June 20th, 2006

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YES! I got the pattern for the Admiral's Hat!

It was on a whim, after turning in a quest at BB, that I (a lvl 37 mage) decided to swim up to the beach full of 40-something warlocks and whatnot, and try to see if I could get to the tailoring vendor and get the pattern (if he even had it). Just as I was swimming up to the beach, some undead guy ran through the camp, aggroing everything in sight. Freaking out about my good luck, I threw on my mana shield and ran up to the vendor. Sure enough, he had the pattern! :D YAY!

So basically, I don't actually need this hat, but... it is the Admiral's Hat. It's so gorgeously naval. I only need to lvl my tailoring and I'll be the grooviest troll mage on Kel'Thuzad. 8D


I think some of the US server ladies have commented that today is patch day for them. Does anyone know if EU servers are getting the 1.11 patch tonight?
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Mage Builds for 1.11

I'm sure this has probably been discussed, but I've been out of LJ-land for awhile. I was totally incorporated into my guild, became an officer and guild bank. I'm no longer said officer (ignore my icon ;)) and kinda taking a break from playing non-stop. Anyhow, from what I heard, the new instances are going to be frost/shadow. I originally was planning an arcane/frost build (17/0/34) but I don't want to have to respec later on. I've got to have Arcane Concentration and Arcane Resilience (any extra armor helps) and Improved Counterspell is not bad. Obviously if I spend any more points elsewhere I won't be able to get any higher tier stuff, and I *really* want Ice Barrier.

What are your thoughts, mages?
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You know, this is really quite amusing --- awhile ago, I posted an entry where I wrote (I can't find it now :P) about how I got this guy kicked out of Uther's Light and how the GL told me that she'd been wishing she could /gkick him for months. She thanked me, and he got kicked. I was happy! (I had complained about the guy to her because he followed me around winterspring harrassing me and being really mean. Other people have told me that they know him and that he's on their ignore lists.)

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Your favourite WOW Myth

We've all heard them, those things that "happened to someone i know"... care to share your favourites?

We had the best example in our raid yesterday, we were at satura and our druid elder said "if you see me suddenly recieve an epic, dont worry, i just used my [crazy grab bag]"

Apparently somewhere it said (i think thotbott comments) that using this bag would allow you to access the loot table of the nearest mob for an item. He paid a lot of gold and got a green bracers "of the eagle" so much mockery ensued!

But i definately think my all time favourite comes from UBRS, when myself and 2 other hunters were screamed at by a part member for using multishot duing the rend fight.


Even after much explanation that no, that wouldnt happen, this guy was STILL exclaiming that he'd seen it happen before :D
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thanks for the help.. new problem

thanks to everyone for the links for the download. i've finally gotten it downloaded, but installing seems to be a whole new monster. for the past 2 hours the blizzard updater has been at 0% and flashing is "Waiting for files to close...". anyone know what that's about, what files i may need to close, or a way to get it to work?

thanks :)
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webrat beat me to it on worldofwarcraft, but


it couldn't be General, nooo. it had to be LFG. because while I'm in ashenvale needing a group for blackfathom deeps, I really, really care about who needs help killing Lieutenant Fangore in redridge, or who just two whole tins of sardines. blizzard isn't some 2000-player korean company (coming from someone who played ragnarok online for three years) who don't really pay attention to user complaints, right? shouldn't they have known that LFG will have been severely spammed much to the discontent of the entire server population should it become universal?

why, blizzard, why!?!

in other news, this patch has made me EXTREMELY giddy :D higher item stacks, the keyring not even taking up one slot in my bags, un'goro and ratchet flightpaths (so glad I logged out in un'goro last night instead of hearthing), and I even took the liberty of reorganizing my boyfriend's messy bank and bags.. man, I don't know what's wrong with me ;-; and did I mention I am a feral druid with innervate hell yes

wheee. best patch since sliced bread.
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Database servers update

It seems I have falled quite a bit behind in keeping the server lists updated. Today I went through and added 56 servers to the community database.

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I will be weeding out characters registered to the "realm not listed" group soon, so if you have a character that needs to be updated, please do so. If your realm still isn't listed, please drop a note. Thanks.

New Patch...


The new patch won't load properly. It does 83%
and then says there's an issue with the tracking.
I've tried turning off my firewall and all.

sniffle...I'm at 32 and was really going to push
to 40 to get my horse...whimper
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again with the questions...

seeing as this is the largest gathering of players who have druids, i figured i'd ask here: beyond first aid, what are the most recommended trade skills?

i'm torn between leatherworking/skinning and alchem/herbalism and any other combination. (already have first aid)
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Me Portrait me by subvocaled@pearlseas


Reached lvl 50 the other day! Fantastic! Never thought I'd reach this far with this game. :-D And I am so in love with my sweet huntress. Will be very intresting to grind for epix with her. :-P

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Wohoo! Me mucho proud! :-D
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curse-gaming gone bonkers?

Hey ladies, has anyone else been having issues with curse-gaming lately? The past day or two I've been trying to get to my Favorites page, but....

1) I log in, it sends me to the redirect page where it thanks me for logging in,

2) it redirects me back to the add-ons page,

3) when the add-ons page loads, it does NOT show me as logged in, and I can't find the Favorites link ANYWHERE!! @_@

Argh. Anyone know what's up with this?

PS: I've tried logging in with both Firefox and IE, still no good. ;_;
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