August 4th, 2006


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Woot! I dinged 60 today. Unfortunately, I don't have a screenshot of the event, but I am excited. I have a gnome mage, and I'm finally 60 and finally able to run the big raid instances, woot!

leveling cooking

I've been leveling cooking on my lvl 18 alt as a way to have something to do with all the fish she catches, and eventually so she can become a resource for food buffs...She's at 130 now, and it seems like I've bought all the recipes of use in IF and SW. Where do you find more recipes at this level? And especially ones for fish? (I can't access thottbot from work, or I'd peruse there, and Wowwiki is missing a lot of details on where recipes come from.)

A nice side effect of leveling the cooking is giving away what I make to friends and random folks in SW. A random act of kindness is always a good thing.

Capital City Dying

You know how people like to die somewhere very obvious in the opposite faction's main capital city? Like a dead troll body on the IF bridge, or a dead NE in the valley in Org? I've always just seen one body or a couple but the other day in IF I saw a very organized pile of tauren!

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I know there've been posts about how great people get treated because they're a girl like random gifts or gold or help or whatnot. Or people being sexually harassed ingame and people hitting on them and such.

But I've noticed a substantial amount of times in forums or in WoW fan movies people saying that girl gamers are fat and ugly. Now I know for a fact that the stereotype isn't correct, and of course physical appearance is not important and does not indicate the entire identity of a person, and all of that. So I'm wondering if that 'fat and ugly' stereotype ever bothers anyone else besides me.


I'm very very excited because I'm rerolling to the new server, Lightbringer-EU, and making a new guild, Spirit.

I think the realm will be live tonight at 15.00 CET. Wouldn't it be great to be the first 60 on a server?

I'm so excited, I rang my boyfriend up at work to tell him all about it!
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I thought I would just share the pain that has been my guild. Collapse )

I know it's just a game, but fucking hell. I'm so looking forward to playing on another server. If any of you ladies are on Cenarion Circle, add Happeria to your flist. ;)

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