June 30th, 2006

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wtf? minor rant.

If anyone plays on Magtheridon, the following are idiots. Just an FYI:

It really bugs me when people feel the need to be assholes and ruin the game for people who don't have time to be on it 24/7.

Edit: US Magtheridon server, Horde. My boyfriend and I don't get to play too terribly much, especially not together, and were more in the mood to just run around doing random quests than anything else last night. We were in a guild with someone (not listed) who switched to and then merged with the one the above players were in. Generally, the guild has been nothing but a bunch of cocky twits since we joined. I've been meaning to look for a new guild but haven't been on more than two or three times in the last month or so. Annnyway. He asked where something was in Arathi and rather than being remotely helpful they said no because of his name (Juggerrnaut) and then proceeded to go on with all sorts of silly jokes. So he thanked them for the help they didn't give and quit the guild. It was something that was going to be done anyway.

Theeeeeen they felt the need to make a huge issue out of it and when I piped up (since I hadn't left yet -- curiosity killed the cat) they asked how we didn't know they didn't have "more important" things to do than give directions to people who are too lazy to find it themselves. You'd think we were on all the time asking where stuff is, eh? I happen to like wandering around and finding stuff when I have time to, but not when I'm only going to be on for an hour or two. At least we don't spam for gold. Mind you, this whole time they bantered about having better things to do they're typing up a storm in guild chat, which is all they ever do. They're very fond of themselves.

On the plus side, we found where we needed to go and grouped with a few people -- one of whom was a hunter named Juggurnaut whose pet was named Charles. It was entertaining.

Sooo. If anyone knows any decent guilds who are recruiting in the 40+ range (he's a level 42 Tauren Warrior, I'm only 38 at the moment but I tend to do 2-3 levels when I have enough time to work on it) let me know -- Onomaya, Tauren Druid.
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Was making a Troll hunter alt and the game generated the name... Fartkilla. I'm not joking. I thought I'd seem some pretty funny and or "famous" names generated by the game but that one took the cake. I rofl'ed quite a bit. (Ended up going with a slightly altered game generated name for my new alt, Unjagoro.)

Any other REALLY odd / funny / weird / offensive names that the game has generated for you?

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Children Playing WoW

I've read several posts about some of you who also have children who play wow, or watch you play, but today I came across something that actually disturbs me quite a bit. The guild I'm in has recently grown immensely in numbers, trying to become a standalone raiding guild. One of the newer recruits happens to be 9 years old, with a level 60. He plays WoW probably as much as the rest of us addicts and this isn't the first 60.

It just strikes me as.. *weird*, creepy weird. Mostly because it seems he's entirely unsupervised.

He just hangs out on our vent channel listening to different conversations, and several of our most vocal vent residents are hardcore pvpers -- and like most of the people I know, get very excitable (read: OMGZ I f___ing pwned that damn pally.. and so on).

The core guild until now had a youngest member of 17 or so. Swearing in vent wasn't much of an issue, and most of the pvp chatter happens in specific channels.

For some reason having someone that young playing wow, in a raiding guild, on vent, all day.. rubs me the wrong way.

Server transfer to Turalyon!

Please feel free to remove this if the mods feel it's inappropriate. I'm posting here primarily because I trust you ladies, and I would be honoured to be a part of any of your guilds.

Okay ladies, remember my post about server transfers? Well, one of the servers we're considering transfering to is Turalyon (US-PvE).

There are three of us (on the alliance side): Lunani, 60 druid (24/0/27), Galirn, 60 paladin (uber healer spec...he told me to say that, he's holy-spec. =P), and Farianna, 60 druid (feral spec, something like 14/32/5). We're all in tier 1/tier 2 gear, and we learn PvE progression quickly.

Anyone here from Turalyon that would welcome three hardcore-ish raiders? We already have a couple horde toons on Turalyon, which is why it's at the top of our list.

On that note, anyone from a Central PvE server whose guild might be looking for three healers in the near future, when transfers from Dethecus are possible?

