June 1st, 2006

my shadow mocks me

A short, funny story

I did two Gnomer runs today, both with PUGs (I don't have any friends who play, and the guild whose invitation I accepted has been inactive forever). During the second run, we did the tangential quasi-quest given by Blastmaster Emi Shortfuse. Basically you click on her and she starts talking about how she has to blow up two cave openings to seal in a bunch of troggs.
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The Fall-Lee

My first MC run

I thought I'd share my tale of woe.
So, I went to MC last night on my warlock with a bunch of people from my own guild and te 2 other guilds that we have an alliance with. We were doing pretty well considering like only 5 of us had ever been before. By the time we got to Lucifron, 3 epics had dropped. One of those shiny purple items was some Felheart Bracers. I just about wet myself at the thought of maybe winning them as I've been 60 for a month and still have no epics. We get to the little cubby before Lucifron and decide to hand out the drops that had come so far. I'm yelling in guild chat for everyone to wish me luck on my roll as there were 4 other locks in the raid....

and then I rolled....

a 1.


If you're going to lose a roll, you might as well lose in style, or at least that's my boyfriend tried to tell me to make me feel better as he was there too. Oh well, at least just about everyone got a good laugh out of it.

We wiped twice on Lucifron, and then I had to leave to get to bed for work. They took him out on the next try and then got the next boss. We are going again tonight. and I'll probably go with again. Hopefully I'll have better luck tonight.
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Are there any lovely ladies from Shadowsong on here?

I'm a 60 NE druid, and have been running MC for a few months as part of a guild alliance so we could stay in our guild while still getting to do end game content. The casualness of the alliance though isn't working for me. Even the leaders have a tendency to regularly be no shows. We swing from taking down 6 bosses in one weekend to wiping on trash mobs from week-to-week depending upon who is leading and playing.

My SO and I (he's our MT/OT in MC) have been looking for a new guild that has regularly scheduled MC and ZG runs (BWL would be nice but I'm trying to be inclusive in this search), and has enough folks on the West Coast (it's a west coast server, but our guild is full of east coasters) that getting a run together on a non-raid night at 6:00 server isn't a once in a blue moon occurence. NOTE: I really like my GM and some of the core guildies, but this is not the same guild we joined initially -- the 3-ZG runs per week and half of the initial dozen core raiders are all distant memories.

We've been shown interest by guilds who require applying on their registered-users only forums, who then can't be bothered to approve the request for an account; we've gone on trials runs with guilds who have unspoken rules such as their dragonscale leatherworking gets all the black dragonscale (he called me a ninja for skinning! AND he had 300 skinning to my 315!) and their hunter got both blue weapons that dropped off Gyph b/c they "really are a set" over my SO, and their priest bitched at me for being higher on the healing meters than him.

So, to say I am discouraged would be an understatement.

Would love to know if any of you know of some good endgame guilds on Shadowsong, or any good tactics for test-driving guilds before you buy...
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Surma and Raynard (Gunnerkrigg Court)

What would you do?

This isn't very important but I would like opinions, anyway, because I am notorious for being indecisive (to a fault).

I posted a long time ago asking if I should give the priest class a try. I got a lot of good opinions and I ended up rolling a Human Priestess who is now level 41. I'm really, really enjoying the class (though I tend to really enjoy squishie caster classes) - shadow specced, she does a heck of a lot of damage and hardly takes any herself, thanks to the new and improved PW:S.

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(no subject)

Rawr. I'm rawring here cause I'm tired of being mature and I want to be able to snap my fingers and make everyone happy and getting along like they were last week. Our guild is falling apart because of TWO people. TWO. Exactly. Because they are being dickheads to our GM and won't listen and they are both grown adults who have stooped to swaering at younger member of our guild, both time AND age-wise. The kid's 14, leave him alone!!! You are NOT superior just ebcause you don't want to raid and he does. These two peopel are also trying to get all the new people dropped from the guild, proclaiming that they want it to go back to the way it was before. Before what? Before Shrith came and took responsibility and became GM and pulled the guild together because neither of you two were willing to do shit for it??? Le sigh. Looks like I'll be looking for a new guild shortly. :(

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I keep getting whispers like this...

