July 10th, 2006

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It's a sad day for Stormrage horde.

Our number one horde guild all-but disbanded...GM left, most of their raiders just gquit, and many are leaving the server/game entirely.

On one hand, we kinda saw it coming, and it makes us essentially tied for #2 guild, creeping up on the next spot.

On the other...I have some great friends that are gone, and all day my fellow officers and I have been just SWAMPED with tells from this guild's ex-members. For the most part, they aren't looking to join the other guild in question, progress-wise, because of bad blood.

But it means we have a TON of AMAZING players and AMAZING people applying us.
The issue is, they all want to raid.
And we can't take them all. At least without screwing over our current members for raid invites, which I *refuse* to do.

To make it worse, a lot of them are saying if they don't get in with us, they're switching servers. Which is really sad. :(

Already had to say goodbye to a couple good friends, and our girl channel is officially dead. :(

Only idiots go into Gnomeregan.

You heard me.

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So in short, don't go in with people you don't know, if you don't know what you're doing, say so. Don't act like you do. And now, since I have to go in there AGAIN for one measly, pittling little quest, gnomeregan groups can KISS MY ROSEY RED. I don't care how badly they need a priest, they can forget about getting me in the group.
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I'm moving off my old server tomorrow, and I'm thinking of going PVE. Any suggestions as to which server I ought to try? could anyone's guild on the server suggested use a level 60 hunter? :) xposted.
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What do you do when you wait for BG's?

I've never done BG's before. Well, I tried on my NE and I lost so horribly that I never went back. Until I realized as I looked around Orgrimmar that everyone has a rank over their heads...so I enlisted my shaman who is 29 and horde usually wins. I'm thinking of keeping little Bruho at 29 for a while because WSG is fun! for the mostpart, except for when the really stressed out horde twinks are yelling at and insulting everyone because they take the game too seriously... But anyhow, what happens when you are 29 and want to stay that way and not level? While you wait for your name to be called for the battle???

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Recruiting cross server!

Good morning ladies. This is kind of an odd post, and if it's not allowed, just let me know and I'll be happy to delete it.

I am in a large endgame raiding alliance guild on Stormreaver called Righteous Might. Recently, Stormreaver transfers were opened up on a one time basis to Korgath, and Stormreaver lost 2 big horde guilds , 3 or 4 big alliance guilds and several midsize guilds from both sides. Since then, the influx of players from midsize guilds to our guild has been minimal at best. Since we do endgame and push new content, there is a fairly constant flow of players leaving for a while because of burnout, vacations, marriage/kids, work, and various other reasons. We used to rely on a contant stream of applications from guilds that are doing MC/BWL but aren't yet doing AQ40/Naxx, as these players would breathe new life into our guild and help us push the new content. We've been called a zerg guild, but I've only been there for about 3 months and it feels like home to me, not impersonal as I would expect a "zerg" guild to feel. The members are laid back and respectful, although we do joke around quite a bit and get pretty crude sometimes (but what raiding guild doesn't?). :)

Righteous Might raids most nights (we have occasional nights off) at 7-7:30pm Eastern time and usually raid till midnight Eastern at the latest (frequently call raids early). We use CT raid and Ventrillo (we have our own vent server). We have cleared MC, BWL, ZG, AQ20 and all of AQ40's required bosses (no Ouro or Visc). We're currently working on Naxx and have killed Anub'rekhan and Instructor Razuvious and got Grand Widow Faerlina to 26% on our second night of attempts last night (will probably get her down tonight). We do weekly clears of most instances besides AQ40 (because it sucks, lol). It is very easy to rise through the ranks from Neophyte (new member) to Champion (default raiding rank).

The main incentive and the wonderful thing about RM's rank/DKP system: when you join, notes are made of all your current gear. When you reach a rank of Champion (400 DKP earned), you then receive a DKP bonus equal to half the value of the gear you came into the guild with. So if you come in with your Tier 2 chest (worth 80 points), then when you hit the rank of Champion, you will be awarded 40 points for that piece. It's quite a nice incentive if you've put in your time in another guild to get geared and don't feel like starting over (like me, hehe). The other nice thing is, if you come in fairly well geared (I'm in Tier 2 + a few AQ pieces), you're not required to run old instances, ie: I've only run BWL once since I joined 3 months ago and haven't run MC at all (besides coming in once for Rag). We do offer standby points for people who are online and available during a raid, but for whatever reason didn't make it into the raid, so you get full DKP as long as you're online and available.

Stormreaver is a PvP server, currently a medium population one, no queue times and a solid economy. With server transfers opening up, we're hoping to do some recruitment across servers for people who are looking for a change.

Quite simply, we're looking for well geared people who love new content. We need people who will show up to raids and are communicative and active. We have very active forums and we do something almost every night (as long as your raid attendance is above 50%, you're considered active and in good standing). Our guild master Aevi is an excellent leader and a good friend to me, he encourages communication of all members to him regarding new ideas and helps foster discussion about everything from new members (we vote on incoming members) to the DKP system.