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Ladies, I posted this on my personal LJ, but I thought I'd share because it's share-worthy. Be aware, this is NOT WoW-related, but it IS about a little girl (wow_ladies, after all!) and I think you all wanna see this video.


There's a new NBC show called America's Got Talent. It's kind of like a spiffed-up version of The Gong Show and it's not tongue-in-cheek like the latter. Contestants come on stage and perform a variety of acts (everything from your standard singing to a mock strip tease to synchronized kung fu fighting). There is a three-person panel consisting of some fellow with a Bri'ish accent (NOT Simon Cowell), singer Brandy, and David Hasselhoff. I'm assuming they are the regular judges.

In a modernized version of the gong, the judges can push an "X" button, and when you get three Xs while performing, you're summarily booted off.

The goal as a contestant is to be able to perform your entire gig (just a minute or two long, really), and then be given the nod of the judges on a pass/fail to move onto the next round. I'm assuming the semi-finals come later in the season.

Last night, I caught the kung fu fighters... three guys--wait, let me back up--three really good-looking, attractive, beefy, drool-worthy guys doing some incredible flips and mid-air somersaults (look ma, no hands!), all in a synchronized dance-type form set to music. They'd removed their shirts and by the time they were done, they were all heaving from the workout. OH MAMA!!

Well after these guys, a young 11-year-old girl in red hair came on. Brandy asked her name and what she was going to do. This little Bianca Ryan said she was going to sing "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" by Jennifer Holliday. If you aren't familiar with Jennifer Holliday, she was the larger Black woman who sang in the Broadway hit Dreamgirls and who could belt out incredible tunes.

Brandy gave her a look with a slightly upturned nose, and said, "You picked a very hard song to sing." Little Bianca nodded her head. And then she took a breath, and started to sing with the accompanied orchestra (I just checked; there's a live band in the rear of the stage).

What I heard next was something I have NEVER EVER heard coming out of any young woman, much less an 11-year-old. This little Bianca, with her square-hemmed dress and a little ponytail to keep her hair out of her face, in the white ugly platform shoes, had a voice of gold--nay--platinum. I couldn't BELIEVE what I was hearing. This was LIVE. Not a studio-recorded version with tweaks and dubs to fix any problems with the voice. Performed in front of a live audience. OH. MY. GOD.

If you thought Leann Rhimes singing "Blue" at 14 was good, you have GOT to listen to Bianca Ryan. Watch the video. It's posted at the TV show's Web site today. Watch it once. Then watch it a second time after you've recomposed yourself and pulled your jaw up off the desk.

Then replay it a third time. But this time, turn away and don't look at your monitor. Just LISTEN to her voice. She is THAT GOOD.

She was so good I got goosebumps last night. And this morning, watching the video again, it's bringing tears to my eyes.

Flying Mounts

I scanned the last page or so of entries, and didn't see this, but if it's already been posted I'll apologise in advance.

There's a new video up on IGN for the Burning Crusade Expansion, and this one features the flying mounts. It's all done like a TV interview (Gnomeregan Gnews Gnetwork), and it has some nice shots of both Outland and the Nether Drakes. Definitely worth a watch. :D

The only drawback to these babies is: They don't have cup holders!
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Hello ladies. :) I just joined, and as a brief introduction: My name is Seanna (sea - ah - nuh), and I play on Boulderfist, Bloodhoof, and Dark Iron. On Boulderfist I have Caoine, a 60 shadow priest. She was my first character, but I hardly get to play her anymore due to Celoria, my druid on Bloodhoof, whom is in Sovereign Alliance (we're recruiting for a week if you're on Bloodhoof!). Lastly, and lately most lovingly, I have Amyle on Dark Iron. She's an Undead Warlock, and she's been the most fun so far.

Anyway, normally I wouldn't start things off on a ranting note, but I absolutely have to get this off my chest.

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ding! :D

I finally dinged 40 today! Huzzah! My boyfriend and I ran down to Sen'Jin Village and I got my violet raptor -- he's my favorite thing ever. :D

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Raptors are totally the coolest mounts. >.>