July 16th, 2006

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Somewhat moral dilemma

I like you girls so I figured I'd ask for some advice here on something.

My guild does end-game stuff, but we're not super hardcore or anything. One of our main warriors is this guy who I'll call NG. NG is a warrior, but that's only one of his seven level 60 characters. Yes, seven. Right now he calls this warrior his main although he has an obvious preference to his mage. We never forced him to play the warrior mind you, he chose himself. Anyway, this guy is a dick. He will take whatever he can from just about anyone when it comes to loot. He doesn't have any problems screwing people over on a regular basis.

Now, tomorrow my guild has a ZG run scheduled. I know this guy wants the Aegis of the Blood God, pretty much the nicest tanking shield around for our level of raiding. He has passed on the Drillborer Disk (another nice shield) and even let it get DEed I'm assuming because he's trying to get this shield. Now, for ZG runs mains are considered to be on equal ground with alts. My alt warrior is protection specced and I love her very dearly. She's slowly getting the blues and purples from ZG and AQ. I never ever roll on dps warrior gear, unless no other warrior is interested. My only desire is to tank. So as one can imagine, I would love to have the Aegis.

Now, I happen to be in a lucky position of having more dkp than him and we have ZG tomorrow night. First off, the shield doesn't drop much, but if it does...I'm not sure what to do. I want it very badly and I feel I truly deserve it, but there are other things to consider. NG is a main character and mine is an alt. Also, I know the other warriors would be pissed (they're sorta...meh) if I got it. Yet, NG is a jerk, I know he'd roll on the Staff of Ruins on his mage against other main characters (since he tried to take it away from a friend of mine.) So yea, I'm really really conflicted here. If it drops, should I try for it? Or should I be nice and let NG have it? I'm curious as to what you girls think.
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Hallo all! I have some questions about gearing up and, as always, figured this was the best place to ask...
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Anywhoo... advice on the shoulder problem and suggestions for the nature resist stuff would be much appreciated. ^^ Thanks much ladies!
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Dinged 60 today!  Was during a kill *sniffle* so no screenie.  but very very happy, took me 22 days played to get it, but I did!  I fear when the expansion comes out and then 70 is the target, I'm torn between leveling my current to 70 first or starting up the BE (priest if that's an option) first. and getting her to 70.  Decisions decisions, and Blizzard a note to you, DO NOT DELAY THE EXPANSION AGAIN! 
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Newb alert!

Hey gals!  I wanted to introduce myself and all that, considering I'm fairly new to WoW and the community alike.  I'm Faia, a 22-year-old concept artist (read : unemployed) from Wilmington, Delaware.  I've been playing WoW for  ... er... about a month, maybe.  My MMO of choice for the past couple years was City of Heroes/Villains, as I'd heard 'horror' stories of WoW and had the priviledge of meeting some of the less intelligent folk who play.  A friend of mine from LJ was offering her Recruit-a-Friend codes to those on her friends list, and after a massive CoH burnout, I figured, eh, what the hell.  May as well see what all the fuss is about.  Cue the most frantic ten days of playing I've ever experienced, and you're looking at the girl who played Kingdom Hearts II for two days straight the day she got it home.

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