July 19th, 2006


Early morning WoW hilarity.

I should have screencapped this, but I was in a hurry this morning. It cracked me up to the point that I'm still chuckling. I'm doing my morning auction/mailbox duties when I see that someone has said: "No. Hell no. Look at my pants! No wonder they were only 17s." I look around and there is a lower level human male warrior wearing one of those stripper armor leg pieces, the sort that are like panties with side bits over the hips... the ones that sort of look like a Xena skirt. So being a supportive level 60 human female warrior, what do I do? Well, whistle and comment, "Hot stuff!" at him of course! He /cries and says, "I can't tank in these!" Then someone else answers, "Why not? The monsters will slide off your waxed legs." I was DYING laughing.
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Warrior Update

Hi Ladies,

Well after my post a couple days ago about leveling a warrior I bit the bullet and played pretty much all day yesterday. Gotta love days off work.

First I respecced her to full Fury (omg I love this tree) and got her some better armor (she still had a couple mail pieces making her squishier than she should be).After a ZF run and finishing a couple green quests and grinding a bit she is now a shiny lvl 48. 2 levels in a day. I'm very happy with that progress. Only down side is her rested is getting low but I don't want to stop playing her now I'm motivated to. But considering most of the time during the week I don't have time to play her the rested should be there for a bit longer I'm hoping.

My new spec is at:


if you're interested.

Now to create an icon of her and update my mains icon... goal for tonight.
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(no subject)

Yet another introduction. And some happiness. :D

I'm 'mee, and I'm a WoW addict. :P I've been playing for a month or so, and I love it. I've got two "mains" at this point--Caibre, a 35 Tauren Druid, and Twinkrbelle, a 21 Undead Priest, both living (and lagging) on Stormrage.

So I've been meaning to post here for a few days, after a moderately ridiculous PUG to Razorfen Kraul. (My kitty-form was holding aggro better than the warrior--the only thing that saved our butts was an absolutely awesome healer.) I was hoping to get a new staff--[Wind Spirit Staff] drops in RFK, and I'm still using [Living Root] from my trip to WC fifteen levels ago. But no luck, he dropped a polearm for our warrior. Sigh.

So last night, a few friends and friends-of-friends all decide to go back into RFK. And invite me along. It was seriously good times--we had a 43 Druid along, so it wasn't overly-difficult, she did most of the heavy lifting. We get down toward the back of the cave, and suddenly my 'net gives out. Starts up and then gives out again. By the third time I reconnected and got back into WoW, I had the LAG of DOOM. Which, of course, led to DEATH. Sigh.

But it's all ok, because Earthcaller Helmgar (or whatever his name is) was very, very good to me.

(And, y'know? Two trips through RFK and I still haven't picked up any of the quests in there. Sigh. :P)
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raven me

build advice



Prospective Build to respec to, actually thinking today ^.^  So any input would be greatly appreciated, I'm a n00b 60 =oP so hearing from the more experienced 'locks would be desperately appreciated.


I am placing my points in fel intellect and stamina to increase the pets life span for the SL ability ( so if my VW is out and I start taking a beating from adds, use the SL, he won't poof as soon if he and I are under attack), and so that when I go to cast a seduction or use the felpups ability I don't get that nasty message of Not Enough Mana, but am also thinking of taking the 3 pts from Intellect giving them to the Succy so that her seduce lasts longer rather then making sure she can cast another one at the end lol. But that only improves one pet, and doesn't seem efficient, so hopefully this is where the wiser more experienced 'locks come in.  Or can give all the points to the VW and the Succy to improve them?  Is there someplace else useful I could stick them that I am missing in this build?  Is this build useful in raids, instances and partnered farming?  Or is it more of a leveling spec?

Also considering:



This seems useful but I am sad at the loss of Imp Corruption, Grim Reach, and Supression.  Is this build useful in raids, instances and partnered farming?

Ah well, I did the respec and went with Imp Succy and Imp VW and the fully vested HS as I don't know nor have the locks in my guild communicated what they have there, but sine I didn't even *know* that perhaps it'll be something that will be discussed in the future. ^.^ Thanks guys!!

doth7, Tryna


Undocumented changes on the test realm:

Couple things to update for Warlocks:

* Voice clips were also added to the Imp and Doomguard in addition to the ones you already have listed (seems about 12-15 per pet). (the ones mentioned before were Voidwalker and Succubus)

* If a Warlock accepts a flight path while a pet is active, when the pet is auto-dismissed he will be refunded the Soul Shard cost of the pet (i.e. you will be refunded one Soul Shard unless you had the Imp, Infernal, or Doomguard out when you got on the bird).

* If a Warlock's pet is still alive at the time the Warlock dies, and the pet had a Soul Shard cost associated with it, the Warlock will be refunded the Soul Shard. If the pet is killed first, no Soul Shard is awarded.
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Set but not really a set...

