August 24th, 2006

Silent Patch Changes

I do not BG very often, so the Big Thing from this latest patch doesn't affect me too much.

However, I did read in the Priest Forum that Blizzard "fixed" the "MC opposition and emote conversation" priest/cap side-effect/loophole. If it's true... :( I realize that using MC to get around the cross-faction language barrier was not part of the intent, but I really enjoyed having it as a stand-by when I run into friendly Horde, to thank them and to say hi. (In fact, it's how I made a very good WoW friend, so I am fond of the ability just because it gave me an opportunity I wouldn't have had without it. Thank goodness we now chat through AIM instead of WoW. I would have hated running into him at The Crossroads and then discover he didn't understand a word I was saying.) It seemed like harmless fun to me, though I can imagine some people abusing it by using it as chance to insult each other or something stupid like that. It was one of the best things about being a priest, and made plenty of boring days go by whenever I decided to visit Crossroads to dance with the low-level Horde. If it really is true (and it seems like it is, though I haven't personally tested it yet), then I will be a sad priest.

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You may or may not remember me as the little PvP freak who wanted to make rank 8 at lv49. Well...

Collapse )

Dinged 49 tonight too, so I'm happy about that :) Now to push on to 51 for AV, and then to 60!

On a slightly touchier subject... Cross-realm battlegrounds. I'm not happy. I really liked the way things were PvP-wise on Kilrogg, and there were really good relations between the factions. I liked seeing the same faces smiling back at me every time I bubbled. And the fact we all got to know each other so well got me an invite for my baby shammy into the top PvP guild horde-side. It's just sad to think that all of that won't really happen now. Also, since my server is slow-progressing in terms of PvE (AQ gates aren't open yet, and the server is only 4 months old, and the top raiding guilds have only just started in BWL) our 60s are getting steamrollered by teams from the much older servers in Battlegroup 8. A good friend of mine made Centurion at lv58 today, he's now seriously thinking about quitting the game because of this. Bring back pre-1.12 BGs.

To anyone in EU BG8... look out for Lakirby-Kilrogg - should be in 40-49 until the weekend, then levelling out of the bracket.
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Hi, first post here! I'm so glad I found this comm; I imagine most of my non-playing WoW flist was getting a little confused about my various posts of "I'M RIDING A GRIFFON. I FEEL JUST LIKE HARRY POTTER!!1" and "How frickin' hot does this sword look with my chainmail bodice?" and the general wibbles of how goddamn pretty this game is ...most of the time.

Sometimes it glitches in ways that are best left to pictures:

Collapse )

Hot, right? I'm guessing the new cross-server BGs are wreaking the fun sort of havoc. Even after I respawned in IF, my portrait carried the newly chest-blessed Commander Sisko look-alike for the rest of the night, though my character model returned back to normal.

I certainly got interesting looks on BG tonight (0.o).

Anyway, love the comm, can't wait to read it while I toil away at work, earning money for this month's rent Warcraft fee. Woo!
WoW Dragon

*dies laughing*

Hi! I should introduce myself before getting to my amusment...

I'm a long time WoW Lady, been playing since closed beta, woot! I have a 60 warlock and priest horde side on Silver Hand and a 60 mage Alliance side on Uther who is my current main and PvP hound. c_c When not in battlegrounds, I like to pick flowers and slaughter bugs, I only wish I could destroy spiders and mosquitos in real life the way my mage kills silithd in game.... anyway, I had a point somewhere....

So I'm browsing the web at work and I come across this picture of Mariah Carey.... Collapse )
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Places a sane person wouldn't go...

I'm just wondering how many of you other ladies have wandered into places they really shouldn't have been, due to them being too dangerous for your level.

I wandered into Stranglethorn Vale with my 30 mage, to help a friend, and soon discovered that was a horribly bad idea.

But I think my record must be my Night Elf hunter, who at the low level of 31 managed to wander into Western Plaguelands.

Honestly Alterac being such a pain should have gotten me to reconsider. But I'm crazy.

So what's the utterly craziest place you guys have wandered into? Places that make you now go "ouch, why did I do that?"
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Boo-yah Rei Kashino


Hey ladies... I need help for once, instead of acting like a goof and spouting off commentary.

Edge of Night, an Alliance Guild on Stormrage, is in desperate need of quality people. We're a friendly, casual Guild, we're about 5 people short of ZG, but the Kevins wants some bodies. We're no-pressure, we won't ask for respecs, we just need bodies. Or we'll lose more people. ;_; We're all friends, the core group knows each other in real life, we pride ourselves on being without drama... but our friends want to raid. We're weeding out the bad seeds (mostly they just leave on their own), but people who stay with us enjoy being with us.

You don't have to pay for transfers... we'll power level you and help gear you up if you join. PLEASE consider it... There will be officers on this evening... and the Guild Leader.
Send tells to Rethel (Guild leader), Sylendis (Officer), or Fuzzile (Officer) if interested after 7 pm EST.

I wouldn't post this here if it weren't important... Thanks ladies! :)


So I'm leveling a little Gnome Mage alt, and my quests finally direct me to Westfall. Along the way, I stop and quickly snag a Prairie Chicken pet, and then continue on to Sentienel Hill, where I meet another Gnome.

He asks me where I got my chicken Collapse )
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OMG im so close to 42 i can tast it! I must play tonight!

other WOW news for me...

Last night i went out to kill stuff in Bad Lands, turns out my x-b/f was there on his alt! I was in a group when i saw him so i didnt pay any mind, but i noticed he quickly signed off. WTF was that about XD

I got me a pimpin' New helm and some bracers, from Ulda. I'll post later along with the overdue pic of my mount .

I also chated with my friend who is a 60 Pally. It wnt like this...

Me: I'll be 60 one day!
Him: Yeah right.
Me: yeah im a total slacker! XD
Both: LOL

Priest do it...

Ok, so I worked for an hour on creating this icon. It's the most clever "Priest do it..." I could come up with. Have you heard many for the priest? I have heard "Priest do it the shadows", but thats about it. There's got to me more funny ones...Make some up if you can.

I'm working on an icon of a serious faced priest holding a bull whip or sex paddle...but that ones gonna take some time!