We're currently hot for priests, paladins and warlocks, but we are accepting applications from all classes. Comment here or e-mail me at joyfulgirl26 at gmail.com if you want more information or are interested in apping up. I'd be happy to discuss sponsoring anyone from this community, as I'd love to have more girls in the guild (Aevi agreed, hehe). I will be happy to arrange meetings on your server and/or in vent between you, me, your class officer(s) and our GM to talk and get to know each other before you make any kind of decision (I know a guild switch + server switch is a big decision, hehe).

Have a good week everyone, and thanks for taking the time to read my shameless guild promotion here. :)

hey new here

Hey hey, I'm new to WoW ladies, and was just wondering if anyone here plays on the new PvE Server Uldaman?

I've got a level 49 gnome mage named "Tibi" there, so if anyone wants to give me a holler, go ahead!
raven me

Scared and stressed

Ok from my previous entry, ya'll know I recently dinged 58, at 56 and 57 most couldnt tell I wasn't a 60 till I said so. Dunno why but sorta made me feel fuzzy and less like a noob. My background:

From 1-56 I leveled with my b/f who had made an alt so he could help me. We would PUG a bit to get our quests done etc. We went through 2 guild mergers, one guild disband, and have joined a great one now, one that is growing fast in raiding, new bosses wipe em once, then get downed etc. Great teamwork and communication.

Last night I dinged 58 and got invited on a PvP raid at Auberdine, we were vastly outnumbered but had much fun suicide bombing for a bit at the end, hellfire for the torture, aye? So this group was the guild leader and several officers, many I have grouped with doing LBRS, UBRS and BRD this past week. UBRS is my only raid experience. During the PvP mayhem I was invited to run MC today, I was flattered and agreed. But now I'm stressing, any advice from the raid-knowledgeable ladies here? My build is linked below, and doesn't seem like it'll work great in MC. I figure if not instructed otherwise, perhaps Curse of Shadow and lots of dots and SHadow Bolts...but anything else? I don't want to a> disappoint them or b> embarrass my b/f. Help? ;.; 

My build
Called In Dead

Heya People!

I just had a quick question:

I'm going around to various places farming for the stuffs to get the new Argent Dawn items. Am I crazy, or did every undead in EPL used to give AD rep, and now only a handful do. I am muchly confused.

Edit: Thank you for the current replies. My current AD rep is Honored with this character. I *did* know that it changed, I wasn't sure if it changed for mobs outside instances after you got to honored, and then only bosses and stones at revered.


PS: Character transfers are awesomness. It was great to play my poor, unloved druid again, and I can now play my hunter with some good friends, both on Kirin Tor! ^^
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Rogue advice

I am close to level 57 and I have been starting to do harder instances (BRD, Dire Maul, etc.). I usually use two swords when I am by myself doing quests and then I use daggers inside instances to use ambush and backstab. Is this a good strategy? Is it better to use 2 swords in instances too? I just want to know what is best so that I can roll need on things that will help me be a better rogue overall. Any opinions are welcome. Thanks everybody!
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stor trooper

Young mage indecision!

I've a young mage (just hit 30) and I'm wracked with indecision, so I hoped posting here might elicit some advice from this fabulous community.

The indecision is talents. Having just received my 21st talent point, I'm in a position where I could get some serious effectiveness from one of the three trees (arcane, fire, frost). My points are currently split between fire and frost in an elementalist kind of build -- a couple of nice things such as Impact (chance for fire spells to stun), Pyroblast and Improved Frost Nova in an 11/10 split.

I'm not sure whether to respec or not. The cost isn't an issue right now but I don't want to respec multiple times, it would quickly beggar me! I look at the 21-point talents in each tree -- Presence of Mind, Blast Wave and Ice Block all look great -- and I'm torn. Should I throw all my eggs in one basket; will I gain much from doing this?

If I had one specific playstyle I'd optimise for it, but I don't really. I've spent a great deal of time levelling with a priest friend (although that might stop soon--but that's angst and drama, and not mage talk). I do solo as well, and I'd quite like to get some PvP in before I hit 40. Frost seems better for soloing; fire will let me burn stuff faster in a duo; and arcane has a lot of nifty tricks for PvP and emergencies. Can't have all three though! I'm attracted to weird but effective builds rather than cookie-cutters, as it is... Any advice appreciated :)

Avast, me hearties!

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*EDIT: If you are actually interested in this, check out the WoW Wiki Bloodsail Page for more information. It's really detailed, and gives you all the pros and cons of doing this. It helped me a lot.
(On a personal note, I suggest if you are farming them alone, to just sit in the entrance and pick off the two at the entrance and two in the tunnel, because it's safer than using the spot they recommend in the guide.)
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Guild woes

I'd finally gotten into the recruitment guild for an End-Game guild my boyfriend is a member of.
Suddenly between the time I logged out this morning and logged in this afternoon the recruit guild had been disbanded, those who were online (4 people) got invited to the main guild, everyone pretty much got told to take a hike.
I wish my boyfriend had enough say to put me in there, but since he doesn't play much anymore, its not really his place.

So now my main 60 on windrunner (NE Druid) is guidless, halfway through Zul'Gurub quests and fairly lonely.

I hate when stuff like this happens.