May 25th, 2006


New to the game and the Comm

Hello, my name is Kadie and I just bought WoW yesterday. I guess I'm not a noob to the type of game as I was playing a not as good one Neverwinter Nights for a couple months and my boyfriend, Carlos, and I just got fed up with it. He told me about WoW and I was immediatly intrigued. I ordered the strategy guides off amazon and then picked up my own copy of the game yesterday. Took about an hour to install but it was well worth it. My first toon Maschingona is a gnome Rouge who will be a skinner and leatherworker. On Nwn Carlos and I often did same race same, close to same name (usually a mistress and a king but those names can't be used here) and same class so his toon (not his first since he played over a year ago and recovered his account) is Maschingon and a warrior.

For only playing for about 3 or so hours yesterday I am already loving it. I'm only level 6 but already have a feeling I won't make it to 60 until the new expansion pack comes out ;) I took a screenshot of our toons, it's not to good of a screenshot but I thought it was cute.

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SOOOOOOO about a week ago I applied to an end-game guild, and today I got a response to send one of the officers a tell in-game!! I hope I can get invited and get back to raiding!! I'm super excited ATM hehehe =), and the GM doesn't sound like a crazy PMS chick either wewt!!
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More monitor help

You ladies were so helpful with my request for help on choosing a monitor, that I decided to pick your brain again.

I now have the monitor and started to set it up last night. But! I am having a little bit of an issue when I tested WoW with it.

I have it set up so that the new monitor "extends" from the laptop monitor. When I tried to make it the default monitor, it did something really funky and I had a small heart attack thinking I'd broken something serious. After about 10 heart pounding minutes, I got it back the way it was.

So....I had WoW in windowed mode and moved the window onto the monitor from the laptop. BTW, it looks really beautiful....the difference in quality between the two monitors was just astounding. Anyway, the problem is that it's kinda like I'm having lag, but I'm not. Instead of the continuous motion of the characters and mouse, it's like it's skipping a step or two.

I tried a few things, but probably not enough because it was getting quite late by this point.

I played around with different settings in the video options, but it didn't make too much difference. I didn't turn the new monitor's resolution way down (have it set about where was recommended in the manual). I thought maybe it was a bit of lag at first and left SW for Elwynn, and it improved slightly. Tried playing with the size of the window and again had very slight improvement.

I'm not totally sure what is causing the problem. A few of my speculations are:

1) My computer in general is having issues trying to support another monitor. My laptop is not super-great, but it's always run WoW without any problems once I got enough RAM (2 512mb cards).
2) The video card is too sucky to handle the awesomeness of the monitor. :P (I forgot to pull up the details on the video card so I'd have them here at work, sorry.)
3) Some other reason I'm not technically smart enough to figure out.

I was wondering whether getting my hands on some sort of docking station (think that's what they're called) would help. If I could just keep the laptop shut so that that monitor isn't active, maybe that would work. (And kinda make things easier in general.)

Getting a new video card would be doable, if that's the issue. I managed to do the RAM without issues. The little door on the bottom of the laptop helped with that, but not sure if there is one whereever the video card is. If changing the video card means opening up the laptop....that, I'm a bit nervous about.

If anyone has any ideas, suggestions, troubleshooting tips, I'd greatly appreciate it.

ETA: Forgot to add that I did try to play with the refresh rate, but there was only one option. Is this normal?
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Woe is me...

Well, after levelling 2 druids to 60 (one on my account, one on the boyfriends) I've been working on my hunter, whom is now 45, mounted and mail-armoured up.

So, for a break, I thought to work on my mage (also the fact my other characters banks are sick of being filled with the mage's enchanting and tailoring supplies people consistantly send me) .
I have three questions for any mages out there:

Q#1: So, I ask for anyone who has been through the trauma of felcloth/mooncloth, removing the need to make things for others, just how much Felcloth did you need to level up or are you able to use runecloth all the way past 225 Tailoring? (My mage is 30, so she is stuck at 225) or did you require a heavy load of felcloth for crafting and changing into mooncloth?

The reason I ask is because I'm a bit low level to farm any felcloth at the moment, but my boyfriend is willing to stop farming runecloth (correction, hes damn glad to be seeing the end of the DM ogres in the outside instance) and start on Felcloth (for a change of scenery I'm sure!) which brings me to
 Q#2: Does anyone also know where a good spot for Felcoth drops are? Knowing me and my levelling, I'll be 35 before he knows it.

