July 7th, 2006

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is this normal?

yesterday while grinding for cooking ingredients in westfall, I get a tell outa nowhere. "cutting the price by 1s won't work for you this time." I was rather confused by this. naturally. so I ask what he or she is talking about, and they said "you'll see." there was a little more to the conversation, where I thought he or she was insulting me (claimed not to be) or gloating (claimed not to be) and where I continued to say I didn't get the point of them talking to me. but anyway. seeing that this person is in stormwind I deduce they're in AH and actually took the time to pst me to tell me they weren't buying my auction because it was a lower price than someone elses. AH on my normal server is like this all the time; not sure about this one as it is my backup server. someone cuts your price so it looks more attractive but they still want to get as much out of it as they can. not exactly sporting, but it's an auction house, so I don't complain. besides, the price the other person set on the item was so ridiculously low, it was only 2s above vendor price. in any case, the reason I'm posting here is because I'm astounded and confused why someone would actually take the time to tell me they weren't buying my auction. is it really so bad to do that? anything similar happen to anyone else?
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Quest for HWL......

Hey everyone! how are you all doing? well i have had a ruff 2 days so dont mind if this turns into a rant. So on june 20th Kharti made General (12th rank)! i was so excited and so happy i cried, all the work i put into my character and pvping really paid off, im really happy for myself and along with a lot of my friends i have made along the way, great people btw im so glad they are around to root me on even when im down and out and wonder why im pushing and pusuing this. =) they make me smile. so here is a little story on why i am pushing this and than i will tell you about my horrible past 2 weeks.  (story time followed by nap time).... So wayyyy back in the day when i was a young 60 shaman i decided i was going to take the route of pvp, after admiring our first shm hwl, i said to myself one day i will be a hwl one day i will have that shield one day i will have those shoulders.... one day. so there it is i started to pvp more than i already was, not pushing REAL hard, so a while passes and i start to talk to our first hwl ever. and we were discussing why do people in tier 2/ purple gear pvp and what was the point of it. he said "its better than sitting around orgrimarr with their thumb up their arse" than there was some other stuff was said and i asked him "if you were me, what would you do?" he said "I'd Go for HWL" and sooooo the dream to quest all the way to HWL. I worked hard to get to Liet Gen(11th rank). I lost it a few times because i was slackin off. So a few weeks i desided i was going to pvp until i got confortable into rank 11, so i can play with my other chars and start my hunter in pvp land. that did not happen! I decided i wanted more! so i kept going, and i got my general rank! now heres where the drama and the advice i need comes in girls (and guys cause im going to put this in my journal) 
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Hi all!
I dinged 50 with my main (Lindome) a couple of days ago! I might bother you all with a screen later!

Anyhow, I aways post questions and this time I'm wondering about gear/stats!
Lindome is a mostly feral druid (29 points) with some resto points (10?). I might respec her because all I ever do is heal anyways and I miss casting spells which I did with my other druid that I gave up on. Anyhow, my question is about gear and stats which always confuse me. If I'm correctly the manual says that I should go for stamina, intellect and spirit. What should I go for? At the moment I'm trying some weird mix (of ugly clothes) that I suspect is not helping!

It seems like I'll never get rid of my noobness! :P

Should I stay our should I go?

Today opens up server transfers for my current, main server (Silver Hand) as well as many others. With this news, our Guild Leader has said he wants to move the guild off of the server onto a smaller, less-populated one. Going from an RP server to a Normal one. Guild support has been pretty overwhelming. At least 60 have said they want to go so far. It might be more by this time, as that number was something I saw yesterday after the guild meeting that launched the news.

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if i was a manga character...

OT question

Sorry, I figured that some of you gals might know the answer to this question.

Has anyone purchased any shirts (or anything) from Cafepress?

I was curious about the quality of their tee shirts and other materials. Do the shirts last long? Are they thin? Bad material? Comfortable? Bad after one wash?

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Thanks for all the replies, and I look forward to more--

Was just curious if anyone can post pictures of them, etc. Just curious to the methods they use, etc...

Anyone on Ysera?

Well, we're still thinking about this paid character transfer thing, and now Ysera seems to be a good fit for us time-wise.  So, my questions are this:

Anyone here play Horde side on Ysera?  If so, can anyone recommend a semi-casual end-game raiding guild based on Eastern time?

We're still a package deal.  Currently, our group is:

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So that's 7 of us - all RL friends, all experienced gamers, all not terribly interested in PvP, all adults.  No epic mounts, no piles and piles of gold, no "l33t d00d" attitudes.  At least 4 of us are interested in raiding at least a couple nights a week, probably more.  We're not gear-oriented, and don't mind helping new guilds get rolling with end-game content (we're not all heavily experienced, either).  None of us are particularly interested in starting a guild due to real-life time constraints, which is why we're looking for a home.

We'd been offered some suggestions on servers, but Llane and Medivh are not accepting transfers - those are the only reasons we're not thinking of them!

We're also not sold on Ysera, but MUST find an EST server - we all have real jobs on day shift which are forcing us out of our current PST homeworld.  If you are on an EST server that is taking transfers, and we would be a good fit for your Horde side guild, please let us know!

Gnome Rogue Needs a Home

I have suddenly discovered an urge to roll a Gnome Rogue named Equiwtf. However, I'm out of space for characters on Whisperwind, and I want only horde on Bronzebeard. So I'm interested in a PvE realm and possible guild where an extremely slowly leveling, frequently quiet but occasionally opinionated Gnome Rogue with an odd name will be welcome. I'll probably also roll a bank/auction character named Equibank (just because I find life easier that way).

Evenings and weekends are my typical play times, and I'm in the central time zone (US). Though I have no intention to raid on this character, some guilds do have higher and lower activity times of day.

I do not care about battlegrounds or PvP. I would prefer to avoid queues, though I realize it's difficult to predict which servers will develop queues in the future. I love servers with ridiculously destroyed economies - where I can sell a stack of copper bars for 1G and a stack of (insert random herb) for 5G.

So, any suggestions?

Thanks, ladies.