My character's name is Shuna, which I picked simply because I liked the sound. But several people have told me it means "hot" or "sexy girl" in Maltese...
Has anybody else here learned your character name unintentionally meant something in another language?


Guild <3

One of the best things to experience in a game like this is to be with a group of people you feel is family. :) The guild I'm in is full of people I know IRL...but even if I didn't, it is an awesome group of people. Perhaps that isn't the norm, I don't know. Usually you'll hear about the unnecissary drama that goes on in a guild or with an alliance of guilds.

So, I ran BRD on my lvl 50 Priest. It was my first time there, running with mates. It was running late, so we all called it before getting to the bar. I know I'm on the low side, but the experience is still good, and so is the company. Anywho, next day I log in and check my mailbox and I find:


OMG!!! From one of my guildmates. I'm floored! I know people do nice things in the game, and this was very nice. So - what's the nicest thing a guildmate or fellow player has done for you?
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wtg noob

(no subject)

So, I recently took a closer look at my Titan Bar that keeps track of how long I have played my characters. I was shocked to find out I had been playing my main, Feronia, for 42 days! I was even more horrified when I did the math and played that out over a year's time, which is roughly how long I have been playing her (though not exactly a year yet). That is over 11% of the year. That means I have spent over a 10th of the last year playing a game, actually more than that because that's just one of my characters. Of course, I ended up meeting my current bf through WoW and my ex played, long distance relationship, so that's how we spent time together, but either way, that's horrifying! (Though I would like to note I have a tendency of letting myself idle off the game, so about 5-10% of that time is idle time.)

So, just for my sanity, how long have you ladies played some of your characters? Should I just lock the game up and not touch it for a while until I have done something OTHER than play?
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Is anyone's else game trying to download this 97.something mg patch from Blizzard called wow-patch?

It tries to download in the background, but causes hellish lag...

PLUS, I cant get past 786k of it.

Any ideas how important this is?? I heard that it is the graphics part of 1.11. BUT, filefront didn't have this patch when I looked for it 10 min ago.

Anyone have this at a different place where I can grab it? Or even know anything about it??

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Pirate flag
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Ladies PvP guild... now with more fun polls

Alright, quite a few people responded to yesterdays poll Here. There seems to be enough interest in creating a ladies guild on a PvP server to give it a try. Obviously more needs to be worked out, so I was hoping to use this post to talk stuff through.

Firstly I'm worried about stepping on the existing ladies guild's collective toes. I play with DotH now and definitely don't want to do anything that would damage that guild (take members away or anything like that). So I guess my first question is whether people in DotH or DotA mind this happening?

Assuming that's ok there are a few things that need to be worked out. Faction, server and name mainly. I'd also be interested to find out what time zones people are in, who's interested in holding positions and generally helping out etc.

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Ok... now it needs a name. I'm rubbish with those kind of things so suggest away ladies.
Roland - Indra! Indra! Indra!

Vent Hosting?

Well, my little casual guild is finally getting to the point where we can start doing things with more than 5 people. Right now, my husband runs a vent on his computer, and at the moment, it seems to be okay for 5-man instance runs and the like. But it prevents anybody from our guild showing up and just hanging around, as well as prevent us from fielding a full 10-man guild run (or higher) of something thanks to the slots that version uses.

So, I'm looking at places that host vent servers... But I was wondering if any of you fine ladies could recommend a few?

Arakawa - Nino-san
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(no subject)

Hello all!
To prove that I'm a complete noob I have some questions!

My main is level 43 (nelf druid) and I'm actually getting bored of running around in the Scarlet Monastery! My question is this... what instances do I do next and all about them? And where do I get the quests for them?

Zydrate, Deadbetty, graverobber


My first purple drops, and I can't use it! Bloody hell, how IRRITATING!

The Green Tower

Damn hunters' inability to use shields!

And I was just peacefully minding my own buisness, grinding for scorpid scales in Tanaris. This had best sell well. /grump