May 9th, 2006

Mage Builds for 1.11

I have a mid-30s mage, and I'm looking forward to respeccing when 1.11 is out. But, I'm not the best judge of how talents actually end up affecting real game play (rather than just how they sound in their descriptions). So.

Using - what builds are you experienced mages looking to do after 1.11? What will your goals be? Personally I'm looking for PvE leveling builds, I barely PvP at all, but any thoughts on builds at all are welcome. :D

I'm pretty interested in doing an "elementalist" build, spreading out over fire & frost; right now I'm arcane/fire becaused I wanted evocation and instant arcane explosion!

Edit: I tend to like hybriding across all 3 trees when I make builds, so I ended up looking at something like but again I'm really not very good at judging how something looks on paper compared to how it works in reality. >_>
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Helpfull Links

A great place to find many Mods for wow Ui.

Personally I use the Bongo's Mod for Window adjustments and hotbar..everything is scalable and moveable.

I also use the Perl Classic Party Hud.

Atlas mod for maps of instances.

Those of the community unsure what mods to get or use...the site even shows screen shots of the Ui so you can easily pick and choose what you like.
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Warcraft; the movie

So the E3 is starting and thus we will be flooded with news of geeky goodness (and hopefully more on the new console's). But more importantly some questions will be answered with regards to world of warcraft.

One of these questions has been answered already! Seemingly there will be a World of Warcraft movie in the make.

Here I was silently hoping for a nice anime version of the game rather than seeing Bruce Willis playing a misunderstood orc who needs loving too. Alas! and

I just can imagine Uwe Boll doing this movie... That is going to be so brilliant!
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So . . . I've been experimenting with the Horde. Shh! There are certain times when being my main gets a little too over-bearing and I have to start anew. I rolled a Troll Priest on Steamwheedle, and . . .

I HATE it. Everyone's SO immature. If I ask for help, I get, "urgei lololol". I've even been trying to contact one of these guys so I could join a guild and possibly get help there, but he's never on. I'm just . . . urgh.

So . . . anyone here play on a nice RP server and contribute to a pretty RP guild? I know that it's a lot to ask because I won't always be online (I have my own guild to take care of, which is starting to even out nicely and give me more time to myself), but I'd really like to try Horde out. Especially because . . . if Yoda comes along, I think I might have to roll a Blood Elf.

So . . . anyone?
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Guild stuff

Ok so I'm on Garona.. 60 holy specced pally, and I love big raids.. not just for loot but because they are fun and challenging.. well here's my problem. I just moved from Arizona to Illinois like 2.5 weeks ago and since i moved I just cannot raid at 2 am server time.. I'm too tired to raid that late. So I had to leave my guild. I LOVE my guild. I'd stay if I could but by the time 2 am rolls around i'm dead tired. So I joined a new guild.. Die Screaming.. and so far.. umm I'm not liking it. I don't feel comfortable with them and there seems to be a hell of a lot of drama. I am having a very very hard time finding a guild that is doing MC and AQ and so on that will actually pay attention and let me in. Die Screaming let me in fast.. but.. I'm not comfortable. I hate drama.. I know with this game there is drama but I don't like it.. in Levity there really was no drama.

I read that over the summer Blizzard is planning on letting us move our characters from one server to another if we pay to do so.. and I hope they do.. I'd rather join a server where I have friends and can play in a good guild. I love the end game.. but suddenly guild issues are making it suck.

Do any of you have any good ideas for me to find a guild?

Mood Icons

I'm still hard at work cropping screen shots for a WoW mood theme. I'm a good way through the list, but still need screens for the following moods:


It seems like a long list - but if you take a peek at your mood choices, you'll see that it's really only about 1/4 of them. Any screens you would like to share to help commplete this project would be appreciated!