend I decided to get my account renewed (Nice friend - actually did it for me.) and get into contact with the priest. She told me she had no use for the gear and would happily help me toss a ticket towards the GMs in hopes of getting my issue resolved. I was happy with that and I thanked her. EVENTUALLY, someone got a hold of me:

Collapse )

So I guess that settles the situation. I really didn't think it was going to work, but I appreciated the priests efforts anyway. It was only recently too, that i recalled the Druid Master Looter said earlier that he had only a bit of time left because of his girlfriend.

I guess the moral of this story is that - and i quote: "omg GF aggro" can just totally put a guy in a position where he doesn't pay attention.

Thanks again everyone. Always feels good to vent.
Oh, and if you're on the Argent Dawn (US) server and ever need a priest for UBRS - Look up this disgruntled dwarf priest with the explosives. :)

Abbreviations guide...

I've noticed that there are a lot of abbreviations used in WoW that I don't know the full meaning of. And very recently someone commented that they weren't too sure what was going on with all the TLAs etc either. So I was about to make my own little guide to abbreviations (after all, I'm awake for no reason except that I miss my fiance who is only 7 minutes across Exeter) when I thought I might just go and google it to see what turned up. And I found a whole Wikipedia article on it. Though there are some non-abbreviated things in there too. So much for making Miss Freddie's Incomplete Guide to Abbreviations within the World of Warcraft :-(
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Small Guild Alliance

So, how does it work? Does every server have two? How do you get in? Do you have to be a certain size? Have a certain number of sixites? Special Chat Channels? Special Rules? Basically throw at me ANY info you have or know about Small Guild Alliances. I've heard the term bandied around before and think maybe (if possible) it is time for me to see if I can get my guild into one/it.

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More to trash

Q.Q *crais*

So... what's the fastest method to level up within a very short period of time? x.x

Basically, I started playing this game in the hopes of playing with my man, who is in Russia on EU servers. That's all taken care of. I've been happily marching along on my night elf priest (I am sacrificing so much for him, he has no idea... giving up horde AND warlockhood just to be useful and in his guild... alas and woe)... Got her to 27, almost 28, in slighty less than 3 days (played time, technically it's taken me about a week between work and server downtime... 48 full hours down! Grrr).

Tonight, I'm listening in to their BWL raid, and come to find out they're horrendously low on dwarf priests. In fact, they only have one in the whole guild. Apparently, this is a pretty big problem since, comparitively, nelf racials -suck- and a dorf is "worth its weight in gold" (which, I'm assuming they don't weigh much anyhow, but regardless...).

So now I'm a leeetle peeved that this wasn't brought to my attention earlier, before I sweated out the first 30 levels... He's urging me not to worry, since he wants me to have fun and not feel like it's a grind, but the whole -purpose- to being a healing priest is for the guild (since they let me in without question and without being a trial or having to apply - granted, he's the druid class leader, but still, I know I kinda owe them... also, they've been incredibly generous, giving me gold and bags and whatnot @_@). But if I'm gonna reroll, I need to do it -now-, before I level too much and find out nobody gives a crap for nelf priests when they really need dorfs.

So I need to level, fast ._. Sigh.

Yeah, it's a bit of a rant and a question, you wanna fight about it? =P I might roll dorf and do as much leveling as I can and just surprise them. x.x But still. Ugh! ;_;

Umm... request?

Tomorrow evening at 18.30 Goblin Time, Quia is being given a little ceremony to make her the nearly guild leader of the Defenders of Mulgore (!!). If there's any Horde players on Moonglade EU that'd like to come and say hello, then we'll be at the Warrior Circle at Bloodhoof Village at 18.30 server time to initiate 5 new members (most likely to include sprinting through the Venture Company Mine killing things, yay!), and then do this ceremony thingy.

It'd be nice to meet some of you lasses and RP with you!
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I decided to go to the Horde side now that I have a 60 alliance character (Human Mage) so I'm planning to roll a Undead Priest.

I'd love to hear how some of you ladies leveled your priests to 60, I have heard many go Shadow and it's quite fun.  And I know for a fact Alexstrasza's horde population is dangerously low (or rather..not as high as I'd like it to be) can anyone recommend a stable horde server to reroll on?  Maybe a guild or two as well since my Alliance guild, though filled with nice people, never really bothered to help me out with things I need, especially instances.  I guess the main reason for a guild is cos..I'm a bit reluctant going to Instances as a Priest with PuGs, never had a great time on my mage, I would expect the same or even more so on a priest.  I'm a bit timid on rerolling on any new servers since friends tell me from experience they only start out with nice booming populations on both sides but eventually dwindle.  I'm scared that'll happen and I'll be left to my own devices ;(

Any tips / advices would be lovely since I feel a bit nervous playing a healing class in another mmorpg (was a White Mage on FFXI) and I know Priests and White Mages are very different in playing style. 
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Hi ladies, here's a quicky.

I know it was posted earlier-- but anyone have the website that has all that loot listed for instances/etc by class/whatever?

thanks in advance :D
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