September 30th, 2006

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this was cute and weird.

so i decided to play my horde tonight and got really bored with my undead, so i made a cute tauren druid who i'm so in love with at the moment. she's so cute. XD i was doing regular newbie quests when another tauren comes by my kill & helps, i say /thanks like i always do and he say's Collapse )

The good and the bad of it

The good- I popped my Molten Core cherry, finally got to do a run with my guild! I got zero items (not for lack of trying. Grrr I pick the one night when 5--6 druids are on vs usual 2) but I did get to feral it up the entire time. I was in a group with rogues/hunters and the 3% crit buff was most appreciated.  (ffunniest part of the night was one when hunter in my group was in the guild doghouse for pulling agro too much and he complains that I had to stay in NELF form for one fight to decurse so I go  "well sorry I have to decurse and spot heal for this fight, and just think I could be doing you a favor if less crits will keep you from getting kicked from the raid." Also funny was me in my non epic gear having a mock e-peen discussion with the rogues/hunters on their crit rate.)

The regnaros fight was amazing. At one point I got hit by a knocback and I managed to land on a tiny strip of land with about 10 hitpoints. 10!!! I landed next to a hunter who nonchantly quiped "well hey there Lilah, nice weather we're having with kitties falling from the sky"

The bad: don't you hate it when people change on you? I had this one freind whom I've grouped with before and he's been then funny nice guy to do high end isntances with. We are chatting amiably about guilds and about doing an URBS run tomorrow when he says something about how he'll definetly run it if I wear something sexy. (he's heard me talk in vent so he knows I'm a girl but before now he's never hit one me or anything) I try to play it off as a joke and tell him that my big old bear butt isn't sexy unless you're a furry. He then persist on hitting on me some more and persist in telling me about how he wants me to go to bed with him. When I tell him straight out to stop coming on to me he says "I'm just warming up baby" And since my internet was spotty and I was tired I took the easy and non confrontational way out and logged out.

Boyfreind says to put this guy on the ignore list. I'm not so sure. I really enjoyed raiding with this guy before, he had a wicked sense of humor and before now was always very polite to me. I guess I'm not ready to dropkick ignorelist him until I know what  the hell was going on with him.

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oh em gee.
so happy i got my PIMP HAT tonight!!!
1008 +healing now

I like when bad horde guilds try to wipe your guild on world dragons and fail miserably. Makes a good fraps clip. l o l. Great fun pvp though.
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Because of a fit I had over PvP, my first character (Elleiotte, a Human Paladin on Shattered Hand) created at launch, got to level 57 and stopped. This was about the time when the new honor system debuted and everyone was hungry for blood. I have no head for PvP and got sick of being killed every step I took. Another factor was that pallies are INCREDIBLY slow to level.

Since then I've had two other 60's, an Undead Rogue on Dragonblight (I chose PvE to get away from pain of gankage) and a Human Warlock back on Shattered Hand. But I've never had the energy to go back and get Elle those last few levels.

Until two days ago. With the help of a friend, I finally made it all the way!

An event almost two years in the making has finally been completed. I have an even bigger feeling of gratification than when I dinged on my other two 60s.

Feels so good :)

Now I have to make the decision to get my Human Warrior or my Gnome Mage to 60 next.