July 17th, 2006

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Thanks girls :)

So I posted here about deciding whether to roll on a nice shield against a jerk warrior in my guild. I know it was a recent post, but figured it was truly worth updating about the situation.

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Thanks for the kindness and support girls, it seems patience and luck did win out for me :)
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Severus - Temp.

To those little herbies/alchies

When I started my Druid I went for herb/alch but I dropped my 280 herb for skinning so I can help out my hunter and rogue in that area. Now I've come to regret it. I'm now at 200 but I didn't know where to go so I searched for a guide after much digging this is like a god-send right here.

--> Click me! :D <-- First herb/alch guide

Wonderful guide.

Also as another random note new icon will be made soon. I'm working atm, and the Pirates of the Caribbean II OST is godly and Hans Zimmer finally outdone himself I believe. Wonderful give it a listen!
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Question posed in my journal

I made an entry in my journal here, wherein I pose the difficult question (for me) of - Why is World of Warcraft so popular? I am really curious, because I know I have never liked any video game so much in my life, ever. There are games I have played a lot for a few weeks or months, but never something I play almost every day for a year and a half! So I listed a lot of reasons why I think it is really ultra-cool, but I welcome any feedback.
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Leveling a warrior

Hi Ladies,

I'm trying to get my itty bitty warrior to 60 and damn is it hard work.

She's 46 right now and just seems to take forever. I mainly go solo cause all my friends have 60 mains and not any alts, and my boyfriend got his pally a fair bit above me so he's no help (he's 54 now).

I'm currently questing in Feralas/Tanaris/remaining STV quests. Any where else I should quest at 46?

Also what is a good spec? I'm hopeless for anything other than Druid specs (I love my main).

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

If you're on Dragonmaw feel free to give me a shout out on Kyalla (60 druid) or Daen (46 warrior)


Yet another transfer post...

Okay, so I currently play on Sen'jin (US), with chars on both Alliance & Horde, but I'm bored with it.

Originally, I started on this server because I was playing with my then-new boyfriend, leaving my old PVP server happily behind, despite the level 50 character I had there. Turns out, I don't really like playing on PVP. Go figure.

Eventually, I broke up with the boy, moved out, yaddy yaddy. He ended up deleting his character, but I'm tired of getting characters up to 35+ then dropping them... really, how many times can I kill Princess the Pig before getting thoroughly bored? :)

So, I don't want to start over, but I don't want to stay on this server. I've had no luck finding a guild that suits me, and I don't really know a lot of people on this server now that the ex has left. (And hell, he was crappy to play with anyway. Whiny little ... er, nevermind.)

Therefore... my little 39 gnome mage or 25 undead warlock need new homes, preferably on a RP server. The catch is, I don't want to pay $25 only to find myself in the same situation. What I want is a reasonably busy mostly-social guild. I don't want a guild that dictates how I must play, although suggestions for improving technique are always appreciated. Other people in my approximate level range is a definite plus, since I'd do a lot more instances if I didn't have to depend on PUGs, but mostly I just want some fun people to chat with while I play -- my style tends towards solo'ing anyway.

This seems to be too much to ask on my current server, and it's making me sad.

So... any suggestions? I'm tempted to start a couple new characters on some RP servers to "try before I buy" sort of thing... but good god, I'm tired of doing the early level quests. I think I've done them all about two dozen times, bleah! (I had to try almost ever race/class combination I could possibly want before committing myself). :) You don't want to know how many peons I've poked!
GW2 asura engineer

Public Test Realm

I've never before used the Public Test Realm and thought, I'd give it a try now - because I really do want to see the cross-server battleground (if that even works - although, we do have two test realms... so it should work) and the open PvP areas!

I went to the character copy site and copied a rogue (I think! *L* I couldn't decide and didn't want to spoil myself with a character at 60, as so far, my highest one is level 58 - and I certainly don't want to play a 60 of that class on the test realm because then, reaching 60 with my own character on the regular realm might not be as exciting anymore...). It said it worked and I have one character left - but when I logged on to the public test realm now, there's no character... did I do something wrong? Did I forget something? I can only create a new character on the test realms, just as you can do on regular ones. But I don't want a level 1 character on a test realm...

Help, please? :o)

Edit: Never mind! It wasn't shown on the realm list - but it's on the PvE server. Now, another question: How can I copy a character to the PvP server? It seems to still be low on population... ^_^ But I didn't see a choice to transfer a character to that server when I copied my first one (which is a level 60 shaman, by the way... a class I will most likely not play to 60 - or not any time soon, so I won't spoil my own fun and will still get to test the new content!)

good rp server?

So, my guild is moving to Andorhal, but my boyfriend and I don't feel like going to a pvp server again. We feel they are more like horde please gank me servers. But we still want to move off of the laggy pos that is Bonechewer, and go to an rp server.

Anyone know of a good rp server? We are not going to Argent Dawn, we started out there and we didn't like it... the population isn't very active in raiding/pvp.

We wanna go to a server that has some good raiding guilds, friendly people, and doesn't have crazy lag. Bonechewer is a server with really old hardware... it was one of the first ones... so I guess we'd want one that was created later.

