September 28th, 2006

Finally done with Jailbreak!

Hey guys I'm new to this community. My name is Jess, I'm 22 and I play on Blackhand. I've been playing since closed beta but I just got to 60 a few weeks ago. I took my time leveling becuase I'm a huge fan of alts (I have about 6-7) and because it seemed that everyone who got to 60 used to bitch and moan about the endgame and how much it sucked and how bad raiding guilds are so I took my sweet time getting there. And now I've got Lilah, a level 60 feral druid and I've found a nice, not to anal retentive raiding guild to join and I'm getting super excited about doing some of the harder content in the game.

 I've been trying to get "jailbreaK' done for several weeks. When I did it the first two times my group was clueless as to how to get it done and what we needed to pre-clear. First time we cleared the jailblock ring but not the storage area and wiped there, second time we got to the second ring before Marshal agrroed the whole ring and caused us to wipe.

So this time I got the main tank from my guild (who was the one who recruited us into the guild) to walk us through it and it was great, no problems, no wipes and then as icing on the cake he showed us how to get attuned the secret way by jumping through a window down to incendius, and then lava hopping over to the molen core entrance. it was very exciting. I've seen a video of a druid soloing attunement (and soloing incendius) never in my life did I ever think that I'd actually get to do that myself! After we got the core we converted our group to raid and walked in to MC to check it out (not much to see since we didn't attempt to pull anything) and then when we walked out we were right by that high elf guy. pretty easy exit

And then to add to the list of "things I've always wanted to do in WOW" I got to escort Windsor over to Lady Prestor and watch things unfold. I suppose it would be more exciting if I hadn't seen this quest unfold about a dozen times as I waited to queue for warsong (and yes I don't think it's possible to do this quest without some idiot bystander getting killed)

So now I'm finally atuned to MC, and I'm on my way to getting Attuned to Onyxia and to BlackWingLair. I'm finally starting to run with the big dogs! (My MT friend says that MC really isn't that hard but hey he's got a full set of might and I've got zero epics so I'm going to be excited for a little while). I've tbeen taking my time to get to the endgame (I've been playing since beta) so now I really want to enjoy it and hopefully not get too burned out. My guild is full of pretty nice people who care more about having a good time then being the first guild on our server to down Kel'Thuzud (hell we're only on Vaelastraz, lol) so I hope that will keep things from getting too frustrating.

I think this LJ group is very cool. I'm also a part  of girls_of_wow which is annother great community for women who love to play Wow.

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Blizzard is doing a rolling restart of all realms for a hot fix. I hope they are fixing the mailbox issues that I keep running into, but I wonder if they're making the use of mounts require the appropriate reputation....


Apparently it's to fix a bug where players with mounts in inventory weren't correctly given the riding skill.
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Yesterday, my new raiding alliance cleared BWL in one go for the first time! And only one wipe (the dreaded 1% at Vael), too! It was awesome.
It was also my first Neffy kill, although the guild has killed him three or four times before.
/flex screenshot ahoy!
(yes, I have a ridiculously high resolution. No, I don't have enough memory for it. The last phase of the fight was "get feared into neffy, have <1fps, die", get resurrected, try to run to the zerg with a strobelight-like screen XD)

Now if we'd only get priest loot so I would in some far future be able to get better gear than devout robe and magister's shoulders (*headdesk* Father Flame refuses to drop devout for me), that would be great... >.> The raid doesn't do much MC anymore and the guild I'm helping out sometimes is still learning the first steps... *sighs* I spent all that time and effort into gearing my shaman but now my new raidgroup wants my priest exclusively.

But I love that the group is pretty much at the same stage that my old guild was when I left them. It's so much more fun learning all those things than joining a high-end raid that just blasts through BWL!

And so the post isn't totally pointless, I took this fun screenie of my warlock twink recently:
My voidy has a twin!
Ever met a demon with the same name as your pet?


Thinking out loud

You may remember that I was looking for a guild on a US server, raiding Euro times (I moved from the States to Europe last spring). I did, in fact, find such a guild, and they are terrific people! We're making good progress through MC, and have killed Onyxia a few times. I missed out on trailblazing with my old guild, so it's fun to be part of guild firsts now.

The problem is that when I'm not raiding, I'm hanging out with my old guild on my alts. I'm not spending any time with the new folks, running UBRS or getting to know them outside of raids. So when I do actually raid, I don't have any friends to chat with. Herein lies the dilemma.

I really love my old guild, I've got a zillion and one friends there, and I only moved my mage so that she could raid. But raiding is lame without any friends. And to make friends with raiders, I have to spend less time with my current friends. On the plus side, I'd have even more friends...!

Should I try to rekindle my interest in raiding (and make that $25 transfer fee worthwhile) by spending more time with the new guild? Or should I just give up on my mage that I've had since release and is the awesomest toon on the planet and go back to chillin' with my friends and frolicking on my alts? I'm having a hard time doing both and keeping even a marginally active social life.
wow: for the alliance!
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Okay ladies, I need your help in choosing between staves. My level 60 priest has been using the [Trindlehaven Staff] for a while. But last night, I ran Scarlet Strat and got [Redemption] from the Cannon Master, and now I can't decide which one to go with. I've got a +22 int. enchant on the Trindlehaven Staff, but I've got the supplies to put the same enchant on Redemption, so I'd only lose 25 int. and gain a lot more healing...I dpn't know, which one should I go with?
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Does anyone know if you have to be a certain level to turn in runecloth for rep? My nelf druid is 42 and I turned in wool, silk, and mageweave to the SW cloth quartermaster, but he won't take my runecloth. I really want a horse for her.
More Dots!
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A big week

A bit of premonition lead me to powerlevel my druid to 40 before last Tuesday, since I had already bought her the mount at 35 and had 100g leftover. <3 Herbalism. Anyway, here is she with her new kitty.

Collapse )

Then, while off at my D&D tabletop (I'm a gnome mage who lives in a brothel), I had one of the other hunters bring my hunter to BWL. The result?

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Finally, I hit exalted with AV and decided to splurge the 8g on a shiny new sheep. Baaah.

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For the uh...Horde?

So I'm grinding Felcloth in Felwood with my 50 Undead Priest, and I'm happily killing the Jadefire Satyrs, when I see a Human Warlock run up with one of them enslaved. He helps me kill the demon I'm on, and afterwards, I sit to get some mana back.

As I'm drinking, I see his demon break the enslavement and turn on him-it gets him to half health in no time. I figure, hey, he was nice to me, I'll help him kick his demon's butt real fast.

Except it was a Trickster, and Tricksters have a nasty thing called "Cause Insanity", that charms you and makes you attack other players.

The poor Warlock was one-shotted by my Mind Blast. He never saw it coming, literally.

And I have not laughed so hard in all my life.
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