July 23rd, 2006

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So I haven't updated in awhile as to waht my decision was in regards to staying alliance or deleting my toons and rerolling horde.
I rerolled and am loving every single minute of it.

This is just a quick update of what happened today.
I ran ZG for the first time on my new tauren hunter and won these http://www.thottbot.com/?i=53657 so i think ok I will put a +7agi on them. IM 1/2 asleep and I de them by mistake ARGH!!

Blizzard comes through and restores them to me YAY!!!

Will write more later lol. Im currently workin gon the Ony key chain...I WILL NEVER EVER EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT JAILBREAK.
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Well guys, I did it :) After beginning to play late January, getting my first 60 (Undead Rogue, Eventuality) sometime back, I now have my second 60 and my first 60 alt :D I'm extremely happy and proud.

Image under cut:

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So yea, I guess this makes me a geek but man, awesome :) She only took 14 days of played time also to get to 60. I'm extremely happy for her.
So yea, her name is Gracefully, 60 druid on Drak'thul, horde side :) Say hi! :D Especially if you see me in cross server BGs ;D

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More Warrior Assistance

I have a little less than a week to get to level 40 from level 35. It's a personal goal of mine to be able to be level 40 by next Saturday. Any suggestions on how I can achieve this as fast as possible? I play a warrior with a handful of decent blues and some really good greens...do you think I'd be able to tank in SM yet? Or should I wait for a few more levels?

Thanks for the help ladies!

PS - I need to update my icon. I'm wearing the Green Iron armor set now. ;)
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Questing and Grinding

So, my 28 druid is my highest level character so far and I'm not sure what to do with her. I'm just about done with the Ashenvale/Stonetalon Mountains quests. So where should I go next for good experience.

I've been doing tons of stockades. What other insatnces can I do at my level?

Thanks :) I'm still very much a noob.
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My guild has luck.

Whether it be the rare purple drop in ZF, or our DPS warrior who walks into Winterspring and gets the Eye of Shadow in 10 minutes five times in a row, we've got it.

We started MC June 4th. We're a "4-hours on a Sunday" kinda casual group. Even still, we've been completely plowing the instance. From the beginning, we've one-shotted bosses (Geddon was the only boss it took a few tries to get down). Today, not only did we have massive accidental chain-pulling (corehound packs... oh crap, Luci...), but we pushed to Golemagg for the first time.

And beyond that, these dropped. It was our third time downing Geddon.

And, also, squee. Everyone passed to my husband, the MT. We both cried.
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Mage water!

I thought this was a funny little convo I had in guild chat.

Me: Hey, guys anyone want my leftover water before I log?
Me: Mages worked hard to make it!
Random mage: Your reputation with the Mages has greatly increased.