August 2nd, 2006


I had to do a mean thing last night.

My husband is a Stay at home daddy to our 8 month old boy during the summer while I'm going to school and working a full-time internship. This weekend, I discovered just how MUCH he'd been playing. He has an 'extra' alt that he was kind of keeping a secret from me so that I wouldn't notice his two official characters going up in level super-fast.

I wouldn't care how much he plays, except that he's supposed to be taking care of the baby which means changing diapers when they're dirty and making sure he gets fed and has playtime. Which gave me plenty of time to play when I was home since the kid takes naps of DOOM.

This was not enough time for Hubby, apparently. Baby has horrible rash from going hours between clean diapers because his dad couldn't be arsed to stop playing to change him. He was spending all day in the excersaucer, and never got a chance to get down on the floor and play with his toys or crawl. He was getting bottles instead of solid foods because bottles are less work for his dad, and as far as I can tell by Darling Husband was completely ignoring him and playing all. day. long.

So. I have the password to my husband's account, and as of Sunday he has parental controls on. He can play from 8-midnight, but not at all during the day. I feel awful about having to be the bitch about it, especially considering that I love the game just as much as he does. But it's been three days and not only is the kid happier and crawling and pulling up (!!) but I can see the floor in our house and have clean undies for the first time in months, so I'm torn between feeling like "Yay! Happy house and baby!" and "I'm the most horrible bitch in the world!"

oh god! *squee*

went to AQ40 last night to take a nice break from Naxx (working on Maexx and it's driving us crazy) shotted everything (with very few deaths) until huhuran. ah princess huhuran. how i hate your bug guts!

we tried a new healing strategy (i'm a priest officer and this made me extremely nervous) which didn't work out so well. so we wiped twice on that. then we went back to the old strat and wiped 2 more times. checking the nature resist on the rogues and warriors in the "front 15" made me cringe. i think I had as much as some of them, which is scary!

so we FINALLY killed her (after 5 wipes i think, ugh). and guess what dropped? ^_^ the regalia. guess who was up for it?! the guild bank sent me my three elementium bars this morning...whee! so i'm well on my way to a Blessed Qiraji Augur Staff to replace my trusty benediction. my bene is currently enchanted with +22 int, which brings my mana pool to a nice 9236 unbuffed. i plan to put +55 healing on my new staff, which will put a significant dent in that mana pool, but SHEW, that's an extra 100 +healing! that'll bump me up to 900! WHEEE!!!

anyway, just wanted to share my excitement with some gals who would understand. RM has gotten several cross-server apps and we've been holding interviews with mages, locks and rogues over the last few days. but we're still looking for well geared priests and druids (maybe even a pally or two). app up if you're interested!


Hello I ran into this community by accident and was thrilled. I have a lvl 35 paladin on Turalyon and a 27 warlock on Gorgonnash plus a few low lvl alts. I have only been playing for a few months and hope to finally meet more people than just my roomate who got me hooked on this game.
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Hello, ladies.

My GL likes to sing what he calls "The Noob Song" after we down a boss. I was inspired by that, and created a parody called "Hey Noob". It's sung to the tune of "Hey Jude" by the Beatles.

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Thoughts? Comments? Pure hate? Send it my way.

I may as well introduce myself. I am Anborn, a male 60 NE feral Druid on Hellscream, belonging to Silent Legion, an endgame guild. All of my characters, with the exception of my mage and priest (whom are around 10) are male. I'm female IRL, which confuses many. I've been playing since February '05 or so. Can't wait to play a male Draenei warrior come x-pac.

I used to play FFXI on Midgardsormr. WoW's been a nice change from that.

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Hello everyone! I'm kind of new in a sence...I had a LJ account before and was apart of this community, but as we (my husband and I) became more involved in end game and then put WoW aside altogether, LJ just kind of got tossed aside with it. But now, after about 2-3 months of not playing, we're back! We decided to make a fresh start on Blackwing Lair, Horde side. He made a Hunter and I made a Warlock. Hopefully we chose the right server to start on!
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Dr. Weevil

I forgot to post this a while back. Somehow an elite mob named Dr. Weevil was bugged and stuck in Thunder Bluff. He was killing NPCs, lowbies who went near the middle rise of TB and even level 40s and 50s who tried to get him down. This lasted about an hour before finally a group of 60s took him down. It was pretty hilarious! The link to the picture my friend took is here.
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A PvPgasm

I would just like to say that 2 crusaders procing simultaneously during blade fury and slice and dice using crippling and instant poisons equals yummy multiple opponent "nevermind those 3 incoming on the roof" PWNED in WSG goodness.

i hate you blizzard.

Give me my damn character screen, and give it to me noooooow. EVERY NIGHT. The same thing. The same freaking thing. Anyone else on Bloodhoof? Is this happening on other servers? Anyone elsing cursing the name of the almighty Blizzard when they're staring at the 'Retrieving character list' for 10+ minutes? God forbid you may want to switch characters, then you're just screwed. I've had a long day, I want to kill things. LET ME IN! /cry

Sorry for my spammy rant.. but GOD it pisses me off to no end. Particularly if I've already had a long, tiring day and I need some WoW time.
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