July 2nd, 2006

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Being increasingly frustrated in our alliance raiding guild, with being paladins ("Where's bok?!OMGBOK!BOKYOUNOOB!" grows really really old) and with our server in general me and my boyfriend decided to roll undead 'toons on Wildhammer (EU). He went mage, and I decided to go for a warrior, something completely different from the paladin/mage or druid I usually play ally side. We are still playing our mains, but these are just fun characters, doing quests we haven't done to death already and on a server that actually moves. We're having a blast and having started our levelling at a reasonable pace it seems as though our first 5-man may soon be upon us.

And I'm terrified. I have absolutely no idea of how to tank. I've seen a few how to tank guides but they mostly seem aimed at the endgame and so I would really appreciate any tips on how to play my baby warrior in groups. I really don't want to suck and incurr the wrath of any squishies I let down, so all your help would be appreciated.

Oh and if anyone is on EU Wildhammer hordeside and fancies a chat or something, send a /w to Roera :)
Rogues Do It From Behind

It's on topic! Kinda...


Lil "quiz/test" that gives you a -D&D Character- based on the answers.

Myself: True Neutral Elf Ranger Bard
--Eh what can I say really? I am a music loving apathetic hippy that can fend for herself.

Eyris (60 Elven Priest): Neutral Good Half-Elf Cleric Ranger
--Well she has lived over half her life with the dwarves so that can account for the "half-elf" nature. She -is- a priest, so very much a priest, and not of the shadow variety. As for the -ranger- well her father was a druid and she knows a thing or two about surviving.

Drakka (50 Dwarven Rogue): True Neutral Dwarf Thief Ranger
--Apathetic lil dwarf that keeps to herself and does what needs be done for the time being without any true regards towards "good" and "evil".

Magdalenah (42 Human Rogue): Chaotic Evil Human Thief Bard
--Well just today she was killing and eating the Scarlet Crusade members for something they did to her husband -ages- ago. If you cross her -once- there is pretty much -nothing- you can do to get in her good graces again. And well she is a master of disguise and a pusher of information and will twist things around for whatever reason she deems worthy at the time.

Briena (30 Human Warrior): Lawful Good Human Fighter Paladin
--She -is- a protector. Briena "Meatshield" Orestes. Raised in the Stormwind Orphanage and to this day visits at least once a week to make sure everyone is okay. Stands guard outside the orphanage while the scourge have been invading. Very much a -protector of the people-.

Just cracked me up that I plug in the answers for my characters and well it's pretty much spot on. Makes me feel a lil tingly inside. As in -woohoo none of my characters are so totally out there that they make NO sense at all for their profession/race.- And well it's just hilarious to see the quiz tell you nearly exactly what you already know.
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I figured I'd ask you ladies since I'm sure some of you have the same interest..

I love roleplaying and the like, but am not on a roleplay server, and being in the guild I'm in, I wouldn't transfer to one anyway right now, because I wouldn't want to leave my guild.

Thus, I will ask: do any of you know of any place that is well-maintained and quality-controlled out of game to roleplay your characters? Such as an IRC channel, an MU, a forum, a livejournal community..

I know this may seem like a bit of an odd request, but my server, while PvE, isn't RP friendly at all, and I would really like a chance to RP my characters somewhere.
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Rare - Annoying - Pets

Windrunner is having a rolling restart.

I'm heading to ratchet now to place myself infront of 'Humar the Pridelord'

Wish me luck, I had to give my original one up because there's only so much of a chance a hunter gets to grab a Frostwolf from Alterac Valley...so I did.

So now I'm wondering the Barrens above Ratchet calling 'Here kitty kitty kitty....'

Note: It takes 7 minutes to fly to Ratchet from Auberdine.

EDIT: I gave up and went for this, Ghost Saber. I named her Shadowcat. 
(My hunter is named Kittypride...if anyone notices a connection between me and my pets name...you get a cookie)

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