I've been running around with some lvl 35-45 equiptment on my mage, who is now lvl 54. Soon I will be aiming for my Magister's Regalia, but before then I think I'd like to upgrade what I am currently wearing one last time. I've been looking on the AH for "sets that aren't really sets", because I have to look good too. I'd like to get stuff that matches, and is good for my class. For a while I was thinking of eithor the Mystical, or the Gossamer, or the Councelor "of the" sets, prolly the Intellect one or the Frozen one. (Or a combo of those two stats, depending on what I could find on the AH.)

But then I came across the "Arcane" set... it's not an "of the" set, just a set by itself and it is for low lvl 50s. Then I was worried that it wouldn't be good for a mage. Some of the pieces focus on Spirit rather than Intellect, but most pieces have pluses for Intellect, Stamina, and Spirit. What do you guys think? Or am I over analyzing this and I should just pick one, buy it and get back to playing.
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(no subject)

Well, it's time for me to expose my n00bness. Yes, I am that hunter who posted about having 6/8 of her Tier 2, and now I'm going to ask a simple question about aimed shot. *hangs head in shame*

At one point in time, slower weapons were better for Aimed Shot (just as slower melee weapons were better for melee instant attacks). The formula for Aimed Shot damage was changed, though (just as the formula for melee instants were changed), and now all weapons are assumed to be 2.8 attack speed for the formula. Multishot received the same change.

My question is: Are slower weapons still better, just less so, or is weapon speed no longer significant? Is the damage range what's important, instead?

My example weapons:
Huhuran's Stinger
Ashjre'thul, Crossbow of Smiting

Both weapons give the same 36 ranged attack power. The Stinger will give a little (but very little) crit and dodge. Ashjre'thul gives some health. For this post, I'm going to say those balance out - they're both weapons that give 36 RAP with a little icing on the cake.

But the speed difference! Oh, that speed difference!

The Stinger is 46.3 DPS, with a 2.70 attack speed, and a range of 87 - 163 Damage.
Ashjre'thul is 45.6 DPS, with a 3.40 attack speed, and a range of 124 - 186 Damage.

That's a .7 difference in DPS, which sure isn't much. The added crit on the stinger would probably widen it a bit, but not by much. The difference in autoshot isn't going to be much, at all. But what about aimed shot? The high end damage on Ashjre'thul is a good deal higher than the Stinger, and the lower end is significantly higher. Will this have the effect I expect - a larger Aimed Shot and Multishot? Or is that damage range not so important, and the higher DPS and (oh so slightly) higher crit of Huhuran's Stinger better?

I'm really thinking that speed, once affected by quiver, and that damage range make Ashjre'thul the better weapon.
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I'm too lucky for my own good

One of the big guilds on my server was about to kill Azuregos and my boyfriend was invited to join them in the kill. I would've tagged along too, but I was making dinner for myself and my mom and figured they weren't going to let me roll on the sinew, so why bother?

Best Boyfriend Ever: Only 3 hunters were in the Azuregos kill
Best Boyfriend Ever: .....OH btw you were one of those and you got the sinew ;)
Me: This is so going in wow_ladies

After they wiped once he went in as me and rolled a 95 and got me my sinew for my quiver. While sharing passwords is normally not a good idea and can lead to bad things my boyfriend is a wonderful wonderful guy, and this just absolutely proves it :D
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The big six-zero.

I hit sixty last week (I have screenies just never posted them) and with that the itching to keep up with other 60's has hit me hard. I originally was just going to PvP til I died to get my epic black raptor, not really wanting to drop so much gold on my mount, but I now realize that I do not have the resolve to do such. Now this is the problem, I have 100g to my name and that's it. I was wondering if any of you ladies could suggest some places to farm some money. I dropped skinning a while ago for engineering but today dropped that to pick up skinning again. Oi. I'm going to spend tonight probably getting that back up to 300 or close to it. I do have to spend some time hunting myself some black dragonscales for my FR gear, but aside from that I need other places to snag some money on. So, what do you ladies suggest? I do play on a PvP server and am a hordie if that helps for suggestions in any way ^-^

- Quarla
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Funniest shit ever

The horde decided to raid IF last night. However it was not a 20 man. It was not even a 40 man. It was at least two seperate 40 man raids. And what did they try to do? They tried to all come pouring through the instance from the tram in Tinkertown. Near as we could tell they were going for the Gnome King...

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Epic Mount fun-ness :)

Hi, I'm new, and kind of a lurker, but I just had to share the great event. :) I finally managed to get my Epic Mount Sunday night. It was a long and hard struggle to get the money (about 3 months of grinding SM and rep/money in EPL and Winterspring), and some of my wonderful guildmates were kind enough to contribute to my "mount fund." My main is Lielananna on Hellscream, she is a lvl 60 night elf hunter with a loyal kitty named Fluffy. I am in a lovely guild that is full of real-life friends and family and we just have fun being "Those Meddling Kids."

I also have two main alts, though I have filled all of my character creation slots. One is Talianne, a lvl 29 human priest, and the other is a lvl 40 undead mage, Opiline. If you ever see me or any of my guildmates, in Those Meddling Kids (alliance) or Muhna Muhna (horde), don't hesitate to talk to us, we're pretty cool people :)

And now for pretty pics of my lovely steed, whom I have Dubbed Stormy.

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