May 10th, 2006

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Thanks for the oomkin input!

I posted a few days ago about respeccing my druid as a Moonkin, and I really appreciate the advice given to me.

Somehow, I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. As a result, my playstyle has become a lot more... methodical I guess is the word.
All along I've been caught up in the resto vs feral world, and never paid much attention to the balance side of things. Playing as a feral (cat primarily), it was very much a "tear mob to bits as fast as possible, if I get into trouble, shift out, repeat" situation. Balance is kind of cool in the mob control aspect, keeping things at a safe distance, and trying not to run out of mana while killing it (though I have to work on that. I put the oom in moonkin as it is)

Though I just have to ask:
What about indoors?

PS: Wrath spam amuses me greatly, especially when it crits for 600+ instead of the normal ~280. Maybe that's what they should be teaching little druids to do in WSG instead of moonfire! moonfire! moonfire! moonfire!

Female Draeni?

I found this image from this forum post.

Think it's legit? Looks like the Blood Elf model with horns and a tail tacked on. They vary greatly from the male models far too much to make me even believe it's the same race! Granted, I like the horns..but...she looks so...weak. Maybe I'm far too use to Horde females actually having meat on their frames.
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Okay, I have a question......and I know that Blizz is trying to shake it up a little, but..why in the hell is Alliance going to get a butt-ugly race and the horde get a pretty race? Blehhhhhhhhh!!!
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Update on Coworker's beta testing for the expansion

From what he can tell, everyone was selected at random.
Seems to be 2 horde, 2 ally from each server.
No character creation at this point, just testing out maps and such.
He's been playing since day one, but met someone in the test server who has only been playing a few months.
Basically, he got an email saying he'd been selected to do the testing and with the email was an executeable server client where the testing occurs.

That's all I've gotten from him so far.

Oh. And apparently they're changing the way you destroy items. You can either destroy the item or drop it for others to pick up.
Not sure how long this dropped item stays around for. I'm thinking this would cause a whooole lot of clutter on screen =/
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(no subject)

so since the news seems to be out, i'm wondering 2 things. 1) where can i find the offical post talking about the new race, and 2) what about classes for horde and alliance?

looking for some linkage, please :)
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45-minute Baron

Looking for some 45-minute Baron advice :)

I am looking forward to running and completing this with my guild on Bronzebeard (Daughters of the Alliance - one of two active all girl guilds that sprang from this community). We have made one "attempt" so far (knowing we wouldn't be able to do it, but wanted to self-time the run - mostly we wanted to scope out the difficulty for us, practice mana conservation, practice which pulls we were going to do, etc).

We are, for the majority, geared in blues. We have about 1 epic each (our gloves from the tier 0.5 upgrades) but mostly are geared out in blues, with some greens (personally, I have 2 "main slot" greens, shoulders and helm, and 2 green rings). We do plan on making some additional gear upgrades, but want to be making attempts as early as possible.

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New Alliance Race Revealed

Today at the E3 convention, the new Alliance Race has been revealed.

It is Eredar.

Story / Lore
"As the thunderous steps of Archimonde's army approached the summit of Mount Hyjal, all hope seemed lost. The camps of Jaina Proudmoore and the Warchief Thrall were overrun, and the forces of Archdruid Malfurian Stormrage were fighting for their life.

Then, the moment feared by all those fighting for the fate of Azeroth arrived. The Night Elf army was overrun, and the great Eredar warlock, destroyer of countless worlds, arrogantly marched to the World Tree. With flames surging in his eyes, he grasped the trunk with one vile claw... and the entire summit was shattered in a burst of brilliant, white light.

When the radiance faded, nothing remained of Archimonde but a charred skeleton, resting in the branches of the fatally-damaged Nordrassil. Malfurion, Jaina, and Thrall emerged from hiding; it was all an elaborate trap designed by Malfurion to take advantage of the demon's arrogance. In his lust for the World Tree's power, he did not notice the gathering flock of wisps take their positions around him and detonate themselves in a torrent of nature's fury.

With their commander gone, the remainder of the Burning Legion's army was cast into disarray. Malfurion and his companions escaped from the summit of Mount Hyjal, and the remaining Night Elves silently reflected upon the sacrifices of their Wisp companions.

Yet, the spirits of the Wisps lived on. Floating invisibly throughout Mount Hyjal and nearby Felwood, they began to slowly intertwine with the demons that had taken up residence there. Almost imperceptively their presence began to twist the forms and minds of the local Satyrs and other foul, demonic creatures.

Now, a handful of these creatures have been transformed in mind and body; they have the thoughts of the Night Elf spirits coarsing through their veins, yet their bodies mutated to take the form of the last creature the Wisps had made contact with -- the Eredar warlock, Archimonde.

Ashamed of their foul appearance, these creatures took into hiding beneath the roots of the shattered World Tree, Nordrassil. Despite their attempts to hide themselves from the outside world, they found themselves under constant seige from the demons who came to view them as abominations.

Now, with their very existance threatened, these Eredar -- demon in form, Night Elf in mind -- have made an impassioned plea to join the Alliance."
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WoW Lore

Hello all!

I've been meaning to ask this for a while, but the recent storm of discussion around the new races has finally made me type it up.

I came into WoW a few months ago with absolutely no background in the Warcraft universe. Except for a few bits and pieces, I know nothing on the lead up to WoW and the lore involved. I'd like to bring myself up to speed. Especially since the stuff on the new races is really making me want to know more.

Does anyone have any guides or links to sites they can recommend that will have a good bit of info? I was also wondering about all the books out there. I know there are some, but I don't know anything about sequence, which ones are good or bad, etc.

I'd be ever so grateful for the recs. :D

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Edit to clarify: I read the stuff on the site about the new races. I'm interested in lore involving the entire WoW universe...the whole shebang.

Reading about the new races was awesome and makes me want to read more as I'm still going "huh" about so much of what they talk about.
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if i was a manga character...

Anyone else have this problem?

So, my ranks of level 40+ characters is growing. I have a Troll Priest (52), Nelf Hunter (60), Nelf Priest (60), and now a Human Warlock (41).

So I ask you ladies this;

Do you ever feel as if you have bad luck when rolling a race?

I love Horde. I love Alliance. But everytime I roll a Horde toon, it's as f I'm doomed to not be able to play that character. Wether it just because of plans failing with a leveling bud, or even the server just being a bad choice. Or even, SHOCK-- boyfriend deciding he wants to roll on another server (why I stopped leveling my Priest, my first toon).

Anyone else have this problem? Wether it be with Horde or Alliance?