July 22nd, 2006


Healer Druid Haters

Okay, I decided recently to respec my druid to a resto-balance spec: http://www.wowhead.com/?talent=0uLx0MxZZxE0oeoVo (as can be seen via this wowhead build) and when I told my guild that I would be going a mostly healer route with her I was lambasted that it was a bad idea because druids make poor healers. On a side note, we are a small guild with mostly rogues, and very few healer types. We have one other Druid but he is going feral so that is why I wanted to be more healery with this alt.

I keep reading from others that druids make great healers, but when I try to say that to my guild I get the whole "a priest is BETTER than a druid at healing ANY DAY" and "how can I be the main healer in a group when I can rez only once" I try to say that, if I am a good enough healer I won't need to have to rez anyone, but I just keep getting the "you can heal if you want but we still want a pally or a priest for our "main"...

I just don't know how to counter their arguments. I am beginning to wonder if I even should. Maybe I should just respec again and go straight balance or something. At least if I was balance I'd be "playing my class" and not "trying to tank" (if I was going feral) or "trying to heal" (if I was going resto)...

Bah. I don't know why some people hate on Druids, saying that since they are a hybrid class, it means that they suck equally at everything.
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Blood Elf Rogue

An Introduction *waves*

Hello. Just another lurker turned member.
I've gotten back to playing WoW after taking a break from it for about a month. Just transferred my main over to the Ysera server. I used to be on the Silvermoon server but lately I've been having too many server disconnections and constant lag. After doing some checking out on the other servers I decided to switch to Ysera. Have no problems with the server and it's east coast time. My main is a level 44 Undead Warlock. I also have another character I'm working on. She's a level 12 Orc Hunter.
A few days ago something strange happened. There was a glitch in the system and somehow this character called "Doctor Weavil" was attacking people in Thunder Bluff. Everyone that got close to him was instantly killed including level 60's. He would chase someone until he killed them and then went back to his spot. His spot was right in front of the Enchants shop. Here are some pictures of what happened. The pictures are a bit small though... x.x
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There was also a weird glitch going on with the dressing room.
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Roland - Indra! Indra! Indra!


(Crossposted from wow_fanart for those who might not watch the comm. THis is the final result of the draft I had posted :))

Just some random experiment...decided to use a couple of elves for it. Mostly done in OpenCanvas, the background was a screenshot I took in Feralas, tweaked, then painted over some. Because I teh_suck at backgrounds.

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Level 40... times 10

On the Kodo mountToday, my Tauren Shaman on Bronzebeard reached level 40. This marks a milestone for me: I have at least one character of every class to level 40 or higher. This Shaman is special to me for a few reasons. First, she's on Bronzebeard, in Daughters of the Horde, with many of you other ladies. Second, she's my highest level Horde character, and my first to make it past level 23. And third, she's my first character to be seriously played on something other than my main server. She was my first character to put my money making schemes while leveling into practice, and things worked out well. She's had no trouble affording her mount, and even purchased mail armor for level 40 (a matching set, no less, with a matching shield!).

Equiraptor in Steadfast MailMy Shaman is in Steadfast mail. They're just random green drops, and it's probably not the best set I could have chosen. But I saw the breastplate on the auction house, and took a loot at it in WoW model viewer. Purple is my favorite color, and I decided I really liked the look of this set. And so, over many weeks, I watched the auction house, buying the various pieces. I tried to buy stats that I thought would be beneficial to my playstyle - agility, strength, stamina (since I'm mostly a melee shaman). But, really, it's just whatever I could find.

Most of my level 40 and higher characters are on Whisperwind. I've had a great time leveling these characters, and it's been great to share experiences with you all. Wow, that sounded like a "Goodbye" sentence, and it's not. Expect another post when they all reach 50! And expect it to be quite some time before you see that post. ;)

A solution!

A-Ha! A solution came about of my guild/server dilemma!

A RL friend of mine plays on Rexxar. He has offered my druid a position in his guild (I might get attuned for Onyxia..*shock*)

So, sorry to say I am leaving 'Ruins of Empyrean' and jumping to a new server.
I still have my mage (Caite) and my hunter (Kittypride) on Windrunner.

Thanks for the chance and welcome.

Heres to new beginnings....
matt rockstar

cross-race mounts at rank 11

OK so i asked a question as a comment on an older post and i'm pretty sure it wasn't read by anyone so i decided to make a post about it :)
Concerning cross-race rank 11 mounts: say that i hit rank 11 but i don't have the rep to buy a tiger for my gnome. I have a human mage friend who is exhalted with darnassus and has also hit rank 11 before (so therefore eligible to buy a black war tiger). Is it possible for them to buy me a mount and trade it to me or is it BOP or something to stop people from exploiting or whatnot? because you can trade level 40 mounts like that...
i realise the answer will probably be that this isn't possible but i just needed to check :P thanks
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WoW - Kethlyr

Class Leaders Questions

So... I need some brainstorming from y'all.

I'm going to be promoting class leaders in my guild in the next couple weeks. (Yes, it's grown that much. Jeez.) But the only class I know a great deal about is Rogues. So I was thinking, maybe using a sort of questionare to make sure the people I offer the job to know what they're doing, so I was wondering what sorts of questions you guys would suggest asking for each class?
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Bad, Bad mage!

Normally I play my level 60 druid, but at times I get bored and then i'll start messing around with my alts a bit. So today I wanted to level my mage a bit. I was enjoying the killing of whelps in Redridge Mountains when a warrior and a rogue jumped on top of me and started asking me for "food plz" and "plz give now" with opening the trade window. I said 'sec', and i logged off. After 1 hour, yes 1 hour, i got back online and in a sec they were by my side again. The next conversation i captured on screenies.
I know the French is horrible, i failed it at school, but i had to come up with something.


I wonder what they would do if i'd replied with 'ni hao'....

General Chat for Losers

Had to share this one with you. I abbreviated the names to the first two letters. No spelling has been changed, spaces have not been added, it's all the same bad grammar and spelling I was witness to.

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The channel died after that. I'm [Cr] by the way. I also find it funny that [Le] is part of a guild called 'Is Kind of a Big Deal'. I wanted to change that to 'Is Kind of a Big Dope'.
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