Q#3: I've got my talent points spread about my trees, mainly in Fire at the moment, I'm wondering what would be the best spec to take until LVL60? Any ideas or sugestions would be awesome.
Her specs are: 7 Arcane / 8 Fire / 6 Frost

I thank in advance for any answers submitted, I wish you all a good day and happy hunting! 

A conversation my boyfriend and I had last night, behind a cut because its a bit rude. (mods remove if you wish)
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nyc - city life

Ruined instance experiences

I'm level 50 now and I haven't done an instance since Zul Farrak when I was level 46 or so. So last night I got a group for Maraudon. I had never been there before but too bad for me my group skipped ahead to do a "Princess run". It was a very short run and we were rushed through everything by the group leader. I did end up getting some hawt boots for my rogue [Albino Crocscale Boots] +20 agility! Pretty nice :)
I am hoping to do Mara again (the whole thing this time) and I am dying to do the sunken temple. I realized that this is one of my pet peeves in the game though. People who invite you to a group then suddenly say oh but we are doing the short cut. This happened to me in Gnomer recently on my warlock alt too. Some people actually want to explore, do quests, have fun and see everything! Not just collect the best loot and get out of there asap. Grr!
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Heys all, I'm new here although not new to WoW :p
Thought I should say Hi, and maybe do a character line-up...who knows we may share a server :D

A-hum *clears throat* Well there is Frostshot my 60 NE Hunter on Skullcrusher, my first n00b toon she has a special place in my heart. And then there was Boneweaver, my 60 UD Priest on Firetree which was my foray into Horde territory, fun fun. My current main is Lucyifer a 56 Human Priest on Jube'thos, I just rerolled there to play with some friends and thought it was about time I played on an Oceanic, as I am an Aussie after all. I'm just PeeVeePeeing with Lucyifer, it's so much fun XD

Hopefully I'll be more then a lurker, but who knows!
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How long should one wait between submitting an application to a guild and writing it off as rejected? Is it appropriate to apply to more than one guild at once, especially when joining as a low-demand, high-quantity class?

It's frustrating when guilds have open recruitment forums. On the one hand, I like to know when my guildmates are going to run off. On the other hand, I don't want everyone on the planet to know what I am considering doing with my time and character.

Let me clarify and say that I'm not in a guild currently on my main. Every day I'm not in a guild is a day that I'm leveling my priest, leveling my druid, gearing up Avril, or trying to farm AD faction. There's not a rush per se, but I want to know where I'm going next.
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Yet another ding post and a question.

After shelving my priest for a couple months around level 30, she finally dinged 60 last night :)

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All in all, I've found that I really enjoy playing a shadow priest. I think I may respec holy/disc for a while to try it out, especially considering I'll be running instances like mad trying to gear up to go to MC. My boyfriend's trying to convince me to stay shadow though so the locks in our raids can get the extra shadow damage, but I'm still undecided. So I was wondering if there are any raiding shadow priests in the community.

If so, what kind of specs would you recommend? I've been messing around a bit with the talent calculator, and I'm looking at a shadow/holy build rather than the shadow/disc build I've leveled with. There are some disc talents that I'll really miss though like Improved Power Word: Fortitude, Meditation, and Inner Focus. If I pick up just enough in shadow to get Shadow Weaving, I could go with a tri-spec, but I'm kind of reluctant to spread myself so thin. So any suggestions?


I don't know if this has been posted yet but:

How bout the new Alliance Race, Draenei's? My guy friend was bickering about how they look more like something or another from the book, which I have not read.

Supposedly the new Horde Race, Blood Elve's, were added to give the horde a more appealing character to create, (because apparently the Tauren were not sexy enough :( ). I personally prefer Horde, just because, no hatred towards Alliance at all or anything, but I feel the beauty they are trying to pull for the Horde is being over shadowed by the unique new Alliance character, I mean, for God's sake, IT HAS HOOFS!

Feed back please ^_^ And feel free to delete this if the subject has been posted prior >
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Hi Ladies...does anyone know where I can get a full list of emotes? I saw someone using a few that I hadn't seen before and I started wondering what other funny ones I'm missing out on. I would appreciate the help. :)
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I rarely do this, mostly because I tend to forget to take screenshots of things and when I do, I forget to paste and save them, but this time I remembered! I would like to introduce everyone to my wonderful Dreadsteed (Yet to be named):

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