September 9th, 2006

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A year ago today was the last time I got to play

My roommate last year took me to work on my birthday (August 11), and then cleaned out the apartment of his belongings -- and most of mine. Including the laptop I owned that would run WoW and the other MMORPG's to which I belonged. He also hadn't told me about the eviction order that gave August 15th as a move-out date

I was able to play on the computer of the friend that let me stay with her and her daughters until I found a new place. September 9th I didn't renew my subscription that month because I'd be moving out in 6 days to my new place, and my computer (my desktop that he didn't deem worth thievery) won't run WoW

I miss it, I started playing May 9th 2005, so hadn't played to the end game. I tried every server-type, class and race up to level 10 before deciding that my Main was going to be a Human Warlock on an RP server. So I started her on the server that became my home for the next couple of months on May 18th, 2005. On the morning of August 11th, 2005 I had just reached level 42, and went to work. I was able to get to 45 by September 9th, but... that's all she wrote. I joined this community last year as a way of trying to stay in touch with the game. I enjoy reading all the game-stories -- even the rantybits

So, I guess, what I'm saying is thank you all for continuing to have stories to tell so that I may enjoy WoW vicariously
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My lvl 32 warlock got her Felhunter the other day! YAY!

I've got the best names for my familiars... Zoryap (Imp), Sarmon (the best name ever! - VW), Drusaith (Succi), and Ghaamyn (Felhunter).

I'm so happy they're not gibberish but are realish words!

Mac Issues

Hey all.  I'm wondering if any of you play WoW or has WoW on an Apple computer since I ran into a little problem.

I recently got a MacBook Pro and happily installed WoW onto it.  The only concern(downside) I have is when I play on Maximized Mode, I can't seem to "alt-tab".  I emailed Blizzard about it and some guy was nice enough to point out something about Exposure.  Now exposure works for everything else when I press the key thats assigned to show all Windows, which is F10 but when it comes to WoW (in maximized mode) it ceased to function.

Did anyone else experience this and know a way to go around it?  My only option left is to install Parallels and World of Warcraft on Windows.

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Hey! I was just wondering if any of you ladies knew of any mods that start a timer when something is crowd controlled. Mainly I'm looking for something that will help me to be as prepared as possible to re-banish and re-sheep things. Thanks! :D