Thanks for your help!

Time for this lurker to introduce herself...

I've been lurking around this community for long enough, I think it's time I made an introductory post. :) I'm a 22 year old CS student from Dublin in Ireland and I'm a total WoW addict!

I'm still relatively new to WoW, got the game about 2 months ago just after summer exams. My main is a lv37 human paladin named Lakirby on EU-Kilrogg, and I've got a few miscellaneous alts scattered around the place - a gnome warrior named Littlemighty on Kilrogg, a tauren shaman called Aminata on Bladefist (rolled there because a friend has a lv60 undead priest there), a tauren druid named Nubcakes on Jaedenar and a dwarf paladin named Avera on Ravenholdt. None of my alts are above lv10 though. My main is in the Wenches of Warcraft guild... the best little all-female PvP guild on Kilrogg! :) We're quite small, and our main focus is having lots of good PvP-ers (even though Kilrogg is PvE).

A couple of questions for you ladies... I should hit 40 with my main within the week, therefore I need a new set of armour. But I'm dirt poor. As in I have less than 5g at the moment. I need to make a good bit of money fast... but I've ignored my professions (mining and blacksmithing) for the sake of fast levelling and satisfying my WSG addiction. So any suggestions on how I can make money fast? I'll be far too squishy for PvP after 40 unless I get my hands on plate...

Also... I'm planning on hitting 60 by the end of the summer with my main. So can you please tell me about the role of the paladin in endgame? Are we just healers and buffbots?
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cool doctor

(no subject)

Hey everyone!

It seems like so many people are transferring toother servers and whatnot. I've been having problems on mine, too.Uldum is apparently one of the older servers that hasn't been put ontonew hardware. There's always lag of some kind going through anyinstance and I'd love to see my spells actually casting in theircasting time from when the button is pushed.

Some of you may or may not remember, but awhile back I was having problems with my guild. History to follow. )I'vetried really hard to go through these "growing pains" they say we'reexperiencing now. People are getting bitchy and whiney. We can't seemto get enough people to help my husband level into his 50s because wecan never find a good healer. We went into LBRS and people keptattacking my fucking sheep and I got so pissed. The RL for that runkept telling everyone on vent to attack my sheep LAST. We got to thespider area of LBRS and I was AOEing like crazy, when the fuckingwarlock fears all the little spiders away from him, thus spoiling my1000 mana blizzard. Did it three more times. Enough is enough. It's notfucking growing pains anymore, it's blatant non-cooperation and lack ofconsideration for your other members. Basically, I've got no respect.In the meantime, I created a lvl 10 rogue on Anatheron where a goodfriend of mine plays. She's in a guild and I wanna play her, but I justdon't know what I should do. I still wanna talk to all the people Iknow on Uldum, but things are just too up in the air. And I feel like acomplete dipshit because I left once and came back because our GMworked really hard to make me feel like I belonged, and then hedisappeared. I don't wanna leave again only to find that the grass isgreener back in the guild again, you know? At the same time, I wantsome freedom to do stuff, and I don't want to be the loner in my guildwho doesn't want to go end-game. I feel like I'm being pushed out. Idon't know if I just lucked out at the beginning by getting to hop onVent/TS and spend such fun time with these folks who aren't aroundanymore or what, but I miss it. We used to laugh our asses off and talkand go run through instances and whatnot for FUN, not because we HADTO. I started playing WoW because it took away from my daily IRLstress/anxiety/depression and now it's starting to become a catalystfor it. :(

Any ideas? You guys are my only place to come..there's only a few players on my flist, one of whom is a member here...and my "normal" lj friends don't understand this.
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Time for an introduction, I guess. :-)

I am Moony, I am a California-turned-Massachusetts girl, and I play on Argent Dawn (EU) and Bronzebeard (US). Yes, I play both versions. The madness began when I visited a really good friend in Finland and she let me play around with WoW. An addiction was born, and since I wanted to be able to play with her I bought the European version and some gamecards, as well as the US disks so as to play with the friends back home. *chortle*

My EU main is an Night-Elf hunter named Coraline, currently level 49. I've been on holiday in England for the last week so in my downtime I'm grinding her like mad to 50. She's in a lovely guild called Swan, made up mostly of 60s (hence the insane power-levelling - I want to go play in Molten Core, too!). She has a pet kitty-cat named Kiu who will eat your face off, if you don't give her meatses.

My US main is a Troll hunter named Erzebet, who has a pet wolf named Moony (hee). She's stalled at 43, because my account has run out and I don't see any point in renewing while I am overseas. I'll renew when I get home. I sort of burned out on playing her for a bit - it happens, I guess. I started playing my Tauren druid Inis a bit more, and I am tempted to roll a shammy. Erze and Inis belong to the Daughters of the Horde. *waves at wow_doth*

As you can see, I play Alliance in Europe and Horde in the US. Try not to read too much into that. ;-)

Anyway, back to WoWing. Coraline is halfway to 50 and I think I am going to stay up until she gets there. O_O

So, hi! *jumps around*