July 25th, 2006

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Horde traitor!

So I've been very, very naughty.

I now have a level 18 Human Rogue.

Why is this naughty?

I have a 60 Druid Horde side that I raid with in a large guild. I'm even an officer of said guild. We formed a council with 10 of us over the past two weeks which has done wonders for morale and streamlining things in the guild. I love this guild and all the people in it. However, after raiding 5 days a week since November 2005 I am burned out. I have 8/8 Cenarion and 8/8 Stormrage. There is one more item from BWL I would like (Malfurion's Blessed Bulwark from Ebonroc - I just got Boots of the Shadow Flame off Nef) but other than that there is nothing there for me. (Well okay, I would LOVE Pure Elementium Band, but others are way ahead of me in DKP which is totally fine with me.) We've just started venturing into Naxx and AQ40 for real. The thought of learning and wiping and learning and wiping all over again is daunting. My fiance and I joined this guild right as they'd just killed Domo. We learned Ragnaros and all of BWL with them. We've finally almost gotten BWL on farm (Nef is the only kill we can't make 100% of the time.) The thought of dragging my ass through MC and BWL and now learning 2 new 40-man dungeons makes me want to scream. I want a break. I NEED a break. The problem is I feel obligated to be there. These guys helped make my Druid leet. I do the mats collection for the guild, I help with guild relations. If it were up to me I would just go PvP with my 60 Tauren Hunter like I want to and skip raiding for a while, but that isn't an option.

I also have a 60 Mage and a 40 Warlock.

So, I've been "hiding out" on my Rogue Alliance side and just chilling. No stress, no raids, just questing and running around in areas I've never really seen before. It's my zen time.

The problem? I feel guilty as hell. :(
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First Post, must get this off my chest

Dear tactless, brainless Guildie:

Listen, twitbreath, when I say in party chat 'afk, baby' I am letting the whole party know that I'm afk for an unknown amount of time and might be in and out for a bit while I settle the... wait for it... baby back down to sleep. I'm not rubbing my 'crotchdropping' in your oh-so-childfree face or forcing everyone to coo about how cute he is, I am conveying necessary information to my party members so ya'll know what's going on and can decide to leave without me or not.

If you don't like it, fine. Play with someone else -- of course, your choices in this guild might be a little limited since we're small and composed in large part of me, my husband (ie. baby's other parent who spends more time 'afk, baby' than I do, funny how you never snark him for it...) and baby's godparents. I am not, however, interested in listening to you complain about it.

Please feel free to sod off and die now.

Fervently Hoping the Stormwind Sewer Monster eats your face,
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New member

Hi all!

I have been reading here for a little bit and decided to introduce myself. I don't know a lot of the terminology and "gamespeak" as I call it, but it's nice to find some ladies who are into the game. :)

I have a level 38 Tauren Hunter (Moober) with a turtle as a pet (Slowski) on Thorium Brotherhood, as well as a level 12 Night Elf Hunter on Firetree. I have a few other characters around, but these are the ones I'm with the most. My fiance and I play together and it's great fun!

There's my intro. Nice to meet you! :)

End Game Frustration

I am getting really, really annoyed with the end game stuff. Not because it is hard - and it is hard, and I expected that - but because of attitudes I run into on the part of the self-styled "hardcore" players.
Here is the problem in a nutshell: most of the epic items drop in end game dungeons; but people don't want to invite you along unless you already have purple items. Also, most people who go to end game dungeons are in a huge raiding guild, and even when you are, they expect you to go 5 nights a week or you fight your way through the whole dungeon and then aren't allowed a chance to roll for the good stuff at the end because you don't have enough "DKP points" whatever those are - some way of giving people who go more often more of a chance to win. (I belong to a small guild consisiting mainly of people I know and I don't want to leave.) I think this is ridiculous - it is an unhealthy feedback loop which encourages people to spend an unhealthy amount of time in the game because otherwise there is no point in playing, because if you can only raid, say, on the weekends, you can spend several hours in a dungeon and come out with nothing to show for it.
People who raid regularly will already have a better chance at getting a drop because they go more often - hello, law of averages. I am getting really sick of the sneering way in which people refer to "casual players", which apparently means anyone who doesn't treat WoW like a fulltime job. Isn't it supposed to be a game? like, you know, for FUN?
This is me being all angsty because someday I think it would be really cool to go kill Onyxia and I don't know if anyone will ever give me a chance.
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It's not fun anymore

I like raiding. However, I don't like raiding guilds. I've been in a few and left either because of burnout or personality/playstyle conflicts. The personality conflicts, I've realized, come from my being passive-aggressive. I don't like the people in the guild (jokes about the guild leader beating up his GF aren't funny after the first or second time), the way the guild raids (7 hours straight in BWL? No thanks), so I don't hold my tongue like I should, piss off enough people, and out I go. And I don't regret it...why would I want to spend 5 nights a week with people I hate?

Problem is, most of the hardcore guilds are full of hunters, so my choices are limited. I transferred to a new server to be with my real life friends...who all promptly left the server to go reroll on a new PvP-RP server. So I'm stuck on a newer server with only two raiding guilds, one of which I've tried and hated. The other seems better, but isn't recruiting. The hunter lead knows I'm interested and has said to check back periodically, so I will. To be honest, though, I think I'm tired of raiding AND of WoW.

