July 1st, 2006


A strange occurance

For some really odd reason, I have garnered the attention of one of the top druids of one of the top raiding guilds on my server.

I had grouped with him a few times.  His guild is know to be full of arrogant players, but he's pretty down to earth.

In the middle of an Alchemy lab run in Scholo, I get a message from him asking why a player such as myself has not yet joined his guild.  I call him on it, then he later admits that may not have been the best opening line of a conversation.  But he does remeber the groups in which we ran together and was impressed for what I can do considering I only have my Dungeon set 1 and partial 0.5 upgrades.

He has been very attentive to me and is actually very polite in asking questions.  Also, one of his friends from his guild(SR)  has come to my guild(IFWB) for personal issues regarding the officer of the old guild (SR).  So he actually got on our guild vent and we chatted a bit as we were killing ghoulies.

Now what does this all mean to me?  I DON'T KNOW!!!

What is one supposed to think?  Any of you ladies had this happen to you?

EDIT: Oh, I play a Tauren Shaman.
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I had to show these to you guys. Just today I went through my screencap folder (after a rather funny occurence) and resized all my screencaps to show you... ignore the crappy gif quality, please :)

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Farming advice!

I know quite a few of you have worked towards cross-racial mounts, I've decided to do the same.. I wondered if anyone knew of good places to get loads of runecloth .. Preferably with some chances of other good drops too (and maybe even reputation with one or other faction), as I'm still saving for the mount itself -- buying the cloth isn't an option :)

Thanks all!

(Edit: Feral druid, not really built for farming *sigh*)
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