August 20th, 2006

Devil Girl

Great WoW Day!

Add me to the list of those that had a great day in WoW. Actually, it's been a good week or so.

Thanks to an awesome Uldaman PuG (yes, they exist), I managed to make some new friends on Cenarion Circle that have been graciously grouping with my paladin. And even more graciously encouraging me to get her to 60 so I can hurry up and raid with their mains. o.O Yay for actually playing a class people need? And apparently doing an ok job at it?

So, I've been doing just that. Ding 51 today. Got my carrot out of ZF and got my class quest done in ST, thanks to my bf's mom, brother and a couple other guildies. In fact, that's the first time I've ever run anything with anyone in my guild aside from family, which had been hurting me some. I guess I'm too spoiled by DotA? I don't know. I'd been considering /gquit'ing for a spell, just from the way I'm not feeling like I fit in so much, but maybe I'll give that a little longer.

Also did my deathrun through the furbolg tunnel to get my Everlook flightpath. I can grind rep later. *grins*

But yeah, yay! I've been really excited about making the new friends and getting this character so high. I can't wait to start running some more of the high level instances with her, either, especially since she'll likely get to see stuff my hunter has yet to. That's mostly scheduling conflicts, but it's still kind of annoying.

On the other hand, though, if I can main-heal on my paladin in a ZF PuG and not get too much flack, perhaps I'd do ok in a PuG on my hunter for that stuff. If I could ever find a group that needed one, that is. >_<
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the other day a level 56 priest said to me "did you just get on a mount?" "yes...why?" "don't you have travel form?"



Anyway, more druidy goodness! Right now I have a pure cat dps build, but I need to put more points in bear. My current spec is here and I love it, and I really don't want to get rid of natural weapons, and omen of clarity, and natural shapeshifter, but I was thinking of going with something more like this I'm trying to get a balanced cat/bear spec, but still not lose much dps at all- do you think this does that? And if I should really not be dropping Natural Weapons or Omen of Clarity, any ideas what I should drop instead? I just kinda filled up the feral tree so any insight on that would be very helpful before I go and pay 25g to change my spec.

Shaman Resto / Elemental Build

I'm just starting a shaman that I want to go mostly Resto with, but I don't want to be gimped for soloing eithor. I've looked over the talent FAQ on the Forums and come up with a build that I think isn't too bad. Could you gals look at it and give me some advice? I'm not used to building builds based on a healing tree. Usually I'm more of a damage kinda girl. ^_^ Any advice, talent swapping, or anything like that you can suggest would be great, even if it's "ya know, enhancement goes better with Resto..." whatever. I just don't feel really confident about this build, and I want it to be workable before I start to invest points. Also, since I'm not going to the bottom of eithor tree, which tree should I do first?

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So, I play on both the US and EU version of WoW, and I'm mainly on Argent Dawn and Bronzebeard. And on both sides of the world, the realms are being completely stupid. I am getting kicked off constantly.

Anyone else having the same problem? Because it's INCREDIBLY FRUSTRATING.