September 16th, 2006

WoW - Sairen

Geek out...

Holy crap! Zul'Gurub is so... bright and colorful and ... not dreary after doing so much EPL and WPL grinding and dungeons.

Sairen had the honor of joining her friends for their walk with Hakkar this morning, and I must say, I had a blast. Walked away with some shiny loot, too. Zulian Scepter of Rites, Hakkari Loa Cloak and Primal Hakkari Bindings.

Man, did I feel so overwhelmed going in there. That was my first time doing anything bigger than UBRS on any character, and then I go in there as a healer! o.O That was overwhelming, too, since I'm with a few of the better healers that I know of on the server... I gave up on trying to cast anything bigger than flash of light - though I guess that's about all I really should be doing? :flails: No idea. I spent most of the time hiding under my friend Ahri's cloak. *snicker*

All in all though, it was a rush. Three and a half hours for a full clear. And then we grab a group for Scholo and wipe three times on the second room. >_< C'est la vie.

Anyway, just wanted to squee and share. I've been floating pretty high lately from all the fun I've been having :)

Next week - Molten Core!
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I decide to take my off since for as long as I've been around this guild, we've had Friday nights off. I don't log on until 9PM, when I find that not only has a BWL raid been scheduled (no notice except online and I was at work all day), but my Dragonstalker Belt dropped and went to an alt.

I know we lost 3 days this week due to maintenance, but a change like that really screwed me over (would have brought me to 7/8). This is the third belt I've lost to the girlfriend of an officer and twice to the alt of a girlfriend of an officer. Another hunter has my account info, but instead of playing my toon like we agreed, he just...didn't.

I write this as I'm waiting for my mark of nature to wear off, since we're wiping on Lethon. LETHON. Why? Our druids are too busy Moonkinning to innervate the priests (5 druids, 0 innervates), so no one heals the MT. Really, I'm tired of the second-class guild this supposedly first-class guild is turning into.

good WoW days :)


There are things I could /rant about, but I think instead I'm going to share the good news about this week!

I've been MTing for the guild since our regular GM/MT has been on vacation. I love that! Sure, we used to switch off and I'd MT certain nights or certain bosses, but I got to do it all week! YAY!

Also, I got some phat lewtz this week!
Up until Thursday, I was carrying my Draconian Deflector...but Garr dropped Drillborer for me! woot woot! (keeping the deflector for FR fights)
Also, the final piece of my Might set dropped! Thanks for my shoulders Sulf! lol (now I can bid on the Wrath bracers next time they drop, and I'll have a 3 set bonus from that and a 5 from Might, and I can switch them out accordingly)
So I was standing in IF, browsing the AH and doing nothing, when I get a random whisper from some lvl 60 warrior:
Them: Zomg you're epic'd out!
Me: Hehe
Them: You're my idol! Goddess!
Me: ...
While I have to say I was a little taken back by someone being that excited over someone else's gear, It was a bit flattering too. :) I'm damn proud of Pharinet, so it was nice to have someone 'compliment' her.

We picked up two new warriors, both of whom are pretty nice. The DMG warr who joined us was 3rd and 2nd on meters the last few raids! Sweeet!
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Beware of Rant.

I used to PVP like crazy on my lvl 43 troll hunter. I liked it. It was fun. I made Rank 4 before I lost interest in playing her.

Now I play a lvl 60 night-elf hunter on a different server, and for gits and shiggles I joined up with some people from my guild for a WSG run. What a joke. A lot of screaming and yelling and running around, people whining about how the priests weren't healing enough or helping the flag-runner, and then - the best part - was when they all turned on ME. "Cora, why are you alone?" Hm, let me think - because you all have epic fucking mounts and tear off in six different directions, leaving me to fend for myself? "Well, either attack or stay and defend." Oh, yes, I'll do just that - because I wasn't actually doing either before. i was sitting in a tree, picking my nose.

What the hell do these people expect out of hunters? First they tell us, over and over, "you shouldn't melee, you're crap at melee." Then they rant because we're not attacking enough in battlegrounds. Gee, it's a little HARD when you're frozen in place by a mage or sapped by a rogue, and when you're stuck like that you can't defend yourself because hey, guess what? You're crap at melee because everyone's been telling you since level 1 that you shouldn't bother learning how to melee. You might have Scatter Shot, big deal, it has a 30 sec cooldown which is plenty of time for that epic shaman to come hand you your own ass. And if that's not enough, the whole raid comes down on you for not using Concussive enough, for not telling them where the flag-runner is, for not putting down enough traps.

And the best part is when they figure out you're actually a girl. I won't even get into the crap that I've heard about that.

Gah. It wasn't like this when I was Horde-side. I had much better luck there. Why is that? Why has every attempt at Alliance-side battlegrounds SUCKED for me, so much?!