I'm on the PvP-RP server, leveling a warlock. It's nice to see my friends in game, but there is the feeling that if I don't play my hunter and try to raid somehow, I will fall too far behind. And honestly, do I want to deal with the friggin' deadmines for the 5th time now? I'm tired.

ZG and Me!

So, last week at this time I was kvetching about the Bloodlord in Zul'Gurub.

This weekend was a WHOLE 'nother story. Friday night, we had our usual group, and he wiped the pavement with us. Saturday night? Slightly different raid composition, missing two "regulars" from our oldest allied guild (thank the gods, because that whole group has been trouble from the begnning) and gaining one new person each from two of our newer raid allies. Also with us was one person from the original ally, a rogue who had never actually gone on a raid with us before Saturday night.

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Discipline-specced priests: How good are points in Force of Will?

I'm currently specced to 26/25/0 without Spirit of Redemption. I could take SoR if I wanted, I just think it's kind of lame so I have my points in Spiritual Guidance instead.

I used to be a strict Disciplinarian all the way to Power Infusion but I respecced out of it because I could never remember to cast it (I already have enough to remember with Inner Focus and Blessed Prayer Beads). But should I put some points into Force of Will? I've got Benediction now, and two pieces of Prophecy. I've got +healing gear and now I'm thinking adding some crit points may be nice.

I also have a 60 warlock so my priest is now basically instance-only. She's a little priestess that does nothing but heals and dispells in dungeons and raids. So I don't need to do a whole lot to improve on damage stuff.
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Sinhxrosel, lvl 12 Nightelf Druid on Moonrunner.

well hello ladies!! i just started playing, partially due to my boyfriend buying me the game. i'm looking for more in game friends on Moonrunner to help me with quests and stuffs!!
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So, I'm finally going to see my WoW boyfriend this weekend. :) I'm excited and wanted to share! Please wish me luck!
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Kill You

The lesson is, people, that stupid people know no faction.

I'm a babysitter. I sit on babies am employed to watch the son of some friends of mine from 2:30 pm - 11:30 pm (times approximate). I enjoy doing it. He's a little sweetie with the nastiest case of diaper rash I've ever seen. Poor little guy. Anyway, I've been given permission to play WoW after he goes to bed, which is fine with me, I'd never play while he was awake. The only thing is, no mods and no vent. Also fine. I can deal.
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Question for WoW ladies...

So some questions about the game...

I'm finally high enough level on my first character that I can do two instances now, both Deadmines and Black Fathom Deeps. I've never done any instances before so I was wondering if any of you that have higher level toons could give me info.

Etiquette? Items? Hard stuff in either of these instances? Ideal number of folks to run them with? Ideal party composition? Any or all of above would be great.

Also, now that I'm getting to higher levels I'd like to do BG more. How do you form up a group *before* you get to the BG? Because I've tried going a couple times where it was a free for all and man, did it suck. I mean, I got kills so it wasn't a total loss but I'd like to figure out something more organized. Like, you know, actually have a STRATEGY? :P


(no subject)

I cant remember/find the entry about someone's guild moving to Thrall, so would you mind posting who it was?
I'm in the process of levelling a new Nelf druid on Thrall (lv 12 >.>) just to get away from my main, muchly overpopulated server and wouldn't mind having someone to talk to once in a while ^.^

Quick Question

For those familiar with Silithus and the Twilight camps. I've been doing regular Duke summoning with my guild and saving the signets. I would love to schedule a night for some Lord summoning, but I'm not sure what's needed. The dukes were just the crests and large brilliant shards to get the medallions that you use with a set. What all is needed for lords?

Thanks in advance...


i'm now officially a priest officer in righteous might. :)

we got maexx to 17% last night and will hopefully be getting him/her/it down within the next few days. that'll be our 5th naxx boss down, w00t! (i know it's small potatos to some of you but it's still exciting to me, hehe.)

our guild leader finally got the burnout bug and is taking a break from GMing, so they've divided the GM like duties among the upper officers. they picked my gentleman friend (who i've mentioned in various posts) to be the new raid leader. so strange to hear him leading raids in vent and talking to him about making groups...but i kind of like it. :)

the guild also made me the official front page updater...why? i have NO idea! see http://righteousmight.com for evidence of my reign of terror! notice my gentleman friend's toon lying on the ground daydreaming about his favorite male body part. muahahah!

okay, that's all...just wanted to share my excitement and goofiness. :) we're still taking apps for you alliance PvP server gals who might want to transfer!
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wow relationships

It seems I'm not the only one meeting a guy i met on wow irl for the first time this week ^^. Tomorrow I'm going to meet him and I'm rather excited about it. We were in the same guild for a very long time but never really noticed eachother, then the guild collapsed and we both joined a new guild. He become healingleader for raids and I was the classleader of the druids. We started talking after we got into an argument and one thing led to another. I think we've been talking for more than a half year now and wednesday is the big meeting day ^^.

It made me wonder tho. How many people met a gf or bf on wow or got in trouble with their bf or gf because of wow?