Grrs and yays!

Since it is/was the AB weekend, I decded to get a little PvPin in. So I sign up for AB, knowing that I'm going to get my ass kicked as I had just dinged 40. That's normal, that's fine. Normally, I know I'm on the low side, so I just chill out, do what I can. Guard the stables or the mines. But goddamn, can some people on the Alliance side get their heads out of their collective asses and realize that when priests PVP, we usually want to melt faces, not be a) your meat shield or b) get 15 bazillion whispers/just plain /say going "heal plz." I'm too fscking busy tryign to heal myself! And dammit, if you want a buff, don't /w me saying that you want a buff when you've clicked on my pic and you can clearly see my mana bar is looking a bit like ||. My PW:F takes 745 mana. 745. If I'm sitting at 300 mana, I can't even Heal.

And remember: Protect the Priest, and we don't forget that. We (or at least I) don't forget that, and I'll keep you going as long as I'm able. (Barring a 47 Rogue ganking my ass while I'm right in the middle of a heal.)

And on the yay side so this isn't a /rant: I dinged 40 and I got my mount! YAY! :D

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Fun PVP Story: Feeling the LOVE!

I've been PVPing a lot on my 37 Nelf Druid, which means quite frankly, losing a lot. But once in a while you run into something that makes it all worthwhile....

It was one of those useless AB games where the Alliance was completely disorganized and there was no way they were going to win, so I gave up trying to be helpful. The Stables were being guarded by a warlock, a shaman, a hunter and a priest, so I snuck up onto the hill next to it and destealthed in panther form and started dancing (randomly) with the undead priest.

He dotted me, but when I didn't attack him, he stopped trying to kill me. I /danced with him. He /danced with me. I /cheered at him, he /hugged me, I /purred.

That was going really well until the shaman noticed me and started attacking me. The priest yelled something at him (dunno what, obviously), but that didn't stop the shaman. I /cried. The priest yelled some more. I died a horrible death.

So I rezzed and ran back to see if I could /dance with him some more, but this time the warlock got in on it too. They killed me two more times while I /questioned their actions and the priest /cried on my shoulder and /apologized.

The fourth time I snuck out to the field between the stables and the hall and the undead priest met me there. He lay down, I sat next to him. He /hugged me. I /purred. We watched the game end.

That was far more entertainment than winning the game would have been. :D

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What music do you listen to whilst playing WoW (other than WoW's own music, I mean)?

For me, it's the Barenaked Ladies and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Always fun to have something to sing along loudly to whilst downing Rag :)


Something in another posting brought up an issue that's a real hot button for me, and I need to rant about it.

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As an amusing side note, I often two-man instances with a hunter friend of mine. I'll usually innervate him whenever I can because well, it's fun. And the thought of all those heads exploding at the mention of a hunter being innervated just makes me all warm inside.

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Yay for embarassing moments:

Was in MC with my hunter and was asked to pull. My reply?

"Sex, please."

Instead of "Sec, please."

Cue my guild cracking up and mocking me for the rest of the night.

Priesty PvP Woes

Hello ladies! Long time listener, first time caller.

I'm a lvl 59 human priest, entirely shadow specced. Having recently discovered battlegrounds (yes, I was too chicken earlier, been pvp-ing for 2 weeks, 2/3 way through corporal /flex), I thought, oh hello, it's Arathi Basin weekend, let's play!

Less than 2 minutes into the game, someone from Proudmore started b*tching about how we all need to l2play AB, and basically wouldn't stop typing. After telling him to shut up and kill stuff a few times, he was silent.

Then someone who died near me said "A healer ran past me and I was half health and they didn't heal me, nice tanking priest"

Me: "Shadow Spec FTW!"
Then the jackass from before pipes up "You should still shield and renew!"
Me: "Dude, I do shield people, and you can't renew in shadowform.."

I was then spammed with sh*t about how I'm a jerk and "PRIESTS DON'T TANK!"

Game over, and I'm ranked 2nd out of the 15 alliance players. gg.

So I suppose my question is.. when you're in battlegrounds, are you expecting a priest in shadowform to drop it and heal you when you're in trouble? Because, hypothetically speaking, if I were to do that, I'd spend half my mana just shapeshifting. And since I'm shadow specced, my heals would be like, a cruddy little bandaid on your gaping wound, and you'd die anyway.

That's the way I see it, but I've only levelled a priest up this far, so maybe I'm wrong, maybe I missed the priests-do-nothing-but-heal train, but how am I any less important than any other dps-er? Especially considering the damage I'm dealing is far greater than 90% of the people in the battleground? Are people whining at me for not healing little pansy-heads, or are they justified and I'm an evil shadow priest that doesn't know how to play my class?

Let me know *love*
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